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  1. digital media assignment
  2. Logo for an assignment I'm working on...
  3. Not WoW, but this is why I haven't been on WoW this month... Skyrim! Gunnlod the Hag
  4. <p>>.></p>



    <p><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Mortal Chains:</span></p>

    <p>I watch from the shadows; a shattered soul, a hollow shell. I watch from the night, my eyes hollow, my heart bleeding. Blood courses through my body yet my heart fails to beat. Long ago I died yet here I still reside. As if I'm trapped in this world by some force that will not let me leave. These chains that hold me here are stronger then a mortal could ever make. The wind wisps around me, screaming in my ears: "How much longer are you going to stay here?"</p>

  5. So, do we assume all Dark Irons left in Blackrock are part of twilights hammer?
  6. I just wanted to get a topic on Dark Irons going since there's not really much mention of them on here. A few of my friends and I RP as the Embersmith Clan, a family of Dark Irons. I've read all the lore information I can find and Im still kind of confused about the timeline of everything that has happened. Also, what should be going on in Blackrock right now? Are 'all' the dungeons and raids in the past and how long? Other than that I didn't really have any questions. If anyone knows of any good resources or has any suggestions on possible directions for us to take the Embersmith Clan I'd be happy to hear them. Aghud Embersmith - Bio
  7. Kyranei Shadowmoon - Blood Elf Shadow Tinker revamped
  8. Aghud Embersmith - Dark Iron
  9. My first ever RP character. I started him on TN after discovering Zul'Gurub and finding something written by Nel online. He's a hunter, fisherman, archer and raptor keeper...
  10. The following 2 links show exposed breasts and may be NSFW http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2012/024/0/8/troll_rp_by_cgray00-d4niynl.jpg http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2012/024/3/e/a_new_unlife__by_cgray00-d4nixaj.jpg