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  1. The sun begins to shine faintly through the cloudy day over the mountains in the west, its beams falling just short of the smithy where Grinban is seen inspecting the work there. "Yer nae doin' it right, lad." The old dwarf snatches an axe in progress away from a younger Wildhammer covered in tattoos. He runs an unarmored hand down the blade. "Ye expect ta' kill Dragonmaw with this?" Grinban moves throws his hair back and places the unfinished axe back into the forge. A bead of sweat collects on his forehead as he allows the axe time to get red hot. He returns the axe to the anvil in a hurry and begins to hammer out the blade edge of the axe. Sparks fly around the dwarves as Grinban lands tactful strikes with his hammer to the head of the axe. "Now that's an axe, lad." He smiles at his work before plunging the axe into a barrel of water. Steam rises up, slowly dissipating and revealing the grey silhouette of a man. Grinban raises an eyebrow as the man speaks through the steam. "Eh... Grinban?" The voice is familiar; Grinban had heard it a time or two. "Jensonis?" The hot cloud finally gone allowed the man's grin to show through. He stands a little over a foot higher than Grinban, with a hair color similar to his own. He wears ornate purple armor, hulking two large swords upon his back. He appears to have a strong build for a man of his size. The tabard of Gnomeregan hangs curiously from the human's torso. The dwarf narrows his left eye and speaks to the man at an angle. "Wot brings ye out 'ere, lad?" Jensonis' grin forms into an expression between smile and frown as he begins to speak. "Well, Janny told me Bjorni had passed away, and the word is you're heading up the offense?" "Aye. Oi wish it were nae so. Rest 'is soul." the dwarf says, raising his hand to his head in an Ironforge salute. "These Wild'ammers need all th' 'elp they can get. Kurdran is a mighty warrior an' jus' as mighty a leader, but 'e cannae de it alone. Bloodaxe proves too resourceful an' too quick o' wit fer one dwarf alone. Now if ye'll excuse me, oi 'ave work ta' attend to. Nice ta' see a friendly face round 'ere." As the dwarf turns away, Jensonis speaks once more. "That's why I came... Need someone else experienced on the field?" His words strike the dwarf's ear curiously as he turns to face Jensonis quickly, eyebrow raised. "Aye? Ye want ta' 'elp?" "Sure, get some revenge for Janny." Jensonis says casually. "Oi see." Grinban sizes up the man before him, his eyes running up and down slowly. "Well, lad... Oi dunnae think oi can use ye. Ye may need ta' seek yer revenge on yer own." Jensonis furrows his brow, the light of the sun finally stretching under the awning of the smithy. "Why -can't- you use me?" He says defensively. "Well, tell me." the dwarf says. "Are ye ready ta' take orders from me?" Jensonis responds, invoking a snide tone through a grin. "Well, you are heading the operation, are you not?" The paladin exhales through his nose as if to sigh, but not. Taking a breath, the dwarf speaks. "Well oi'll be straight with ye, lad." Jensonis peers at the dwarf searchingly. "Oi think yer a loose cannon. Ye seem ta' swing first an' ask questions later. Oi dunnae 'ave use fer a man as reckless as yerself. Oi need soldiers." The dwarf pauses as he looks at Jensonis from under his azure hood. "Soldiers that will dig in, follow orders, stay defensive when they 'ave ta', an' most importantly... Stay alive." A small amount of tension begins to build between the two men, Jensonis clearly not liking what the dwarf has to say. "Dunnae be needin' someone who may endanger th'lively 'ood o' dwarves who actually 'ave somethin' ta' protect 'ere." Jensonis chuckles slighty at Grinban as he scratches the back of his head. "I may be a bit of a 'loose cannon', but I get the job done, and I do it right... Even if I do have to follow orders in the process. I can accept that, you underestimate me, 'lad'." The dwarf narrows his eyes lowering his hood and staring directly into Jensonis' eyes. He grins his teeth slightly, mouth closed. "Aye. Well, oi dunnae belie'e ye. Oi'll give ye a chance if ye want, ta' prove yerself ta' me." Jensonis raises his eyebrow at Grinban. "Oh? And what can I do to prove myself to the great ol' dumbass?" Grinban snarls, "Get out o' 'ere, lad. Now. With talk like that, ye 'ave already proved yerself unworthy ta' share yer blood on th'same soil o' these dwarves. Oi give ye me honest word an' ye respond like that? Dunnae need th'likes o' ye disrespectin' me in front o' me men." Jensonis holds his arms in front of him, trying to calm Grinban down. "I'm joking, calm down." Jensonis says, trying to hide his amusement. "What can I do?" "If ye can 'old up against me in combat, ye can 'old up against most o' th'orcs ye'll be facin'." "Seriously? That's it? Okay..." The man shrugs then follows up with a laugh. "De ye underestimate me, lad?" The dwarf says, in a matter of fact tone. "Seems we underestimate eachother, boy." Jensonis responds, emphasis on his last word. Grinban scowls at Jensonis. "Yer nae big 'nuff ta' fill me boots, lad." Grinban lowers his hood, eyes locked on Jensonis. The two men stare eachother down. "Oi've killed more orcs than ye've taken breath." "Prove it." Jensonis responds just as the dwarf finishes speaking. "Oi shall. Meet me on th'ridge ta' th'south. Oi'll teach ye some respect."
