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  1. Urgh. Whatta warm welcome back to Orga'mar. I swear that fat bear poppta lung a' somethin'. Yea, I finally left Outland fa' good. Can I just tell ya somethin', though? That place is BORIN'. Nothin' eva' seems ta happen in Garada'. Shattrat' is calm an' fulla' blue Alliance fellas and Terraka' Forest is just bugs. Lotsa bugs. Geez louise! Of course I'd wanna get outta there. Things din' really go as I had planned-- sa' let's just leave it at that. I came back ta Orga'mar an' settled inta the inn to figyah out how I was gonna afford food an' whatnot. Then I remembah'd I'll just take it all, ha
  2. <p>Ohai How're yah?</p>

  3. Still haven't found tha time ta tell Ugraz what's up, I haven't even seen tha guy in a while. It's kinda my fault I guess, I been out an' about gettin' ready to hit tha road and neva' look back. But I guess old habits die hard, 'cuz I got offa'd a "job" an' I took it. It didn't even seem that bad ta be honest, just a simple sneak in, find a list of participatah's, an' get outta there. Easy peasy, right? Well, I shoulda' realized from tha start that it wasn't gonna be that easy, especially since tha elf that offa'd me the job didn't seem quite right ta begin with. Maybe it was just dark in tha
  4. <p>YOU LOVE IT!</p>


  6. It's been a while since I sat down ta collect ma thoughts like this. I said it bafore an' I'll say it again, I changed. All this time wit' Uglyraz, I changed. Or... maybe it isn't his fault. Maybe I just grew up. There's a chance this only happened 'cuz I got ripped from home an' tossed ass-side up in a strange new world. Maybe I let go a' that hold Kezan had ova' my heart. It hurts ta think about home now. Insteada' revelin' in the joy that lifestyle once gave me, I feel... pain. It was hard livin' like that. I took Orga'mar fa granted all this time. I took ma friends an' my life an' my meaga
  7. I FINALLY GOT ONE! Now, I'mma preface this by sayin' I don't believe in freebies-- sure, I'll take somethin' fa free from a friend, but I owe ya, ya know? I don't considah' many people ma friends, an' I really don't want ta take from 'em. If Uglyraz was tha one ta gimme this, I'da' been like GIMMEGIMMEGIMME. But Grallnah gave me a fancy new Heliocoptah in a box! I din' even know he was inta that sorta thing-- or maybe he bought it fa me? At the riska' soundin' SO typical, I love a man wit' gold. Not that... I love Grallnar or anything, L-O-L who woulda suggest sucha' crazy thing? Pshh, just 'c
  8. <p><---- nice face</p>

  9. Thingsa' finally gettin' back ta normal. Boss is bein' his usual awesome self and there's always a job ta do or a fight ta watch. Not sure how tha inn always seems ta clean itself up once we're through wit' it, 'cause we been crashin' it a lot lately. The otha night, Horde Bros totally took ova' the bar and made poor Rasha' leave. I don' care about the resta' the people, but Rasha's already pretty screwed up in tha face an' I feel kinda bad. Y'know? I mean, if my face was blown off I'd want some pity too. Or fa someone ta just end it fa me. Get it ova with already. I felt brave enough ta try
  10. ...That plan kinda failed. Horribly. I don' even wanna talk about it. Let's just say they found me an' I got a nice big concussion outta tha deal, and a lecture. I'm free ta leave if I want now, but Grallnah made it sound pretty appealin' to stay. Or at least, unappealin' ta leave. I'm just goin' through tha motions of who they expect me ta be. When thingsa' slow, I work on maself-- trainin', readin', even spendin' ma gold on a new alchemy set ta work on these shitty poisons I coat ma blades in. I swear, I don' even know if they work. I watched a homeless peon run up ta me and start lickin' m
  11. Man, since when has life been sucha' pain in tha ass? It's been foreva' since I spent tha night thievin', an' I hardly rememba' my old night route. Things've changed. People've moved. Blockades set. Locks replaced. I dunneven' know what I'm doin' anymore. An' instead, I been sucked inta' Uglyraz's world where he thinks I'mma be his little pet an' do everything he tells me ta. Well, I ain't. I changed so much this whole time, I dunneven' reca'nize myself. Since when does Cheatah worry 'bout shit like BOYS? An' since when have I been so worried 'bout politics and intrer... intrapersonal guild re