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  1. I think I'm going to just pass on this at this point. Your asking for specifics that probably wont matter much for anything. There's a reason I made it neutral. I just figured I could go on and throw some military jargon and be on my way as I don't plan on war going on anyway. I'm going to just skip on this and save myself the irritation. I don't feel like being reemed up the ass about a role-play during my vacation.
  2. Whatever. I fixed the stated problems. I just need to be cleared for rp, and I'll start out some general traders, soldiers, and politicians that important to start out with.
  3. Vly. Why are you comparing Americans to a bunch of Death Knights who got a suit of armor and a sword upon creation? Whatever. Vly, bug off and let Talgriv decide what he's ok with, instead of doing it for him. I was trying to compare how they would function if they were attacked to a militia. Not stating an actual militia.
  4. Militia isn't military >.> I described the defensive as saying they will defend their citadel if somebody attacks it. Which usually goes for citizens ANYWAY >.>
  5. Meh. Your thinking an offensive military then. So that's different. Fine. I'll change it to a fourth of the peeps will be part of the 'army' of sorts.'but every single one of them, excluding the skeletons who don't fight, will have a weapon and armor if anybody enters one of the necropolis'. So defense is different, but that's more of a militia. I'll change the caps. Offensive military will be one-fourth. Defense will be handled by the 'militia'.
  6. The original cap confused me, as you said the cap starts at 80,000 and not ends. I got confused thinking 80K was minimum. And as far as military, there should be an exception for a bunch of Death Knights and skeletons, honestly. All the DK's are automatic soldiers, and the skeletons (which are the minority) are for the most part not soldiers, except the archers. The military pop. cap should have an exception on this one, but if you don't want to have one I'll fit in some odd reason why most of the DK's have never seen a fight outside of training.
  7. Name of Nation: Knights of the Ebon Blade Capital(s): Acherus, Naxxramas Leader(s)/Government Body(ies): Highlord Telsin Bloodhowl Main City(ies): Acherus: The Ebon Hold; Naxxramas Location:The citadels often are seen from Elwynn Forest, Westfall, or Darkshore, and usually never bother anybody. Race(s): All races, excluding Forsaken (They won't accept rot amongst Death Knights anymore) Nationality (Noun AND Adjective): Acherian Population (Cap at beginning is 80,000): 80,000 Flag: Easy, look up the tabard. Language(s): Nerubian, Runic, Common, Orcish Religion(s): None Government Type: Kingdom (except greed doesnt ruin it and there's two social classes) Currency(ies): Saronite Coins, Gold, silver, copper coins Claimed Land(s) : Elwynn Forest Alignment(s): Nuetral Export(s): Runes, Saronite items including blades and armor, Mercenary work, Corpse Dust History of the Nation and Its Territory(ies): Everybody knows. They served under Darion Mograine after breaking from the Lich King. The entire time that all the other events, once the Great Azerothian Empire had been founded, were occurring, they were mostly in Icecrown, plundering the Citadel of it's treasures. They came back to the Eastern Kingdoms about 20 years after the Empire broke up and new nations came togethor. Attitude Towards Diplomacy: They support friendly relationships or no relationship at all. They will fight if necessary but mostly they are a self-sufficient kingdom who does some trading. Attitude Towards War: They don't go looking for war, but they will fight back if attacked. If a Death Knight is craving some battle, he'll hire himself out to people as a mercenary. Attitude Towards Trade: They often sell their Saronite goods and corpse dust, or trade it for other things. Scourgelord Gear and Savage Saronite armor are two common exports, as well as tempered blades of saronite. Attitude Towards Neutrality: Their way of life. Attitude Towards Science and Research: They often research a lot into runes and alchemy. A lot of their craft and research is in Blacksmithing and Engineering as well. They make a lot of advancements in machinery designs, although mostly in the way of war machines. Attitude Towards Magic: Lich's and Bone Mages are the only ones who care about it. Death Knight's care less. Area(s) of Historical or Geographical Importance: Vital in the fall of the Lich King and many events after. Now they are well known for their provision of almost all Saronite items. Place on the Technological Tree (how advanced it is): Farther than the majority. They have a lot of war machinery and mining machinery. Nation Type Most Friendly Towards: War, and Trade Nation Type Most Hostile Towards: Diplomacy, Magic Type of National Policy: Industrial, Free-minded Military Size: 20,000 Troop Types and Numbers: 70 %Death Knights (Warrior, Necromancer) and 20% Mages Ground Vehicle Types and Numbers: (Hundreds available due to them being an item of trade usually)) Siege Catapults ((same stats as catapult)) Mobile Battering Rams, ((one per person)) Acherus Deathchargers Air Vehicle Types and Numbers: (Two) Airships, (35) Bomber Zeppelins, (hundreds due to being an item of trade) Armed Flying Machines, Frostbrood Wyrms Sea Vehicle Types and Numbers: Owns several fleets across the world that do trading. Each trade ship is fully outfitted for war in case of emergencies but they do well at keeping the ships friendly-looking. Espionage and Sabotage: Small number of espionage units and sabotage units. (( Vehicles and mounts count for the other 10% of the military))
  8. I have a better idea then. How about Naxxramas? It's mostly in tact after all the things that went on, and It just takes a little fixing to get it off the ground again. They take over it and group it with Acherus (which Ebon Blade already owned)
  9. What if had claim to most of Icecrown (Primarily Death Knights would be there) and I took the Plaguelands if they aren't claimed yet.
  10. If nobody claims Northrend it should be fine. We'll se if I can.
  11. Dragonblight is in Northrend. And I'll still be able to get onto the site while I'm in Tennessee as I have an iPhone.
  12. The only thing I see in Icecrown that's claimed is Azjol-Nerub. Is there a chance I can basically claim Northrend, except for the previously listed capital city, as nobody else seems to want it? I wanna know before I decide on my capitals specifically. I actually already planned for a combo of the Argent Crusade, Ashen Verdict, and Ebon Blade, with thir capital being Icecrown Citadel and branching out from there.
  13. No its not... Hang in there folks. Apparently both the image hosting sites I used are broken Anybody know a diff method of putting pics up?