  2. "Cappin' Branngas Stout'ammer, aye?" Grinban cocks an eyebrow at the goblin. "Well, lad... Me relationship with ol' Brann be an interestin' one, oi must say." Grinban takes a sip of mead from his tankard before continuing. "If th'world were peachy, we'd make th'best o' friends, oi'd imagine. Oi 'ave a lot o' respect fer 'im, bein' that we 'ad both served, although 'e is still in th'army. But me interests an' 'is 'ave unfortunately crossed... an' it didn't end well fer me. But oi think we 'ave sorted things out so that it will nae 'appen again. Th'lad wos just doin' 'is job. Oi cannae 'old that against 'im." The goblin writes down Grinban's words, the dwarf looking down at his feet. He then looks up to the goblin, head tilted downward. "Oi respect 'im as a fellow dwarf an' all around person, nae 'cause o' 'is position. 'e 'as a 'ard job, an' nae th'best o' soldiers, an' 'e tries ta' make do with wot 'e's got. A job oi would ne'er sign up for willingly." As the goblin finishes writing Grinban's words, he looks up at the dwarf to see him staring at his own reflection in his tankard. "Oi 'ave notin' else ta' tell ye lad. Sorry."
  3. "Aye lads... That's th'way." Grinban grins as he overlooks the bloody river delta. The last of the orcish bodies drift ashore as the enemy looks on, waiting sorrowfully for their opportunity to collect what dead they can. "Ne'er let 'em forget their last mistake... Ne'er let them forget th'name... WILD'AMMER!" The old dwarf shouting, arms outstretched at his sides. The Wildhammer dwarves roar at the name of their clan, curiously being yelled by a Bronzebeard. "WILD'AMMER!" they shout, helmets flying above, the sound of them returning to the ruptured soil muted by the chanting. "GRINBAN! GRINBAN!" The "retired" dwarf screams at the skies, mace and shield in hand, allowing himself to be immersed in the calls of his name; something he had only heard a few times in his life. Victory was sweeter than any mead, the taste of revenge even sweeter. "AYE, LADS!" The dwarf yells as the survivors quiet down. "This victory... We dedicate ta' our fallen. Ta' yer fallen comrades. TA' BJORNI BLOODFIST!" The dwarven warriors erupt once more as if their wounds were petty scratches, as if they had not lost anything only a few days before. "FER TH'KING! AXE HIGH!" Grinban shouts again, Kurdran by his side, raising his hammer high in his fallen ally's name. The grizzled Wildhammers follow suit. Kurdran, glad to see other Bronzebeards taking up arms in their name, finally calls out to his men; his own morale high. "IT'LL TAKE MORE THAN THIS TA' BRING US DOWN! THEY'LL NE'ER TAKE KIRTHAVEN LEST WE 'AVE NO MORE MEN TA' STAVE 'EM OFF! YAR!" Grinban closes his eyes, smiling to himself. "Ye ne'er could git away from war, could ye lad? Ye must be doin' somethin' right, ye old bag. Now ye 'ave somethin' ta' live fer again... Somethin' ta' die for." The sky grays over the dwarves as they head back to Kirthaven, the sound of their boots a gentle rhythm for the setting sun. The cold wind calls a familiar name and it comforts him. "Aye... Somethin' ta' die for."
  4. How about both? I met one last night... >< /ignore'd
  5. Exhaling smoke through his nostrils, Grinban answers the goblin's question. "Taelahn is gonna be quite th'paladin. A fine young lad with th'potential ta'really make this world a better place. Makes me 'appy ta'know laddies like 'im still exist, an' fight ta further th'cause o' good." "What makes you so sure?" Asks the goblin, clearly skeptical of the answer he received. "Cause 'e knows wot it's like ta' be 'elpless when th'world is fallen part 'round 'im. An' now that 'e 'as th'know how an' a path ta' follow, 'e'll be th'hero 'e didn't 'ave when 'e needed it most... Fer all o' those laddies an' lasses who can't swing a mace themselves."
