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  1. (( Its been a while since I've read something that simply left me speechless. Very well done. ))
  2. Telrich frowned, trying to make sense of all three of the students differing stories as they argued over who was right. He came every night. No, it was morning, no mid day, in between classes. He was tall, short, looked like Varian, no, more like a human Malfurion, no, just some normal guy. At one point it was a girl. But they finally settled on a man. Now he was a student... Telrich shook his head, throwing his hands in teh air and turning around to let the three of them argue. He had gained nothing since entering the mages tower but a headache and a slight hint. He came to recruit around the same time every night, right after night fall. He hadn't heard of anyone else being approached by this man, so he had to assume that all he was after was mages. That at least got him started somewhere. But where, he didn't know. Rubbing his eyes, he wished he had a priest around to soothe this throbbing headache he had earned. Perhaps he would go and release some stress by kicking the gnome around some for this. It seemed more and more like this was some wild goose chase. He sighed to himself, walking out of the tower and making his way around the courtyard. "Whoa! Watch out there mister!" Blinking once, he had a mere second to drop his head before a fireball went spinning over him, careening towards the wall before a teacher stepped in front of it and knocked the spell from the sky. A student came running up to him, blushing madly as she grabbed his hand and helped him to his feet. "Sorry about that. I didn't see you coming!" Telrich grinned, almost laughing before he got a look at her, nearly losing his footing again. That face, it looked just like...shaking his head, he nodded at the girl. "Thats alright. I haven't had to dodge a spell like that for a long time. Whats your name?" "Ailena, sir. there something I can do for you?" "Well, yes. I'm currently looking for a man. Some say he is recruiting mages who are good with this new time magic that is going around. Can you tell me anything about him?" The girl hesitated for a moment, looking around before pointing to a more secluded spot of the courtyard. "Well, you see...he came to see me the other night. Handed me a piece of parchment. I tried to get him to talk, but he just simply shook his head. He was so...strange though. A really striking face, and he never let go of this...almost enchanting grin. I've never seen anyone who looked like him. But on the parchment, it said he wanted the most skilled arcane mages he could find. Something about reversing or removing himself from the time stream. I told him it sounded interesting, so he pointed me to the Blue Recluse. Two days from now, apparently. He wrote everything down, never said a word. Isn't that strange? Well, anyways, I'm hoping to meet him again when the time comes. Did you have any other questions for me?" Telrich smiled, shaking his head. "No, I think that'll be plenty of help. However, if you still plan on going to meet sure you find me." __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Lyeir stumbled down the stairs, shaking off the fatigue of the previous night. Grabbig a spare robe from a suitcase in the corner, she made her way to a spare room to change. She couldn't bear to head back to her room again. Just thinking about her bedroom drug up images of his face, and her mind was already fried as it was. She needed to get away, find someone to work through these dreams with. But where could she go? Without her brother around, she couldn't call out on the radio, and the Mages Tower would probably just try to make her take a day off and get some sleep. Shaking her head, she grabbed her things, checking outside and managing a slight smile when she noticed the rain had slowed. Perhaps someone would be around Stormwind... She yawned one last time, looking back at the stairs. She wouldn't be able to go for too long without getting some sleep, even with the help of her magic. She needed to find some help.
