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  1. <p>The links have been sent, madam.</p>

  2. (Inteernet is back! Huzzah!) Those who had attended the meeting would receive a letter, with a few short sentences in careful script. -------------------------------------------------------- Those who arrived at the location would see Kasim waiting on the bridge, in a red shirt similar to the one he had been wearing the other night, wearing a sword on his hip now, the sheath having an crudely painted flame on it within a red circle. He also held a small red book.He would greet each that arrived with a nod of his head, and would continue watching the path beyond the bridge for others. ---
  3. <p>Why the hate?</p>

  4. Matinmor-Ares Aldumraan-Hades/Apollo Vaekorsin-Hermes
  5. The Violet Eye sounds cool, but I think I'll be going for the Dalaran Dispatch. Good luck with this.
  6. (Finished moving but my Internet is going to be going out soon and I don't know when it will be back))
  7. <p>dooorrrk <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/tongue.png" alt=":P" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/tongue@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p>

  8. ((Sorry to everyone involved but this thread is being put on hold until I finish moving and all that.))
  9. <p>All of those ones I am in, those being "The Light and How to Swing It",Citizens United, Diablo 2 Player's Lounge,Minecrafters,Moonbase Alpha,Raven Cross:The Old Republic, Roleplayer's Association of Azeroth,Sons of Korriban,The Defias Brotherhood,The Old Republic Sentinel, and Villains.</p>

  10. <p>Hiya, I'm locked out of all the groups I'm in. Did I do something to make this happen or is it some kind of glitch?</p>

  11. As Kasim traveled down the tunnel, a sudden source of light came from above the winding staircase. Damn..someone had followed him. He sped up his pace, his shoes barely making a sound on the stone. He went out into the night eventually, and could hear the person going down as well. He called his felsteed, riding off into the darkness. Rennesta would only be able to see a faint orange light in the distance by the time she made it out.
  12. He looked at the woman. She was acting very childish..a clever ruse or was her brain so underdeveloped that she acted this way? "No food is provided at this meeting. I wear a red shirt for my own reasons- whether you wear one is entirely your decision.After this meeting three squads of the Stormwind Guard are going to infiltrate this building and arrest anyone they find inside,and secure this building for a week or more. Once those who are clever enough escape, we will all go our separate ways,and not speak of this. Tomorrow at sundown we will all meet once more at a location that shall be rel
  13. "The plan will not be told- you will see it.If you wish the threat eradicated, we must kill them. That is what must be done and what will be done- and that is all any of you need to know at the moment." The man's face remained completely passive,but observing of the crowd. Curious that the Night Elves seemed the most intelligent in the room at the moment,with the exception of the priest. The rogues knew what they were doing, and the Death Knight's past suggested he had experience- that information had been hard to come by. The man looked to the others in the room- the prideful human death kn
  14. The man in red chuckles slightly. "Perhaps you are right to tell the truth instead of lying to comfort as I did."He nods at Fennore, and looks around the room at the others, to see if they would help as well.
  15. Vaekorsin looked over towards Aliss. She shouldn't be here..she was a liability. She could heal the group but her disposition..the killing would be too hard for her. He waved slightly to her,and looked back to the man speaking. He needed to stay focused. ___________________________________________________________________ The man in red, Kasim, looked to the new arrival. His eyes narrowed for a fraction of a second, before he nodded, his expression back under control. "The killing may be quick, and hopefully will be. You can also know they will not suffer too much- if we find one who did not
  16. I know there's already a button to save it, but I was wondering if they could automatically be saved or perhaps implement a setting to make it so they would always save? Just something I was thinking about.
  17. I don't like the Millennium Falcon knock-off, but that's just the nitpicker in me talking.
  18. The man in the red shirt did not say a word, his expression staying completely calm and composed."I am the one who called you here. If you received a letter, you know what you have been called for. The cultist threat will continue growing if we do not exterminate it.The cultists surely either are here, are watching us through some mechanical or magical means, or have sent someone to spy on us. They've likely made it very hard for us to weed out the person or object through which they watch us, and I will not waste valuable time at this meeting searching for it." He looked around the room once
  19. For once I find myself reading one of Aleria's posts and not having any objections to it. Huzzah! I just do it for the fun of it myself . I don't usually base if I should change my character on a test, just as I don't change my entire lifestyle because of some 4-question personality test on the internet. Still kind of glad that if you go by the test's standards I don't have any Mary Sue(Or in this case Gary Stu) characters.
  20. <p>So I was thinking about making a Troll Slave character- his WoW class wouldn't have any real meaning to the character due to his position, right? I was thinking about just RPing him as a slave, but I'd like to roll a druid.</p>

  21. I don't think so.As far as I know, no complete language of any Azerothian race has been released. That coupled with the fact that when you speak in another language the words are randomly generated means you mostly have to wing it or dig very deep to find the words you want.