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  1. I love your armor work. And the lines you use for quick sketches is so fluid and clean even though jumbled. Just amazing!
  2. I've been working on payed commissions today, but again don't worry, still working hard on everyones. I'll post progress for all you guys saturday and some finished. But in the mean time this is how they may turn
  3. I'll be posting a bunch soon! Swamped with working and getting ready for a vacation. But rest assured I'm working super hard on all you're stuff plus a few new pieces! Also, trying to be as active as I can in game as well!
  4. Lerian hate's me with his black on black armor...but I can't pass up drawing a male blood elf! Yay! Got lot's to work on!
  5. Annnnddddd this is going to take a while. What was going to be just a simple sketch of a half profile turn into a full blow attack/sparing scene because...just cause'! So yea I am very scared of armor...it's intimidating as hell to just sketch out. But I figure I would show you the huge WIP because I kinda wanna paint it when the lines are done. If I even decided to make my lazy butt draw the rest of his body that is....he can be a floating upper torso right? That's...cool?
  6. I can do all of them! All I need is previous art or screen shots...maybe even brief descriptions.
  7. Yay! Quick add on, I do take requests for free! I look at it as a chance it practice on something other then my characters!
  8. Hello again~ Most Hord players knew me as Alathiel a few months ago...back when I had money. But I'm back! I re-rolled for even playing and now I have Lelesse for the Ali side. I'm working on her bio now and doodling up some lovely pictures to go with it. But for now, a quick idea. She's a priest, a bit dorky with a love for books. Slightly shy but very passionate about her healing abilities and is an all around paragon unless you push her buttons a bit to hard. But if you have the time please feel free to send me a tell, as always I'm very friendly! Also I can almost guarantee that art will come from any and all role play that happens. In game or in forum. You guys always come up with the best plots, they just demand doodles! Anyway, it's great to be back. Again PM or tell me and I'll be sure to get back to you! Here, have Lessi singing her own version of the most annoying, yet catchy song in the world!
  9. Another one! Hehehe thank's guys! I re-rolled Lessi so if you have any low level Ali characters you should find her. She's very ditzy after all.
  10. I've been missing for a while. But in that time I've still done some WoW doodles! So...here yeah go...? Since I have my tablet I'm able to bang these thing's out much quicker. No idea why I added strange eyes to Hexis but...meh. Little Space-Goat cuddles are the bestest! Playing with archer lines. Would Blood Elves have large or small families? Hmmmmm (This is old) Thinking...Thinking...that sometimes I forget what they look like... Lil-draenei say's ELLO~ Bad quality is bad....playing with styles? Wide body...WHY? I'll try and upload more when I have time...or when I get around to drawing some more. Still don't stick to one style which is driving me nuts!
  11. Pacing back a few steps, I was hit rather hard in the gut when a girl I used to know in high school started to post things through Facebook about how big of a 'nerd' she was. Throwing pictures of her in a Zelda shirt or with a controller and large glasses. She argued with me a few times that she was living the life style...what ever that mean's, and that I was being rude and a bitch for calling her fake. While in turn she could not name the main villain in the Zelda games, remember the characters name from the COD sep mode and referred to Night and Blood elves as purple and white fairy's. The rest of her friends seem to join in a and claim they where indeed hardcore gamers. Though they posted more about Zelda and packman then anything else. Why would this brother me so? I wouldn't other then the face that these girls used to pick on me and torment me all though grade school up until high school. Calling me rather hash names like 'bull dyke nerd lesbian' and making comments like 'I bet she fucked action figures'. The topper was being beaten up and my comic books ripped apart. My gameboy smashed and having dog crap thrown at me at the bus stop. The reason? I was a nerd I read comic books and graphic novels. Was very into science fiction and read long chapter books on fantasy. Played D&D, was a founding member of our schools comic and anime club, played atari and gameboy games, wore game and comic book t-shirts, and happened to have large thick glasses. All of these things resulted in some of the worst and best years of my life. But all the torment I went though was well worth it, I'm happy with where I am but they fact that girls like my old classmates get positive attention and are labeled 'gamers' or 'nerds' when it used to be such a negative only a few years ago. (Even when the idea of that was just silly) At the same time being a 'gamer' or 'nerd' was an identity. I liked to belong to something and have people listen to my ideas. My likes and dislike. To have a conversation with someone who would respect and even enjoy the topics I was so passionate about. I feel as though that little happy group most of us belong to is slowly being invaded. It's been given a makeover. More so to female gamers and nerds who didn't need to be sexual or hot. We are just as happy in baggy cloths being one of the guys and respect rather then looked at like a hot object with a controller. And for the men, having fun and just being who you are without being the cool retro kid who's different. Before you belonged because you truly loved this category of entertainment. No one questioned it, no one worried about someone being a fake or a lier or out for attention. I am working my way to being a comic book artist. This kind of thing is my passion just as maybe sports is another. Having some track mud on my little corner of happy really grinds my gears. In short, remember when being a nerd and gamer was a bad thing? (Sorry for that mini rant....fully understand if its TL;DR)
  12. Xbox live: Comanderkitti Cause I'm soooooo cool like that!
  13. Since I'm back again...after a year of missing, a new picture of me is worth the new fresh post! For the sake of looking too obsessed with Japan here! Now you can understand why most of my characters have red hair....:rolleyes: