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    Long overdue updates!
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    (Tynalie returns! A few updates, race/faction change.)
  3. Where was everybody? Tynalie sprinted across the canal bridge leading into Old Town, the little prairie dog behind her scampering quickly to keep up. Just as she rounded a corner, she screeched to a stop, her eyes locking on a posted sign that grabbed her attention.. the words SI:7 NOW RECRUITING sprang out at her. She stared at the poster and began writhing in excitement as she read the job description. "I can do ALL that stuff! And I helped them before! Come on Haywire, Mr. Detective needs me!!" She bent down, snatching up the prairie dog in one hand and then yanking down the SI:7 poster with the other. In the process, her fingers caught the edge of a second poster hidden beneath it, triggering a small explosion. "WHOA! This is more serious than I thought! We better hurry!" And with that, she was off and running to find Mack Porter. He'd be super glad to see her!
  4. "WHOA!" Tynalie yelped, as she suddenly felt herself grabbed and yanked to one side. How had anyone slipped past all her smoke and BBs on the floor? Her defenses were unpenetrable! Turning, she was just about to take a swipe at whoever had her, when she felt something jammed down over her head. Her hands came up to grab the sides of the gas mask, feeling around to see what it was. The haze was clearing now, and she caught a glimpse of one of the other SI:7 agents through the smoke. He was wearing a similar mask. Tynalie's eyes widened in excitement. She was issued a badge, a radio.. and now a gas mask also? That could only mean one thing.. they had decided to make her an official SI:7 agent, as well. This was fantastic! And wait a minute.. was that pie she smelled? Skidding across the carpet of BBs, Tynalie went plunging out into the main hall where all the excitement was. "Wait for me!" Grabbing the handcuffs Micael had given her, Tynalie looked frantically for someone to arrest. Her shoulders slumped, crestfallen.. most everyone was either handcuffed, asleep or dead already. Then her eyes locked on a figure laying unconscious on the floor, nearby. "Mr. Terror! Is that you?!" Tynalie rushed to Onderon's side, looking him over quickly. Clearly, he needed her help! "Don't worry, Mr. Terror! I got this!" She rolled the unconscious man over, then paused when she noticed some kind of gadget attached to his hand. She couldn't tell what it was, but it looked important! Maybe she had better take it for safe keeping, before someone stole it from him. Working quickly, she started to try and pry the Tazik Shocker from his glove.
  5. Just off to the side in the doorway, Tynalie doubled over with silent laughter as she heard the heavy sounds of the Defias slipping on the BBs and falling all over each other in the hallway. The sound of angry yelling and a gunshot carried from the main hall of the cathedral, though. Tynalie clicked on the radio. "Uhh.. Spewy? Mr. Detective? Are you guys coming or not? Don't worry.. I'll fight them off til you get here!" Tynalie gripped the radio and considered the situation. Smoke still filled the hallway, and while the group of Defias couldn't see in.. she also couldn't see out. She could tell that there were a lot of them, though. And they had guns. And they were angry. Dropping the radio, Tynalie grabbed her trusty mining pick and glanced around, trying to come up with an idea. Nearby was a table with several vials and jars on it, filled with healing supplies - cotton swabs, gauze, various liquids and potions. She pondered, quickly trying to figure out a way to buy her a couple more minutes. She didn't have a lot of options. Hurrying over to the table, she gathered up the jars and bottles in her arms, then ran back to the doorway. "THROW IN THE FLAMMABLES, MEN!" She yelled loudly, and started pitching the jars into the smoke filled hallway. The sound of glass shattering and liquid splashing around could be heard by the Defias. "WAIT TIL THEY'RE ALL IN THE HALL, AND LIGHT 'EM UP!"
