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  1. >.> <.< Have a Skonder. He's a derp. Warning! Sexy manchest!
  2. Yeah, that's pretty much how I try to operate. Flexibility is really important, as is the ability to just simply.. Shush and listen! Though, I've been a doormat too often, when it comes to shushing, leading to all sorts of RP shenanigans I look back on and just shake my head in bemusement. I love both those aspects of RP; individual stories and larger, multi-character awesome-cakes that you bake with a bunch of other chefs. Sometimes it can take a lot of drama and strife to find the chefs you work best with! But once you do... Magic! I guess the bottom line, for me, is that the Mary Sue test has really spoiled a great deal of those larger stories because an individual has taken it, scored high, gotten immensely discouraged, and killed off or neutered the character. Why? Because they feel like they're obviously doing something terribly wrong. I've seen too many awesome characters fall to this, and too many decent players who AREN'T the godmoding, narcissistic, pushy buttfayce types creatively castrate themselves for the sake of scoring better on a flawed test *is now craving cake, damnit*
  3. I really see what you mean. And it's frustrating, because I feel that way too. So I'm kind of stuck in the middle thinking "leave them alone!" and "Aaagh you are so annoying!" Roleplaying is different, yes. And fanfiction is different from writing your own, original world or story. And you're right (and it's not said poorly!) that there's a clash between... A setting where people are given a chance to create a story together.. and the very independent story-spheres that people immerse themselves in. It IS a pain in the ass when someone imposes on your experience. And its difficult to try and maintain a balance between permissive and.. Defensive, I guess. A state where you can let things roll off your back while you try and make a shared story, but also try to maintain a standard of behaviour. I've not yet found that balance, obviously! Does that make sense? Am I interpreting things rightly? *doesn't want to misunderstand your point!*
  4. And any way, I listed 5 other Gods >.> I'd say that the Mary Sue conundrum can apply not only to fictional characters but also records of real ones. I can clearly imagine someone trying to make a record of particularly amazing events feeling hopeless and discouraged because they think no one is going to believe them. "Better cut out the miracles" would have made an enormous impact on many an account of numerous deities, don't you think? If there was an environment of scorn surrounding fiction and non fiction alike when it comes to the incredible, I really think our history books would be very different. And our traditions and tendencies for narrative would suffer. Anyway, this is all my sleep deprived ramblings and wishes for a bit more thought surrounding the way we treat narratives. That it's a great idea to have a look back at all the really awesome, valuable myths, fables, legends and records we have, some of which are REALLY EFFING old, and actually think about what makes an awesome character. Because as Solomon said "There is nothing new under the sun". There are archetypes that still exist for a reason. I come from a more academic kind of mindset and I kinda look at everything humans have recorded, fact or fiction, as being influenced by the same things. Maybe the wrong place for philosophical/academic discussion, however well intentioned? I can sum up my whole point thusly; We have a huge amount of totally 'overpowered' characters in humanity's library, so don't poop on people's visions.
  5. Nope. Not really. He's in an epic story, yes? 'Story' doesn't automatically mean 'fiction'. I could have said Mohammed too, and mean the same thing; that regardless of whether you believe he really existed or not, you can't really deny that he's a majorly powerful figure that has greatly influenced the way that humans tell stories. Fictional or Non Fictional, everyone on that list can be considered part of the rich landscape of 'ultra powerful person' narrative themes that humans enjoy. I mean no disrespect.
  6. I haven't read this whole thread, because I'm not that masochistic, but... I've been thinking about this test for a while... And you know... I think there's a point where its detrimental. I think there's a point where you have to ignore the poo-pooing and the elitism and the snark and just go for it. Because our world is full of Sue characters that are the foundation of our storytelling. If people had bitched and ridiculed or been paranoid about making the 'right character' we'd never have had that foundation and we'd have missed out on some of the greatest stories ever. We wouldn't have Gilgamesh. Or Beowulf. We'd lack Shiva, Herecles, Jason, Sun Wukong, Coyote, Anansi, Jesus, Gandalf, Superman, Luke Skywalker, James Bond, Wolverine, The Doctor... Dare I go on? Now, I agree there's a line between awesome and ridiculous. I too groan and roll my eyes when I read or encounter a character so immaturely formed and manifested. I am guilty of both bad writing and dismissive snark and I often have to remind myself to stfu. If you're running a guild it's a great idea to have guidelines and boundaries so that things don't get crazy. But there's also a point where you have to look at yourself and really consider what your motivation is for all this questioning, all this judgement. Because I hate to think about the stories we'll never, ever read and love due to a culture of ridicule and snobbery that benefits no one and sours simple pleasure in a story well told. We all have different tastes and preferences. What one person likes isn't a universal 'correct' thing. Its just a preference. And if you don't like something someone else really enjoys, why spit on it? It's not for you.