  6. "Emenyuu, Aye?" Grinban smiles at his thought. "A good lad, indeed. Don't strike me as much o' a fighter, but 'e's got th'most genuine, kind 'eart I e'er seen. Th'man 'is always warm, an' will call ye ta' 'is table in th'tavern ta' fill an empty seat if ye be by yer lonesome." The goblin, writing everything down, says "I take you two are friends?" "I was friend with 'em th'night I met 'em. Chances are, if ye be a genuine soul, ye'd be friend with 'em too. 'e can listen to ye fer hours, an' if th'alliance be in need o' a psychologist, 'e could be yer man, I'm tellin ye!" Grinban inhales his cigar, and while exhaling, says "Thats all I've got ta' say 'bout th'lad."
  7. "Aye, Bjorni Bloodfist. A good dwarf if I e'er met one." As he finishes his statement, Grinban smiles wide. "I 'aven't known 'em fer too long, but I could swear we'd fought shield by shield b'fore. 'An 'e 'elped me finish somethin' I shoulda done a long time ago. I'd swing me mace fer 'em anytime."
  8. "Aye, Jensonis? Ye mean Jennifer!" Grinban chuckles heartily, chewing on his cigar a bit. "Don't tell 'em I said that. 'e don't like it. Up tight individual, aye. Th'man's a wildcard, not sure if I like 'em an' if I don't. One day 'e'll be friendly, an' another day e'll be makin' an arse o' 'imself. I tell ye wot, no matter 'ow big an' ""Strong"" 'e may be, I wouldn't want a man like that fightin' along side o' me. Antics like 'is get ye killed in th'field o' battle." Grinban then smiles at the goblin, saying "A little bit o' trainin' in th'social graces would go far fer th'man... I reckon 'es gonna mess with th'wrong laddie one day, an' 'e'll end up a splatter on th'back o' someone's mace..." "Training?" Says the goblin. "Aye, trainin'. At this point in 'is life, if 'e 'adn't learned manners yet, someone's either gotta curb 'is mouth damn near e'ery second o th' day, or someone's gotta beat it inta' 'im. Don't get me wrong, if ye learn how ta' treat 'im, 'e 'aint so bad... But if ye don't, 'e's th'farthest thing from a breath o' fresh air. Got a good 'eart though, I think." Grinban looks down at his feet. "Somewhere beneath that fur o' 'is. I 'aint got anythin' left ta' tell ye." "Thanks for your input." Says the Goblin. "Nae a problem." As Grinban gets up, he is heard muttering to himself, "Manners. Th'cupcake needs 'em... Manners."
  9. "Joe Waldren, eh?" Grinban scratches his head for a moment. "I don't think there's much ta' say. Th'man's alright enough, can share a few drinks with'em and talk 'bout nothin', really. 'e's always got a joke ta'crack 'bout pretty much anythin'. Not sure if 'es sincere or got some kind o' angle with th'things 'e says ta'me... An' I don't think I should be trustin' 'im with anything I don't want anyone else knowin'." After finishing his statement, Grinban peers down into his tankard and stare at his reflection in his mead. "That's all I've got ta' tell ye..."
  10. <p>You! Befriend me!</p>

  11. Grinban


    Full Name: Grinban Hamarrfell Nicknames: Grin, Grinny Age: 202 Race: Dwarf Gender: Male Hair: Red Skin: White Eyes: Green Height: 4'7.5''. Tall for a dwarf. Weight: 210 lbs. of what appears to be predominantly muscle. Place of residence: Stormwind City Place of Birth: Kharanos Known Relatives: Mother and Father both deceased. No siblings that he knows of. Religion/Philosophy: The Light Occupation: Miner, retired from the alliance military at the rank of Knight-Champion. Group/Guild affiliation: None (OOC in Societatum Ultionis) Enemies: Surviving memberes of the Scarlet Crusade, The Horde, The Scourge, The Burning Legion, Twilight's Hammer. Likes: Trustworthy people, most other paladins, dwarves, ale, mead, a fair fight, battle, and good conversation by firelight. Favorite Foods: Roast beef, beer basted boar ribs, venison, bear meat, potatos, beans, leeks, onions, garlic. Favorite Drinks: Dwarven stout, bourbon, mead, most types of ales. Occasionally, Grinban will enjoy a glass of red wine. Favorite Colors: Blue, red, black. Weapons of Choice: One and Two handed maces and axes, if one handers, with a shield. Occasionally, Grinban will wield a sword, if the quality is exceptional. Dislikes: Death Knights, although this has been pacified for the most part, Scarlet Crusaders (what is left of them), the Horde Races (specifically the Forsaken and Blood Elves), cowards, cheaters, liars, con-artists, and most other evil-doers. Hobbies: Riding his gryphon through the mountain tops of Dun Morogh, keeping his skills sharp, reminiscing of the old days of the alliance since he has fought along side of such heroes as Lothar and Uther. Physical Features:Scars adorn both of his arms, the vast majority of them on his right arm, with the largest one being on his upper left shoulder. He has a long, red beard with long, red hair in which he keeps well groomed. His eyes are nice for a dwarfs, which appear to be very gentle... although they tend to show his zeal at times. Most of his body is muscular and well defined except for his abdomen, in which he has a small concentration