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  1. please no dragons...not here... Dargons(mispelled correctly) kill brain cells.
  2. Ka'yani dodged many of the darts, deflecting with her daggers until finally, one hit her in the arm. She roared angrily and passed out.
  3. Ka'yani snorted at the whining lich and shook her head. "It's just jungle, it's not so bad. You will attract predators with that mouth." She shook her head, then returned to her position behind Altherion, her fur was getting wet due to the humidity, she wasn't comfortable either. Her nostrils flared. "We may have company soon..." She growled and placed her hands on the hilts of her daggers.
  4. Ka'yani jumped from the ship, to land near Altherion. The tauress snorted at the vrykul as it got impaled. She moved to stand beside the death knight, hands on her daggers. She sniffed the air and tested the sand with her hooves. "That wasn't so bad..." She chuckled and grinned at the crew.
  5. She shrugged, then walked down to the hold.
  6. She stood her ground, she had been in storms before. She had been hired to guard him, not to serve him. She grinned. "I will guard you well mister Altherion." The wind whipped through her braids, she drew a rope and began to tie herself to the ship, offering it to Altherion to do the same. "This ship is strong, I'm sure it can survive."
  7. Ka'yani chuckles at Ugraz, then sits and watches. She sighs at the ocean beneath her. This is an amazing ship, but she always did prefer her own. She shakes her head, a smirk playing upon her lips.
  8. I am disappointed in ALL of you!
  9. Ka'yani grunted and walked across the ship, examining the machine. She nodded to herself with satisfaction, this orc knew his business around machines. She returned to Altherion's side, ready to guard if need be. She pulled a deck of cards out of a pack and looked to the rest of them, smirking.
  10. She smirked. "Sounds good to me." She shrugged and moved to look overboard, her tail swishing in the wind. She waited for them to take off, sharpening her weapons and horn.
  11. The taureness scoffed at the undead and watched goblins carefully, hand on a dagger. Her nostrils flared as she and the other three walked to their part of the ship. She moved to the edge, ready to defend herself if needed. She smirked at Altherion. "So, what is this job?" She stared at him intently, ready for action.
  12. The female Tauren smiled humorlessly as he materialized. She crossed her arms and nodded. "Altherion I presume." she stated as she stood with the other mercenaries.
  13. I'm in...just have to figure out which char to use!
  14. <p>Happy birthday!!</p>

  15. The ghoul approaches from the cargo hold, having heard the commotion. It slowly shambles up to the deck and sees Eve laying. "M-master?" It groans as it approaches, then looks up at Alth, big round orbs glistening with green goo. It opens its rotten mouth and murmurs. "What happen to Master? Master not sleep now. Master have work." It moves closer to Eve's fallen body and begins tugging at her arm. "Master why no wake?"