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  2. Hilda left Karazhan with Jezebel. Fast friends ever since Jezebel started living in Karazhan, they never lost contact, and often traveled together. Hilda continued to work as a maid, avoiding the families where cruelty was rampant, and corruption followed wealth. Even though she had assisted in the accusation of Reginald, she never once spoke of the incident with regret. In fact, she often hinted that if someone had not gotten to the Archmage first, she would have done the deed herself. In her mind, Reginald was not much better than his brother. Shortly after the killing, Hilda published the following poem under a false name. As his life gives way to silence As you shame him with your eyes All you think you feel is justice you believe in your own lies. And when you lie awake in bed You'll rest easy in the night. Because the record says you're innocent And that all you did was right. But have you ever stopped and asked yourself Wouldn't you have done the same? Wouldn't you have done the same Knowing that you could take the credit Someone else would take the blame Knowing all he'd said and done Knowing who you'd save Knowing that you would seem a hero To put one man in his grave How can you rightly blame him Knowing you would have done the same Her descendants live on today.
  3. ITS TEH TIRI!!! (You may also know me as Tiriel, Erada, Nalta, Danya, Saerai, Aisha Danes, Vielshea, Deishi, Lyssa, or Tracie) I need a haircut. BADLY.
  4. Not exactly how I imagined him, but dang well close. And definitely, something he'd say.
  5. Tiriel grinned warmly at the thought of Bels "You know, I haven't even known him very long, but he's already family to me. He's one of the few who Silennium and I trust, and he's helped me out so many times. Always good for a laugh, or a word of encouragement."
  6. Nalta


    Tiriel smiles "Yeah... I'm his 'mommy'. Sometimes people just need that sort of thing. Even the unliving ones. He's very sweet, really."
  7. Nalta


    Full Name: Tiriel Nicknames: Tiri Date of Birth: July 1st Age: 23 Race: Sin'Dorei Gender: Female Hair: Coppery red Skin: White Eyes: Green Height: 5 feet Weight: 100 pounds Place of residence: Under the stars Place of birth: Unknown, suspected to be somewhere in the Barrens Known relatives: Mother and father, names unknown, both deceased Religion / Philosophy: She believes it is possible to master and rule over Death. Also believes in perfection through self-punishment. Occupation: Brigade Agent, and wanderer Guild / Group: The Dragonhawk Brigade Enemies: Death, weakness, any who would hurt her loved ones Likes: Drinking games, chivalrous men, animals (especially felines), archery, running Dislikes: Her enemies, dresses, scant clothing, anything that impedes her ability to run, unnatural silence Hobbies: Archery, running, swimming, animal taming, Alliance termination Favorite foods: Meat Favorite drinks: Coconut rum Weapon of choice: Longbow, polearms Physical features: Short, skinny, long legs for her height, carefully placed scars all over her body, such as the x across her lips Special abilities: Poor at melee combat, but archery is keen. Cannot hit hard, but very agile and a fast runner. Loyal almost beyond reason. Positive personality traits: Loyal, observant, kind and polite, street-smart (except more like wild-smart) Negative personality traits: Proud, stubborn, self-punishing, often skittish, turns cold and emotionless when in danger or under emotional trauma Theme songs: Not While I'm Around (From Sweeney Todd) I Don't Wanna Die - Hollywood Undead History: Unknown, reluctant to tell
  8. I happen to be a veteran rper on this server of... I think four or five years. I also have toons on both sides. I officially welcome you as warmly as possible to this server's rp. If you like, I can offer you a complementary hug with your welcome! Also: The taverns already exist, yes. But maybe it's always been your characters dream to own his OWN tavern? Just a thought. And then thirdly, I've been out of wow for 7 or 8 months, (I tried to quit... It didn't work!) and I am now returning, so I will make an attempt to come to any events that I can! So keep me posted?
  9. *The sharp handwriting of Nalta returns on this page* Dear Lyssa, I want you to take Jaelyn and Mae. Go live in the city. Keep up your training. Work hard, my dear niece. You are capable of so much. If you find times are hard, Anren will be there. He is our closest friend at this time. He will protect you, and provide for you when things get rough. Never forget your mother. She loved you so much. So did Kylyc. So have I, and Altherion did too. Never stop fighting. Or growing. Or learning. Be careful of the trust you place in Keevegen. Remember your first teacher. Don't repeat that mistake. When Mae and Jaelyn are old enough to understand, tell them about all of us. They need to learn from our mistakes. Take care of them. Let them know their mother and father both loved them dearly, and don't ever let someone say otherwise. I have to go. I'm fairly certain where I'll go, too. So don't try to follow me. It wouldn't be a happy place. But eventually, Altherion and I will both be there. And it will be less of an unhappy place. But you, child. You, your mother, Mae, Jaelyn, and everyone else you've loved... They'll be with you when you go. Take comfort in that. All of my love and guidance, Nalta
  10. She's home. Nalta's back. And what's more, the markings, the wound, it's all gone. She says Altherion cured her. But... Something is wrong. And she won't talk about it. She said she talked to him, and other than that, all she does when asked about it, is smile and say "Life will go on." But that smile is fake, and I know it. She still won't take back the journal. I think it's mine now. What happened?
  11. She spoke through gritted teeth. "I haven't given up on living. I've just figured out that if I want to live, I've got to take it for myself. I'm out of here. Done depending on a formless, mysterious being to protect me." Nalta wandered off through the halls to find the stables.
  12. Unfortunately, Nalta wanted conflict right now. She felt an intense need to beat something to a pulp, or set it on fire. Or at least get a good yelling match in. So she spun around. "Are you happy here?" She snarled. "How are you not going crazy? Being trapped in a hellhole, while everyone waits for the door to give just enough that it'll all be over."
  13. Nalta left the chapel in a fairly quiet, though not completely contained swirl of frustration, and the desperation caused by the entrapment of living here. She passed by the well-clothed Ranavos on his way to the chapel. Being an angry, angsty teen, she decided it might relieve some internal pressure to give this stranger a good strong shoulder check. So in passing, she tried it, grumbling curses against the Light at the same time.
  14. She was young, she was angry, and she was being forced to sit in this awful chapel, with the smell of smoke and metal working all around her. Gods, what a place. "Sit down, Nalta. Your presence is required here. And try to look a little less like you want to murder the other church-goers." She flipped her dark hair as sassily as she could, and glared with her dark eyes at her mentor. "You know, the funny thing is, rather than sitting here in this burning hell, we could be outside in the snow, making progress against the undead. Or just doing SOMETHING other than sit here and listen to a preacher blather about a power that apparently thinks I'm no good." Under the training of paladins and priests, it had quickly become apparent that Nalta would never have the gift of the Light. Heads turned as the Dwarven archer shouted. The sounds of battle, of mindless hordes pushing against the door, all of them echoed in the huge halls of Ironforge. "Damnit, we have to do something more than sit here." She muttered to herself as she stood up and stalked out of the chapel, many eyes on her.
  15. No good. We can't find her. I don't know where she is, and I'm scared... I hope she's ok.