of fat where his age has caught up on him. Special Abilities: Although a stout fighter, Grinban has a tendency to not stay down during a fight. He can take an extraordinary amount of pain; he may remain conscious where most warriors would pass out. Positive Personality Traits: His age has taught him how to forgive most, as he finds zeal to be a great folly. He does not take kindly to the wicked, though, which to him are passed redemption. He will give most people a second chance, unless they are Scarlet Crusaders. He can talk to a stranger as if he has known them forever, and proves a very loyal friend, who will swing his mace for you until his death. Negative Personality Traits: Unforgiving to the wicked, suspicious of most worgen and death knights at first, will take a fight even if he knows he'd lose. He values honor to the point of zealotry, if he is zealous about anything at all. Misc. Quirks: Will usually smoke a cigar in a tavern regardless of who is around, his friend Razpeuten got him hooked. Theme Songs: Tale of Revenge by Ensiferum, Treacherous Gods by Ensiferum. A brief Synopsis of Grinban Hamarrfell's History: Was born and raised in Kharanos for most of his life by his two parents Brom and Dolola. They were good parents to him, but had a hard time conceiving another child, which is a problem Grinban has yet to know was passed onto him, as he has only loved one woman, and he never got to marry her. He joined the alliance military at the age of thirty-five as a warrior for the 22nd shield battalion when he met another dwarf by the name of Jaraim who wielded the power of the light to bolster his combat prowess. Jaraim took Grinban under his wing and taught him the ways of the light and all of its facets, in which he took to naturally due to his already virtuous nature. Jaraim died of old age, and keeps his memory alive by telling a tale of him every so often. Grinban has served in all of the great wars, and during times of peace, has served Ironforge, defending its borders. He fought at the battle for Lordaeron and many more of the major events of the past 160 years due to his old age. He took a liking to a rogue and a warrior by the names Cardil and Darcius, who had served in many skirmishes throughout the wars. They distinguished themselves many a time in battle and the three had obtained the name "Imperium" from King Magni and Bolvar themselves. The trio had then been separated from their battalion and were constantly reassigned to various regiments who may have needed them, and those who served in his time will have surely of heard of three. Grinban only had one female in which he was fond of, by the name of Raven, a female elven druid from Ashenvale. This is peculiar, as Grinban likes his women stout, most of the time. The two met at a tavern in Kharanos, and continually crossed the lines between friend and significant other many a time. After Stratholme was destroyed by Arthas, Grinban had led a team into the burning city to save any living refugees. As they approached the basilica, he witnessed what appeared to be living, breathing soldiers turning their blades to the people they should have been protecting. He went to distract them by charging headlong into battle. As he was struck down, the last thing he saw was his beloved Raven being struck as she fell to the ground, the blood blinding his eyes as he thought he was dying. He awoke a day later in a pile of bodies, with his left arm nearly hewn off, and both of his legs broken. He struggled to find Raven's corpse and found it half eaten by rats. In an act of desperation, he dragged Raven's corpse to a smoldering building and nursed himself back to health, building a makeshift casket and headstone out of anything he could salvage. For two months he nursed himself back to health, and that is when he saw the Scarlet Crusade's banners near the basilica. When he was strong enough to lift his shield, he went to bury her by the chapel on the west side of the city, when he was ambushed by a crusader. He threw his body on top of the crusader, taking his sword and slitting his throat. After he had finally laid her to rest, he sought revenge for her death, attacking anyone wearing the tabard that he could, so long as they were alone. He was found a week later by a search party who was looking for his lost team. Ever since, he has had a seething hatred for anyone who follows the Scarlet Crusade's zealous path. He often times struggles with his own self image, sometimes wondering if he had become what he hated so much walking down the dark path of revenge. Now, a grizzled dwarf with age creeping up on him, he is found walking through the streets of Stormwind, helping anyone who petitions him and trying to right wrongs as he goes. He will still charge headlong into battle where it is found, although no longer affiliated with any particular militant group.
  12. I have been successfully egged on by Trollbanus. And I'm not a hick. Was visiting friends in MO, so I figured I'd get in the spirit of things.