  3. Full Name:Lyeir Vendall Nicknames:Lye Age:16 Race:Human Gender:Female Hair:Dirty Blonde Skin:White Eyes:Green Height:5'4 Weight:It looks as though she started to write something, but quickly scratched it out Place of residence:Stormwind Place of Birth:Westfall Known Relatives:Brother, Telrich Religion/Philosophy:There is always a good reason for everything. Just have to find it. Occupation:None Group/Guild affiliation:The Dusk Watch Enemies:None Likes:Food, Babysitting Favorite Foods:Anything sweet, Everything spicy Favorite Drinks:Water Favorite Colors:Blue, Green Weapons of Choice:Preferably her magic Dislikes: Deserts Hobbies:Reading, Babysitting Physical Features:A ragged scar on her neck Special Abilities:Especially gifted with the new time manipulation abilities of the Mages Positive Personality Traits:Selfless Negative Personality Traits:Hotheaded, Stubborn, Refuses to accept help Misc. Quirks:Is easily goaded into anything when you refer to her muteness Theme Songs: Anthem - Kamelot History: Lyeir was born shortly before the Defias Insurrection. Raised by her mother and father in Westfall on their small farm, her brother left to be a soldier during the third war, leaving behind a small bracelet made of rope that she keeps on her constantly. She quickly discovered her abilities in the arcane at a young age, but her parents were unable to afford the training she could have received in Stormwind, so she was left to learn on her own. Slowly learning basic and simple tricks, she was quickly thrown into battle when the Defias fell upon her family's farm late one night. Her family, after refusing to provide the Defias with resources for their rebellion, was killed in an attempt to take their farm by force. Fleeing the attack, she stumbled upon more defias, where, after straining her miniscule abilities to their limit, she caused a forceful feedback that left her wounded and unable to speak. Her brother, who had recently returned from the war, found her amongst refugees fleeing the destruction in Westfall, and helped to nurse her back to health and get her the training she needed. He has since remained extremely protective of her, giving her a place to live in his own house and constantly providing for her, though where he gets the gold for this, even she doesn't know. Quick to react, and quick to defend her allies, her hot headed and stubborn attitude has gotten her in more than one bad situation, though she lives everyday with a forced smile on her face.
  4. It took hours for Lyeir to finally draw her emotions back into check after the nightmare. Drifting in and out and out of conciousness, her body begging for rest that didn't come easily, she finally managed to uncover herself, the rain beating on the windows steadily now. She looked up at it, her mind repeating the same word over and over. Locked...locked...locked... Finally breaking the grip on her legs, she swung off the bed slowly, standing on the floor, her body feeling stiff and joints aching. She had no idea how long she had been sitting like that, or what time it was. Her mind slowly comprehended the new lump under the covers of the bed, her hand slowly moving towards it before she stopped, a chill running up her spine as she turned around, seeing the man for an instant before he disappeared, causing her to stumble backwards, and bump into the bed rudely. She reached up to her face, rubbing her eyes vigorously to try and make sense of it, checking again on the window before simply throwing open the door and heading into the rooms below her.
  5. Lyeir muttered to herself as she trudged through the snows of Dragonblight, wrapping the scarf around her face as she followed the small device on her wrist carefully. It had been months since Vyerix had gone missing, and most everyone else had all but given up hope on trying to find her, save but a few people Lyeir had convinced. Unfortunately, they hadn't found a trace of her, and only a few straggling clues had lead her this far. The blizzard that had rolled in had made it nearly impossible to fly, and her horse was stil stabled at Wintergarde so she wouldn't lose it, choosing to travel the rest of the path on foot. Venomspite. She'd been here a few times before with others from the Watch, but she couldn't ask for help this time. Most of the others were still trying to mop up what was left of the Scourge, and keep the peace back home. She was on her own this time. She reached the treeline, stopping to duck behind a tree and glance around, ensuring nobody had been able to follow her, and that none of the Forsaken knew she were coming. The Blizzard would remain for a little while longer, and she intended to use that to her own advantage. Get in, sniff around, and get out. That was the plan. "Please don't be in there, Vye. I don't even know if I could get you out alone..." Rushing from behind the tree, she darted forward, diving and digging a small tunnel underneath the gate, squeezing through barely. She couldn't see the guards, and only had her map to work off of, and what few memories she wanted to keep of this place. It had emptied out for the most part. Just a few straggling scientists choosing to research their new plague in isolation, which gave her a little bit of relief. If Vyerix were here... Her heart skipped a beat as