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  1. <p>OH, I'LL RIDE YOU ALRIGHT.</p>


  3. Backgrounds/Landscapes. I am -terrible- with them :c
  4. This is the main reason I don't really go out there and try to RP publicly anymore. I used to try pretty avidly back when I was still new to the server, and regularly got blown off and blatantly ignored a few times because I wasn't in the cliques. I love RP and will always respond IC if someone tries to RP with me, but I don't go look for it because of this. It's really hurt my character and my desire to play her, because no one outside of her guild even knows she exists and she's had pretty much 0 character development as a result. I'd love to see RP become a little less secluded and 'random'; only getting to RP my character at planned events gets a little stale I agree that the RP walking thing would be a good start, but ultimately, I don't think there's going to be much of an improvement until Mists comes out simply because the majority of the player base seems overwhelmingly bored with the game in general at the moment.
  5. While we are always looking for new faces of every class to join our ranks, we're reaching out for a few in particular at the moment: Ranged DPS and Healers. If you fit into one of these two categories and fancy some RP/PvP, we'd love to hear from you! You can find out more about us by visiting our website, http://www.theduskwatch.com, and please don't hesitate to contact one of our officers in game!
  6. omg bear paws! That comic is adorable.
  7. 11th of November I'm pretty happy. I met with Vaedoras the other night, and, while he seemed down as usual, we shared a good time together and he opened up; I even saw him smile! He loves his mate very much and I think it's very cute - I'll have to meet her sometime, she seems like a very special person. I just hope that somehow, he finds a way to balance his feelings about Dalomere and Yueme's joining... but I have faith that he will. He cares for his family passionately, so I believe this will all work out in the end. Oh! I met a new fellow, as well... named... Daki? Something; I don't remember! But he seemed nice, as well. I think he might be special to Tygrissa, but I don't want to be a creeper, so I guess I'll learn more about them if they ever feel inclined to tell me! ....must not creep, must not creep... Some weird speaking Night Elf hacked into our guild comms tonight. He hit on Saeryth; trying not to be jealous. I mean, I'm sure it's harmless... ugh, I'm a hypocrite! I hope I remember to pass along the message he left me for Sprung, though... I guess I'll write it down at the bottom of the page. Oh, Vaedoras seemed... drunk on the comm, too... I'm trying not to worry. I mean, I get drunk sometimes, and I've been told I act dumber than he was, so... Anyway, I started on a secret gift for my Saery! I hope she likes it... I'm a little out of practice with sewing, but I think it's coming along nicely so far. Just have to keep positive! I'm getting tired, though... I guess I should wrap it up for the night and head to sleep. Saery's not home yet, but I'm sure she won't mind too terribly. ...I'm getting worse with the rambling. -- Ciandri Jadestar ** Tell Sprung that Niah Br...something said that the horde are after him. Him as in Sprung. You know, this sounded a lot more serious when he told me, I hope I didn't forget something important already...
  8. 9th of November Everything is right again, for me at least. ...well, besides a guildmate trying to throw me off of Teldrassil. I'm still shaken and confused by such - I don't personally know her, and as such see no way that I could have caused her harm enough to provoke it - but in the end, nothing happened and I'm still alive and well. But yes, me and Saery are good again. I still feel horrible over what I had done, even if it was a fleeting thing; the constant, disloyal feelings weighed far more on my conscience than the few hours of my actual crime. It was the want that felt like the greatest betrayal; the attraction for weeks leading up to it and the need that lingered for weeks after, heightened by the fact that Saeryth tried to forgive and forget so easily. I just wanted her to be mad. She deserved better from me, and I wanted to feel her wrath. Perhaps it was me being selfish again, but... everything seemed so much worse when I was left without reprimand. And that's the last that I'll talk about it; it is in the past, never to be revisited. I exchanged vows with the woman I love, and I will do right by her. Speaking of exchanging vows, Dalomere and Yueme asked me to bear witness to their own; they're going to be life mates! Obviously, I'm excited - I'm a sucker for romance and happy endings, even if I had derailed myself for a bit recently, but... I'm kind of worried, for Vaedoras's sake. I know he's... not fond of Dalomere, and... well, I'm actually just worried about him in general. I sent him a letter awhile ago (thankfully Saeryth never found out) and I haven't heard back from him... I haven't seen him around Darnassus, either. I'd hate to think I'm crowding, but maybe I am... I mean, we don't know each other that well, he might be put off by my desire to help him. Still, he's a fellow Watchman, and... a good person, I think, beneath all his anger and pain. Perhaps I'll send one more letter, when I find the time to sneak down to the mailbox. For now, I'm content to assume everything is perfect and enjoy being happy again. It's been awhile! -- Ciandri Jadestar
  9. She's haunting me... <The rest of the page is blank, though there seem to be a couple small water spots.>
  10. <p>Hey, do my dailies for me imo.</p>

