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  1. <p>I heard what happened, love. This is a long time in responding, but I hope all is well over yonder and beyond <3</p>

  2. <p>Just wanted to say that you were right. About everything.</p>

  3. Oh memories~ >.> As for ingame housing - even on quieter realms there's overlap -- and honestly, claiming ANY of the few scant open houses as exclusively yours just isn't going to work. For RP, if a scene calls for Klimma to be at home, somewhere is found,and people are asked to use their ~*~imagination~*~ that the place is where she says it is (Though hey, if Blizz wants to tuck an empty little place deep into the hills between Hillsbrad and the Highlands, I won't complain!) Anyway - RP-PVP events? I'm actually kind of wondering if they could work in an organized manner crossrealm. Hm. I could always talk to some friends that regularly organize events in Halaa to help people of both sides get their talbuks.
  4. <p>I do wish to admit, that bit of trolling was in good humor! It was intended for some of the more staunch "Anti-anyone-else" types. I do appreciate the sticker, and your mild mannered response to my immaturity. *Bows and vanishes*</p>

  5. Hmmmm. >.> It is absolutely hilarious to watch -- both the level one trolls who find out they're no longer on the realm they were hoping to antagonize and instead finding people just RPing/dueling, and the WrAers claiming that the sky is falling because of it. Dalaran's become a great RP hub again though, because of this.
  6. That's sad. Have a unicorn sticker. Edit: Welp. Anyone can have one, since the post above mine was deleted.
  7. Poking in here because Caly pointed me! Anyway, while I'm not on TN anymore for a whole host of reasons (most of which being the guild/ people Sett mentioned in her post, but that is neither here nor there nor relevant to the current discussion) I'm actually really excited for this feature, and certainly wouldn't mind seeing you guys out and about in the world once more. Things are fun on WrA, but I do miss you guys! ...And I have a bank tab full of snowballs that need throwing. >.> Rather than freaking out over a community opening up, I'd be excited over the prospect of maybe meeting a few more friends to RP and raid with along the way. I've had some fun interactions on Klimma and my other characters over the past week! No, they won't know your in-realm status, but is that really the end-all-be-all of RP? Sometimes being the little fish in the big wide ocean isn't the worst thing -- sometimes the most interesting character development happens when we're taken out of our comfort zone for a few moments. Also - for those of you worrying about MoonGuard leaking into your goldshire -- outside of specific groups, realms will only be grouped up with like groups. It's been....amusing, to say the least. Yeah. amusing. Anyway - if anyone does want to RP, I'll happily give people my battletag.
  8. Spacegoat looooooore *squee!* (I'll post some more coherent thoughts on this and some of how I can see this effect the few of us that do actually RP as draenei a little later... But for right now, Hooray lore! And hooray for hints of what is hopefully things to come after pandas.)
  9. Stuff is still being planned. May (finally) be importing a few pieces very soon. Exero just wants to talk to some of our prospective team. :>
  10. <p>Feathhers</p>

  11. <p>o ok</p>

    <p>1 3</p>


  13. Aw, I missed it. I do hope this is going to be a regular thing!
  14. <p>O HAI BBY</p>