  6. Tynalie was just about to leave the wing of the Cathedral that housed the injured, when she heard the shouting and gunshots that marked the arrival of the mob of Defias. The wails of the priest who had been shot in the kneecaps spurred her forward, and she ran towards the end of the hall to peek around the corner. In the main Cathedral hall, she saw them. She listened to the leader speaking, and squirmed in excitement. Boy, was she lucky she had ended up here! Reaching for the radio at her belt, she clicked it on and whispered quickly. "Spewy!! You're MISSING it! There's a whole bunch of Defias guys here at the Cathedral and they've got guns and they shot the Archbishop! He's not dead though.. It looks like they've got vials and potions and stuff to give to the wounded people. I'm going to help! You better hurry or its going to be over and you'll miss everything!" It was unclear who exactly she meant to help, in her call. Tynalie pocketed the radio again. Not a lot of time to think about it, because the men were already approaching the hallway she was standing in. Backing up, she ducked into a nearby room and upended the contents of her bag onto the floor. Immediately, she found what she was looking for. As the Defias entered the hallway, several small objects were tossed in front of them. They began hissing, quickly filling the hallway with thick smoke that obscured their vision. SSS-ZZZIIP! They wouldn't be able to see the source of the noise, but they were suddenly assaulted on all sides by an explosion of light and sparks, barely able to be seen through the thick smoke. But the super hot sparks from the clusters of fireworks that Tynalie was chucking into the hallway sure did burn and sting, and hopefully disorient them. Next came a rattling sound, though it was hard to hear over the explosions from the fireworks. Crouched in the doorway, Tynalie was tossing handful after handful of the small pellets intended to be used as ammunition for the BB gun she had bought in Dalaran into the hallway. She never could get the gun to work, clearly it was defective. She had continued to carry the pellets around though. Now the things rolled around the smokey hallway, causing anyone who tried to walk over them to likely slip and fall.
  7. Tynalie beamed proudly as she took the burden of Cuergo's unconscious body off of Onderon's hands. She was going to be a hero! It was a good thing she came along when she did. Problem was, Cuergo was a lot bigger and heavier than Tynalie was. She half carried/half dragged him several steps towards the Cathedral. But by the time they reached the steps, he was on the ground and she was tugging him along by his limp arms. "UUNGH! You've been eating too much cake! You're getting fat!" She tugged him along, making a valiant effort to get him into the safety of the building. The stairs were rough, but she at least kept his head aloft so he didn't bang the back of his skull against every other step. All those coins in his pockets made the progress that much more difficult. She discovered that by emptying his pockets and putting the coins in her own bag though, it helped tremendously! His hat kept tumbling down the steps and she was getting tired of retrieving it, so she finally plunked it onto her own head for safe keeping. Once she had gotten him safely into the building, one of the priests directed her to an empty cot in one of the back rooms. He was too busy attending the other injured to assist though, so Tynalie was on her own for now. Once Cuergo was heaved up onto the mattress, she studied him thoughtfully. What to do, what to do.. Her potions! Of course! She had been mixing various concoctions together, and had an assortment in her bag. The vials were dumped onto the mattress next to Cuergo and she studied them with a puzzled frown. If only she had remembered to label them! No matter.. all potions must be good, right? Sifting around in the pile, she selected four flasks, each with a different color liquid inside. The red she knew for sure would heal up some of his wounds. As for the yellow, brown and the dark teal ones? Well..she couldn't quite remember. Couldn't hurt, though! To be on the safe side, she'd better give them all to him. Prying open his mouth, Tynalie tipped the contents of each potion over his tongue. The healing one immediately went to work on his injured legs. The teal potion tasted nasty.. like sour blood on his tongue. It helped a small amount as well, though. The yellow potion didn't have much of an effect on him. The brown one.. well, that one turned out to not be a potion at all, but fish oil. Oops! Truthfully, all of the potions were quite weak. They did help at least a little bit, though. Even if they did leave a bad taste in his mouth. Tynalie studied Cuergo intently, until it looked like he was about to stir. Swiftly, she plucked the Captains hat off her head and left it on his chest. And then she was scurrying out the door, he spoils of his plunder jingling loudly in her pockets as she set out in search of the next person to help.