she made her way to the first building, peering in at the cages. Two Forsaken were staring into a cage, poking a small body with a stick and laughing between themselves at some jokes she couldn't understand. Whispering the weaves of arcane energy to herself, Lyeir conjured the fireball as small as she could make it, trying not to alert the guards as well. She would have precious few seconds to get the next one off, or else the entire outpost would be on her, and she would either be leaving as a corpse or lying right next to Vyerix in a cage. As she loosed the first spell, she immediately began weaving the next fireball, throwing it mere seconds after the first and ducking inside, smiling as the two Forsaken thudded to the ground limply. Good aim, good timing, and nobody was any the wiser. Working a few more weaves of arcane, she cloaked herself in the invisibility spell, picking through the pockets of the bodies and dragging them off into the corner, staring at the assortment of keys they had on them. One for each cage in the room, and looking at the room, she cursed her luck. It would take too long to go through all of these keys, and someone would find her eventually. Throwing the keys in her pocket, she wove one more bolt of fire, this one much smaller than the last, and started on burning the lock. The crack of the lock and the screeching of the door caused her nerves to jumble up. That, or possibly the yelling she heard from the doorway. She hadn't realized that her invisibility had worn off. "Vyerix...wake up Vyerix! We need to get out of here, now! They're coming! Get up now!" The mage groaned at her, and Lyeir huffed as she turned around, the shouts of guards and tolling of bells sounding in the distance as tons of armored Forsaken began making their way into the building. She threw all the spells she knew at them, conjuring images of herself, forcing the guards to pull back for a moment from the onslaught of frost and fire being thrown their way. It wouldn't kill any of them, but it certainly bought her enough time to get a portal open. Beginning the spell, she felt the weaves wrapping in the air in front of her, and the shouts of the guards grew louder. They knew her plan, she had to act fast. But they gave her no time. The bolt flew through the door, arrowhead slicing through her robe and forearm, the weaves dispersing madly and causing her to cry out in pain. She wouldn't be leaving...if only she could get Vyerix to help... "Nngh...Vyerix! We need to leave and I can't carry you and fight them off. WAKE UP!"
  6. "I can't see anything odd, Sis. It doesn't look like anyone was in here last night, and the guard said nothing was out of the ordinary last night. You must have just dozed off without shutting the window. Don't worry too much about it. Just lock it tonight before you go to sleep. I need to get going though. I picked up a new contract this week. Some ogre out in the Wetlands. I'll be back in a couple days. Plenty of food downstairs though. Sleep well." Lyeir huffed as Telrich smiled, ducking out of the room hurriedy. Closing the door, she leaned on it, letting out a long, slow breath. Staring at the window, she could see the clouds gathering on the horizon. It would rain tonight anyways, so she wouldn't have a reason to open it. taking off her gloves, she set them on her dresser, keeping her eyes away from the mirror. She could still hear his voice, feel his hand. She could still picture his face. Changing clothes quickly, she bit back a yawn, sitting on the bed. Perhaps he was right, as stubborn as he was. Perhaps it was just a nightmare. She did have a lot on her mind, and a lot of stress to deal with. Shaking the thoughts from her head, she glanced to the mirror, huffing as it simply showed her a reflection of the window. Lying on the bed, she pulled her covers up over top of her, low thunder rolling in the distance, the first drops of rain plinking off the window. __________________________________________________________________________________ Telrich felt the stare even through the door, frowning as he made his way down the stairs and out the door. The gnome was sitting on the ground next to a few boxes, staring at him with that stupid grin on his face. "What are you doing here? I told you not to visit me after all the happened. The Directorate is finished now. The last of its agents either disappearing or dead. Our contract done." "You think I really came because of that, snuffles? I came cause I gots a new contract for you! Its a special one too, one that could hold your interest for a little longer this time." Telrich frowned at the gnome, before sighing and beckoning him to follow. "Fine. What is it? And make it quick, I'm catching a gryphon out of here to the Wetlands in a few minutes." "Alright, alright. This one is juicy, fresh on the markets. They say there is a new mages cult starting up in Stormwind. They chase after the strongest mages, and research what may soon be the next forbidden art form. Greater chronomancy." Telrich froze in place, looking back at the gnome. "Chronomancy? Its taken even the strongest mages in Stormwind to even get a single finger on the time stream, and even then they can only give it a slight nudge with the flow. Are you telling me someone wants to work against the flow?" "Well, they