  7. Hehehe, my Exalted art is poop! And that's Oskar's Patient Face, because he wouldn't be a fan of sitting still for ages while someone paints him Hopefully I'll have more soonish. This massive art-funk has been kicking my ass and delaying commissions.
  8. Alph suggested I post these... I'm never gonna finish them, so I might as well! This was a Priest commission that never went forward. Oh well. Was going for a bit of Han Chinese fusion there with the hair. Dude has hair down to his ankles or something. And he has the floaty flamey coronet thing that I forget the name of and hadn't finished drawing. Like the Summer festival one. Sketchy scan is sketchy. It was meant to become a watercolour painting. Awkward angled picture is awkward! Tried digitally colouring this but it made me want to set fire to my own face. This guy's also a Priest. Unfinished cos I got cranky with it. This is my nerdyPaladin Oskar! Actually, this was mostly an experiment with a new pad of watercolour paper and I thought I'd paint him in order to try the stuff out. Worked okay, but I sketched him wrong. He's actually built like a quarterback, not a librarian. Love this dude so much! There will be other pictures, I'm sure, maybe some with him wearing his lil glasses. Poor guy gets headaches from reading cos he's long-sighted! I've got issues with this picture now cos of the awful facial asymmetry. I know that we're all naturally asymmetrical, but he looks a bit derpy. Also, watercolours are hard to scan well! >.<'
  9. No such thing as a half demon in WoW lore. I'd strongly suggest that a player call their concept a 'corrupted [insert race]'. There's a great deal of precedent for these, like fel orcs, felblood elves, satyrs (corrupted Kaldorei), Man'ari (Eredar warlocks), felhounds, felboars, warp stalkers, darkhounds... There's probably heaps more. They've been mutated by fel energies, rather than created by a demon and a member of their species getting jiggy with it. Making halfbreeds the 'traditional' way doesn't make a lot of sense for a host of demon species intent on destroying all order in the Universe. Much better to corrupt life that already exists and bend it to your will. They have a history of messing with existing species and the Eredar-created felhounds, at least, can still breed. There's information felstalkers breeding in the Nether. But then there's info about felhounds being 'grown' in the Twisting Nether. Apparently a felhound is a type of felstalker. It seems a bit complicated... @__@ And by Dragonball I mean that annoying tendency for people to go "RAAAR I AM ALL POWERFUL YOU CANNOT DEFEAT ME YOU FOOLISH FOOL I HAVE NO VULNERABILITIES AND WILL GODMODE YOUR FAYCE OFF!!!!11!1" It's a problem that goes beyond Race-lines.
  10. I'll rp some of the more exotic/lore buggering stuff with people I know wont get all Dragonball Fail on me. But 'Half Demons' can diaf.
  11. But... But robes don't go *screeeeeeeeeee* when you hug someone! Where's the fun in that!!!1!
  12. Seriously. Armour is unwieldy as heck. Have you ever imagined sitting down cross-legged in full plate mail? AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN, BUSTER! That's why any tender, romantic moments between any of my plate-wearing folk generally involves a lot of awkward. And if they're romancin' someone else in plate, then you get awesome "Oh gracious, my gauntlet is stuck on one of your gleaming, adamantite scales, beloved. Let us wriggle it free and rejoice in the metalic screeching sounds that signify our love."
  13. Am I weird that I like RPing those specific 'Agh crap, got my hair stuck un my pauldrons!' moments? Awkward is fun!