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  1. You can always enjoy art as a hobby, just do what you really want. It's probably a safer financial situation, but hard work pays off regardless. Most successful artists maintain shitty jobs 5 to 10 years even after college to make enough money to live while continuing to do art and never giving up. Either way you go, I wish you the best.
  2. coffee beans image looking good, man. Keep doing studies of that caliber and you're going to improve fast as hell. What's your ultimate career goal in art? I assume you have one, since you're in art classes.
  3. nice! 3d always seems so intimidating to me.
  4. cool! Duro is one of the more tolerable belfs I have played with, I think because he was the opposite faction haha. Hope all is well with ya!
  5. no, I used chalk pastel on wallis paper, it's like sandpaper so you can layer the heck out of the pastels. I started to paint in pastel, then got into oil painting, then went mostly digital.
  6. this is a pastel painting I did from college
  7. I like the color scheme. This makes me want to get out my pastel set, I haven't done a pastel painting since college!
  8. Ty guys. Here's another one, this was challenging but I am happy with the results.
  9. your best one yet : ) It helps me to try to keep the whole painting/drawing at the same level of finish and work on the background and the foreground simultaneously.. and only throw colors in until after I am satisfied with the drawing of it. Admittedly, I break my own rules and create more unnecessary work at times, though.
  10. I'm playing on the RP PVP West Coast server, Ajunta Pall if anyone else is there.
  11. That's a disturbing, but well drawn image.