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  2. Full Name: Cristopher Hadson III Nicknames: Hadson, Cris, Crissy Date of Birth: July 5th Age: 21 Race: Human, although he has the Worgen curse Gender: Male Hair: Brownish Red Skin:White Eyes: Blue-Green Height:6'1 Weight: 158 Place of residence: Currently owns a large place in Stormwind Place of Birth: Gilneas Known Relatives: Hadson is the son of the fabulously wealthy Cristopher Hadson II, and the grandson of their namesake, Cristopher Hadson. His mother was a model, which accounts for his good looks. Religion/Philosophy: Hadson is a member of the Church of Gilneas, and now the Church of the Light. His personal philosophy is to "Just be happy" Occupation: Currently Rich Playboy Group/Guild affiliation: Hadson Industries Enemies: Hard work, the Scourge/the Forsaken (took away his home) Likes: "Cold booze and 'ot ladies!". He also likes animals, children, money, and other related things. Although he will never admit it, he loves his father. Favorite Foods: Roasted Delicacies, the food most people cant pay to even HEAR exist. Favorite Drinks: "Wha' are 'ou, an idiot? I like booze! Cold 'nes, too!" Favorite Colors: Gold. He also likes bright colors that draw attention to him. He once had a bright orange jumpsuit. Weapons of Choice: His lawyers, his accountants... oh and a knife Dislikes:Paparatzi, Beggars, moochers, people asking about his personal life. Hobbies: Getting drunk, meeting women, getting arrested, buying stupid things with his fathers money, being in the headlines, rebelling from his fathers wishes, reading Physical Features: Cris Hadson is the stunningly good looking, with red-brown hair and blue-green eyes. He also has a tattoo, although no one ever seems to talk about it. He inherited his mothers looks and his fathers charm, making him often a real ladies man. Special Abilities: Due to being around a massive corporation his entire life, Hadson is very good at business related topics. Positive Personality Traits: Cris is loyal, brave, and usually a very kind and almost always a generous person. Negative Personality Traits: Due to his upbringing, Hadson is somewhat of a complete idiot, although some think this utter buffoonery is an act of immaturity. He is also a repressed child, who is sometimes awkward socially. He can be snobbish, and lazy, as well as thick headed, not getting core concepts of things. In addition, he talks with a thick Gilnean accent that makes him hard to understand sometimes. He is also somewhat of an alcoholic, never being able to be legally defined as 'sober' Theme Songs: Something really obnoxiously loud... History: The idiot playboy son to Cristopher Hadson II, Hadson was raised fabulously wealthy in Gilneas. He had a rather sad childhood. His father and mother never really had much time for him. His father running a business empire, and his mother being a model. His mother died when he was very young of 'unknown causes', the doctors way of saying alcohol poisoning, leaving Cris to feel sad and lonely. He grew up friendless, and lonely. What was the use of having every toy imaginable if you had no one to share it with? As such, he kept a stuffed wolf toy that he still has named 'Biggles' and relied on imaginary friends. He learned to read, and plowed through massive piles of books. However, as he didn't have any real interaction with adults or friends, he never really learned anything from them. As he got older, he started acting out. He got a tattoo, learned to steal, and learned how to run a business properly through repeated failed attempts at crushing his family company, Hadson Industries. Despite his plots, his father is still very good to him, has not cut him off, and overall hasn't done anything to him. With the fall of Gilneas, Hadson joined a band of pirates, until he was arrested and told to stop by the military. Intimidated by their lack of bribes, he accepted and was released. Now, Hadson Industries moved to Stormwind and has continued making profits, just as Hadson has continued to be a rich, idiot celebrity. Due to his fathers ailing health, Hadson has taken over primary control of Hadson Industries. Current projects include attempting to purchase the pubs in Stormwind, including the Pig and Whistle and the Blue Recluse.