  11. <p>So maybe my WoW withdrawal is very severe and I should worry, but there were WoW peoples in my dream last night and Yueme was one of them. Except she was a Death Knight. And I was scurred. o_o</p>

  12. It was not impossible to see the smoke from the ever-burning fires from here, but it was lessened, and that was good. Actually, even with the smoke and the ruins surrounding the moonwell, the Grove of Aessina was beautiful. It was hard to rival the shade of green that the green here displayed, and the wildflowers scattered liberally across it only added to the vibrant scene. A few leaves floated down as a soft breeze rustled through the thick trees that hung over and sheltered the Grove, and it was here that Ciandri found a moment of peace. There is still peace amidst chaos; beauty will survive even as destruction surrounds it. The young Kaldorei found herself idly brushing her fingers across the droplet shaped amulet hanging around her neck, the gentle glow it held mimicking the one cast by the moonwell she sat near. It was a simple, glass charm, filled with water from the well at the Temple of the Moon; there was no mystical property or special feature otherwise. It was, however, a comfort to the elven woman when she was away, and a reminder that her world would never be devoid of light completely. And that was something she needed at the moment. Ciandri felt bad, for thinking that her life was rough. There were plenty others in the world who had it worse; in fact, most of the people she knew were in worse predicaments. Even more than that, Hyjal still burned; the threat of Ragnaros felt by the unnatural heat that plagued the mountain as a constant reminder. Deathwing also flew unchecked, and no one anywhere was safe. But did that mean she couldn't ache over her more personal problems? Probably, but it couldn't be helped. Maybe her age was her weakness, but Ciandri couldn't shake the emotional chaos that was tugging at her. She could put on a brave face and serve well enough in the Front, but the weight on her shoulders only seemed to increase the more she set it aside to worry about others. With a deep breath and a soft sigh, the elf girl let her eyes slide shut for a moment. It was almost strange how quickly her mind began to ease, how readily her tense muscles relaxed. While the answers to her problems didn't come to her, their severity lessened, and Ciandri felt a bit more... refreshed. Ready to handle her issues instead of cave beneath their weight and run away from those closest to her to mope atop a flame-plagued mountain. She felt silly for a moment when she realized that this trip had basically been a mild tantrum, but guilt subsided when she realized that this was much needed. Though she may never fully understand them, there was no shadow of a doubt that Ciandri appreciated the mystical moonwells. Even if the peace she took from them was all in her mind. Of course, it wasn't hard to distract miss Jadestar from deep, emotional thoughts, and as a young songbird fluttered down from the trees to inspect the lone Elf, she couldn't help but turn away from everything that troubled her as she cast a soft smile to the adolescent bird. "Did you get left behind...?" She spoke in her native tongue, voice soft and light - free of any indicator that she might have been upset. It was hard to care about yourself when something more fragile than you was in need, and perhaps this immediate instinct to aid others before worrying about herself was the pebble that pushed the boulder down the cliff and created the mess she was in. She obviously didn't stop to consider this, though, just holding up a hand gently and waiting patiently for the young bird to feel comfortable enough to land on it. "Don't worry, your family will soon come home. Everything will be okay." The bird sang softly at the reassurance, almost as if it understood. Ciandri was no hunter or shaman, but somehow, she felt the words had impact regardless of the fact that she was an Elf and this was merely a bird. Everything will be okay... (( Totally rusty with forum RP, I wish I could have made a hook at the end to encourage replies, but I'm lame. This IS open, if anyone would like to reply despite my failures :3 ))