say the founder of this cult already has touched the time flow. And quite strongly at that. Though nobody knows exactly who they are. Two mages were found this week claiming they had been approached by some hooded figure during the past week. Really short. You're looking for someone who can keep themselves looking young. Like a student, but they never said anything. Just handed them a note and then left." It didn't sound right to him, but all Telrich could do was nod at the gnome. This was an important one, but still, why come to him? "Whats your point, gnome? I have a flight to catch, and you're holding me up." The gnome grinned. "Your sister. She was pretty powerful at one point, right? If she got back to being that powerful, who do you think would be their next target?" The hairs on the back of Telrich's neck rose. Half turning around, that feral sense in his gut churned. If someone was after his sister..."Go to the flight master. Tell him I wont be making that flight. I found a new contract." __________________________________________________________________________________ Lyeir walked through the tunnel, running a hand along the stone walls as she hummed a tune to herself. The occasional person walked past her, and the scent of flowed through on the short gusts that made it down the long path. She'd been here before. The tunnel leading to the wetlands. She was here because she was thinking of her brother. She had to keep her thoughts straight. She was dreaming, and there was nothing real about this. It was raining outside the room she slept in, that was why she smelled rain and felt gusts of wind. She continued down the pathway, breathing in the refreshing scent of a fresh rain. It had been a long time since anything had fallen but snow, and she was eager to see something other than the blinding white of a fresh snow, or been able to stroll through a field without wearing layer upon layer of clothing just to stay warm. Taking her hand from the stone, she hurried her pace, eager to see what the rain looked like. The music around her froze her in place, a chill rising around her. "Ah, there you are. I just knew you would be here to see the next part. And our hero is center stage again, but this time, he has something to fight for. The damsel in distress." She felt the clamps around her arms and legs snap shut, pulling her down to her hands and knees quickly as she let out a gasp, seeing his face again, the charming smile on his facedrawing her in for a moment before he disappeared, her heart racing as she looked around. She saw the armor, the light flashing off of armor and weapon, and him...Anuari, standing on the other side of them all, his eyes flashing with anger as they drew his weapons against the army between him and her. "What do you do when you must fight insurmountable odds to protect something you cherish the most? You seek friends." The Anuari puppet yelled something...a name, she couldn't understand it, it sounded muffled, but she quickly realized why. His mouth was sewn. Shaking her head, she opened her mouth to speak, before she realized she had been gagged. "I told you, not too attatched." She could barely fight back the cry as she struggled against the chain, a second figure joining Anuari, her strength failing as she recognized her brother moving beside Anuari. As the two of them moved forward, the man simply sat back in his seat, smiling as they fought their way through soldier after soldier, trying to make there way through them, to no avail. She struggled against her chains before resigning the effort. The spell came effortless to her, the training snapping into action immediately. Arcane energy flowed from her hands, snaking across the floor as they intertwined in upon themselves, forming a large circle around the two lone warriors, and row after row of armored soldiers were frozen in place. "Ah, yes, the twist! The damsel fights back! I love it!" The two puppets broke through a hole, reaching her and unsnapping the shackles, yet as they reached down to take her hand, the room went black, the man standing before her where once her two heroes stood. "Perfection! You're exactly what I'm looking for! You can provide me with the power I need, the power I seek. Immortality." He bent down, smiling at her as he looked her right in the eyes, the darkness flooding his eyes again, chilling her to the bone. "And I will have it." _______________________________________________________________________________ Lyeir slammed her eyes open, staring at the ceiling, hands shaking as they gripped the blankets, her body frozen in fear. He was right there. Right in front of her bed. The window open, the smile on his face. "I will have it, love. You've given me everything I need to know to draw that power out of you, and I have all the tools I need to awaken it." She closed her eyes, shaking her head, every muscle in her body wanting to stand up and flee. All she could do was drag herself towards the head of the bed, away from him. Away from the black eyes, the smile that he wore constantly. And when she opened them again, he was gone. The window, closed and locked, the rain beating down on the glass. She curled up, drawing her knees into her, wrapping her arms around them. He was after her, yet she had no idea who, or what, he was.
