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  1. Ranavos frowned upon realizing that they didn't exactly have gold to pay, but at least they had some trinkets and other shop items, perhaps one was rare and could be sold as a profit? Either way killing a lowly thief would be a easy task... If he was doing it alone, now he has to watch out for a few living ones. The old one started to speak out, talking about plans and equipment and the like, Ranavos couldn't blame him, after all he was living and having extra precaution was the difference between life and death. The old man then commented on his sword, true, using it in tight spaces wouldn't be wise. Ranavos spoke out, his voice emitting an eerie echo "Don't worry, I have a few backup weapons and skills. As for the plan, everything seems about right, then again I haven't made a plan in a long time. Though I do suggest instead of lanterns, we bring torches. Much more lighter and less noise... Unless you plan to throw said lanterns in a pinch, a direct hit with a good splash of flammable oil would send any henchmen up in flames."
  2. Ranavos listened intently at the children's tale, straining his ears to do so among the tavern chattering. Slaying a demon was indeed interesting, he had the give the kids kudos for making up such a lie in the face of the guards, but now the truth is out and the enemy is but a lowly thief? Bah, no matter, payment was mentioned and that's all that interested him. If the flyer he held came from these two young ones, well, he had found his clients, if not... Well, two missions wouldn't bother him. The old man they were talking too seemed interested in his mission too, but look at him, could he even pick up a sword in that state? He's brittle! Surely he had seen hell in his days, but now... ... The younger lady pointed at him causing his thoughts to fade away. As a quick response he nodded to the young one, her ring catching his further attention, was it magical? The old man spoke up again. Payment, ahh yes, a good question indeed. No matter the outcome Ranavos would still lend his aid.
  3. Rain is a burden rather than a pretty phenomenon to look at. The song it plays on his armour gives away his position during bounties, causes rust and creates mud. A heavily armoured knight such as himself couldn't stand it. Visiting towns were common to him as their notice boards offered many job opportunities. Bounties, escort missions and even the occasional delivery order ensured that his coin purse was always filled. Visiting this town was no exception, though he normally stayed in cold Dwarven lands as delivery jobs there are common due to the harsh weather, sometimes one must visit Stormwind and it's surrounding towns now and again. Approaching the inn, a powerful gust of wind kicked up some debris, causing the rain drenched object to stick on his armored shin. Disgusted, the knight bent down to brush away the flyer, though curiosity got the best of him. Reading it over, the rain had already ruined most of its message, but something... Seemed off about it... He rolled up the flyer the best he could and held it close for safe keeping. Maybe a copy of it was also in the inn? Upon entering Lions Pride, the knight quickly found a spacious corner to stand in, he didn't want to create a puddle of water in the middle of the inn. Drinks or food didn't interest him, all he needed was a quick dry off... Oh and also to find a copy of that flyer. Of course a few stray eyes will land upon him, he wasn't exactly dressed to blend in. Tall and slender, clad in silver and brass armour, A two handed sword rested on his back that glowed an eerie arcane blue, he was definitely a knight ready for combat. Wearing no helm or hood, his face could be clearly seen. Rain soaked grey short hair, his eyes, glowing blue, and his face bore glowing runic markings. This was a Death Knight no doubt about it, though his face showed little scaring, the look, the aura of his being told the story of someone who has been though a lot. Ranavos remained still as the rain slowly dripped free from his attire, he watched in silence as a few people mingled around the bar counter.
  4. Looks like a cave with lava being a light source, bad Nika
  5. You can't really -clear- out Guardians, best way is to not go in the water at all and as an extra precaution build like a glass tunnel around your rail until you pass them. The Elder Guardian only applies mining fatigue even when you LAS it, no escaping it.
  6. Boop, my prices, PM me if youre interested http://techr0n.tumblr.com/commissions
  7. THE END DRAGON IS DEAD! The new 1.9 content is now open to all I cleared the first End City and Ship just to see how it was and it's actually pretty easy. To get the city, look for a cobblestone staircase leading to a gateway and then throw an ender pearl inside to be teleported there. Keep in mind you need to use another pearl if you want to teleport back.