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  1. Hello Everyone, My characters name is Ghoulgamesh Deathbringer. I've been visiting different RP servers for a couple of years now, RPing here and there. Just really trying to get a feel for it. I've been on different pvp servers in the past and now i've found my home here. I'm a very quiet person don't really get involved that much with anything. I'm kind of a PvP Junkie, but non-elitist. I have an idea for my RP character but really haven't had the time to work his storyline much with work and all the distractions of life, but i really want to make the effort into making this creature a "Reality" on this realm. I'll be honest I'm really into fantasy world. Huge LOTR buff, don't care what other people say. Frodo isn't gay. Nor is Sam. I like to eat medium well meat and drink a lot of beer when the party is kickin', and in the morning i try to run it off. I'm kind of a inbetween, can't really run with the alpha dawgs, and the outcasts cast me out from their group. I guess that's why there's internet culture, huh? J/k. Anyways, i'm pretty easy going and just like to PvP really. Catch me out in the 'Valley of Honor' sometime and maybe we can have some RP interaction *Smiles* I'll work on my characters story once I get my notes together. Anyways gtg, this drink is kickin' in. If you're Alliance, I'm going to kill you one day ;.;