  7. (( If you would like to contribute or participate, catch me in-game if at all possible. I don't always get a lot of time to swing by on here, but I will do my best to if you can't get me in game. )) Lyeir smiled as she lay on the bed, staring out the window at the bright moon as it shown brightly in the cloudless night sky. It had been so long since she had been able to open the windows of her brothers home and not be bundled up from head to toe to keep from catching cold. Spring was coming finally, and it would be a welcome change in the chaos that had fallen over the world. Standing and making her way to the window, she closed it, looking amongst the stars that she could see, silently thanking whatever power in the world had given it to her for another day, as she made her way back to bed to drift off to sleep. ______________________________________________________________________________ The city streets were empty, as they had been every day that she had come. Though she didn't know why she came. The trade district was normally so had she gotten here anyways? It didn't matter, she just knew she had been here quite a few times recently, buying and carrying baskets of various odds and ends back home. But the merchants were all gone today. So were the customers, and of all people, even the guards were missing. Walking around, she poked her head in a door, looking around for anyone, though all she found was emptiness and shadows. Frowning, she walked back into the middle of the street. It seemed strange that everything was so deserted. She kicked a stone across the pavement, watching it as it skipped across the cobbled roads and came to a stop at...a boot? Blinking, she followed the boot up to look the man who wore it dead in the face. He was handsome, darkly and ruggedly handsome, but something struck her as off about him. Why was he here when nobody else was? She tilted her head as she looked at him, and he merely grinned at her, moving towards a door, opening it and motioning for her to follow as he walked through, the room on the other side dark and unlit. Shrugging, she moved towards the door, following him through. "You can speak, can't you? I wouldn't see why not. Give it a try." She opened her mouth, struggling to make a noise before finally a the words came to her. "How? I can't speak, not after...not after that day..." "What day?" He asked, turning to look at her, standing out abnormally against the shadows that surrounded them. "When I tried to put them to the farm..." She struggled to bring the memories forward, flashes and slight pictures hazily forming in her mind before she lost concentration on the man all together, looking around them. "Where are we? I can't see anything..." "We are where we need to be, love. Come, stand over here. I'll show you something interesting." His smile was all the reassurance she needed, a strange sense of comfort flowing through her as she moved closer to him. "Ah, seats, we'll need seats for this show. And a proper venue. How about...this?" Almost as if waiting for the proper introduction, the lights lit up, displaying before them a grand theater. She had seen this place before...but where...he smiled at her, sitting down and pulling on her hand, into a seat next to him, gesturing to the stage as the curtains drew back, four masked figures standing stiffly in the center on the lights. They were familiar to her as well, though their movements were sporadic, and the said nothing. "Its always an interesting show. You're never quite sure who will be the last to exit, but you always know that only one will remain." He turned his attention to the stage, laughing occasionally as the actors fell, one by one, until a single night elf remained in center stage, bowing to the small audience before removing his mask to show his face, a bandage wrapped around his eyes. She blinked at his face, opening her mouth to call out his name. "Hush, love. You cannot allow yourself to get too attatched to the puppets. After all, we've only made it through act one." His smile no longer made her feel comfortable, the lights going out around them again. "I would hate to see you get hurt over a simple play." She tried to pull away from him, but found herself stuck. Looking at her arms, she realized something had wrapped around them, holding her in place. She pulled at them, looking up into his eyes, finding them replaced by the darkness around them, his face grabbing her attention and holding her gaze there, his laugh sending chills down her spine, while all she could do was beg for it to stop. __________________________________________________________________________________ Lyeir awoke with a jump, sweat drenching her night robe and sheets, immediately looking at her arms as her heart threatened to pound its way out of her chest. Quickly jumping out of her bed, she made her way to her dresser, grabbing for a towel and wiping the sweat away. She dug through her thoughts, trying to focus on what had happened in the dream, but she fumbled awkwardly as her thoughts raced. Who was the man? Where had he come from? Looking up into her mirror, she would have screamed had she the voice, her eyes widening as she looked right into the face of the man who had terrorized her in the nightmare, spinning around wildly, only to see an open window, drapes fluttering in the wind.