  8. The canals that separated each of the districts were much calmer than the more congested parts of the city. This wasn't a good thing, Tynalie thought to herself as she pushed herself to run faster. She was going to miss everything! A group of guards appeared from the tunnel that led out of the Trade District, and one of them made a grab for her. "COMING THROUGH! I'M ON OFFICIAL BUSINESS!" Tynalie hollered as she waved her deputy badge frantically in the air. Ducking to the side, she twisted out of reach of the hand that was trying to snag her, and went careening across the bridge. Entering the Cathedral District, she skidded to a stop as her eyes fell on a trio of people in front of her. And then her face lit up, when she spotted Onderon. Immediately, she made a beeline towards him. "Mr. Terror! Did you see what-" She stopped in her tracks, just now noticing that Onderon was carrying an injured and beaten looking Cuergo. Her eyes got huge, for just a moment. But she recovered a second later. "Oh, I can help him! It's a good thing I'm here! I'm almost as good of a doctor as Choppy!" Beaming proudly, she wrapped her arms around Cuergo took him off of Onderon's hands. She grinned excitedly to Northaz who was also standing there.. she vaguely recognized him, but didn't really know him.
  9. ZING! There went another rocket through the crowd, showering everyone nearby in a cascade of colorful sparks. The rocket hit the ground and exploded, resulting in a satisfying bang and pelting everyone immediately around it in stinging sparks. It was doubtful they noticed, given the intensity of the brawl.. Tynalie frowned. She should have brought bigger fireworks! Or dynamite.. maybe there was some dynamite in Raventy's Bosom. She'd have to check, later. Reaching into her bag, she pulled out the final Dalaran rocket. It was her last one.. she'd better make this one count! Balanced precariously atop the stack of crates, she quickly scanned over the crowd. Her eyes lit up when she saw a new force arrive- a wall of guards were coming, lead by Mack Porter. She would have to make sure everyone noticed their arrival. That would scare them off, for sure! Tynalie lit the last firework. "INCOMING!!" She shouted at the top of her lungs, and tossed the rocket towards the group of guards Mack was leading. She'd give them a grand entrance.. it would make them seem that much more intimidating, and then the crowd would stop rioting. It was brilliant! Mr. Detective was going to be so impressed by her quick thinking! ZZZZ-IP! The Dalaran rocket whipped past Mack's head before reached its mark, hitting the cobblestones just in front of the charging Riot Guards. A shower of sparks marked their arrival. Tynalie beamed, waving frantically to Mack. Then she stumbled, as the stack of crates were nearly knocked out from under her. A hand grabbed her by the neck and yanked her down. "GURK!" She was staring into the face of worgen. His lips peeled back in a snarl, saliva dripping from his teeth as he opened his maw wide. Reaching down, Tynalie grabbed her mining pick that was strapped to her side and swung it upward. The curved bar jammed between the teeth of the worgen just as he tried to take a bite out of her face. The worgen roared in anger, hurling the weapon away. Suddenly, he was slammed to the side as two humans tackled him. His grip was released on Tynalie and she gasped, rubbing her neck that he had been squeezing unnecessarily hard! Tynalie backed up against the wall and looked around, in a sudden panic. Her puppy! Where had he gone? For a gut-wrenching moment, she was afraid he'd been trampled to death.. or maybe a worgen ate him. But then she saw him, the little praerie dog was huddled next to the stack of crates. Tynalie scooped him up, yelping as a fist caught her in the face. Scrambling backwards, she retreated towards the canal, and away from the thick of the fighting. She'd better go find the others! First though, she had to hide her puppy somewhere safe, and find a new weapon. Looking around quickly, she spotted a barrel next to the winery and tossed the praerie dog inside. It squeaked as it hit the bottom. "I'LL BE BACK!" She yelled, and then went pelting down the road, sporting a fat lip and fueled by a healthy dose of adrenaline. Now to find Choppy, Spewy, or anyone.. They were going to need her help, for sure!
  10. Tynalie was out 'patrolling' the streets, when the riots started. She jogged along the road, keeping her eyes out for something.. anything to happen. After all, Spewy and Mr. Detective had given her a Very Important Mission. She was getting discouraged, though. Discouraged and bored. It had to be have been at least an hour, and there were no signs of any attack yet. Maybe it had already happened, and she was missing it! Horrified at the thought, she grabbed the radio Spewy had given her, and started twisting the dials. "Hello?? Spewy? Choppy? Can anyone hear me? I don't see anything yet, did-" The sound of screams and shouting carried to her from across the canal. It seemed to be coming from the Trade District. "WHOA! I think something's happening! I got this!" Tynalie started running, nearly dropping her radio in her excitement. What was it Spewy told her to do, again? She tried very hard to remember. But as she rounded the corner, all she saw was a chaos of bodies locked in combat. Fists were flying.. people were hitting the ground, being trampled as others panicked and began to run. And peppered throughout the crowd was the sight of worgens, some already shifted and some part way through their transformation, riled by the blood and violence. Her face lit up in absolute excitement. "SPEWY!! ITS IN THE TRADE DISTRICT!!" Tynalie babbled into the radio. Skirting around the thickest part of the crowd, she climbed up onto a stack of crates for a better view. Her mind was racing as she tried to decide what to do. "I should break up the fight, right?!" She hollared into the radio. She couldn't hear an answer.. or maybe she wasn't listening. Fumbling for her bags, she grabbed a handful of Dalaran rocket fireworks and started lighting them, chucking them into the center of the riot. The rockets sizzled and zinged, ricocheting through the crowd in a colorful array of light and sparks.
  11. Tynalie stared at the goblin, since she had never actually spoken to one, before. "Hey, aren't you guys supposed to be horde now? Who let you in? Oh well, anyway.. Micael.. who the fel.. oh, you mean SPEWY!" Tynalie drew herself up taller, and looked indignant. "He's rude! The worst! He's supposed to be a cop or something, but he's a complete drunk. Total alcoholic. He's always coming into the Pig and Whistle, puking all over the place. That's why he's called Spewy, you know. And he abuses his power! One night I was walking along, trying to help an orphan find a lost kitten.. and Spewy jumped out of the shadows and accused me of thievery! I've never stolen anything in my life! He pulled his sword on me and was threatening to kill me, so of course I ran! He chased me down, tackled me to the ground.. handcuffed me and punched me unconscious! He did! I still have the bruise, see?" She pointed at her cheek, which looked just fine. "He tried to arrest me but they let me out the next morning since I didn't do anything- obviously! I should probably press charges on him, huh? Be careful of him, he'll probably arrest you too for being Horde.. Wait! Where are you going?" The goblin reporter, looking annoyed, was trying to sneak away. "Hang on, are you going to talk to more people? I'm coming with you!" And Tynalie did just that- trailing the unfortunate goblin around for the rest of the evening.
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    Full Real Name: Tynallie Nicknames: Blondie, Ballista, Horrid Girl Age: 20 something Race: Blood elf Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Green Place of Residence: Dragonmaw Port Physical Features: Tynalie is fairly tall and wiry- strong, but not necessarily muscular. She has a wide, mischievous grin (look out!). Her hair is golden blonde with lighter highlights, wavy and usually pulled back into a ponytail. Weapon of Choice: Really big swords! And maces! And tree branches, chairs, explosives, fists, or whatever she can get her hands on. Favorite Drink: BEER! (Even though she's technically underage and shouldn't be drinking.) Favorite Food: Beer Basted Ribs Positive Traits: Absolutely fearless, usually in a good mood, even if she's pretending to be angry. Negative Traits: Absolutely fearless, highly annoying, impulsive, doesn't follow directions well, prone to making up facts and highly embellishing what actually happened to make herself look better, very short attention span. Guild/Group Affiliation: Borrowed Time Guild Rank: Guardian of The Wall, destroyer of Ogres Occupation: Trouble maker, Spitfire, Thorn in Derek's side Likes: Bar fights, anything loud and exciting, dueling, fighting, fireworks, things that go BOOM, her puppy 'Haywire'. Dislikes: Boredom, being ignored, losing fights (but only because people cheat!) Played By What Famous Person: Lyndsey Lohan, Ke$ha, Nicole Richie, Dennis The Menace Notes: Pet: Haywire, a prairie dog given to her by someone she can't remember, who convinced her it's a puppy. Nothing anyone says can ever convince her otherwise. ("It's a prairie dog- they come from the prairie! They're very rare. .. What do you mean it's not a dog? It's a prairie dog! What part of dog don't you understand?") **Character is now race/faction changed to Horde. Keeping this page rather than deleting and making a new one cause I don't want to lose the comments.**