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  1. Posters appear throughout Alliance towns: OOC Information: Website isn't up yet, I'm currently working on that. We are an RP/PvP/PvE guild looking for new members! All players are welcome. The main rules are no drama and obey the ToS. Send a PM to Settana, Janaelle or Necroxis for any additional information! We'll be running RBGs Sunday at 6PM, Tuesday and Wednesday at 8PM. Raiding nights to be scheduled in the future. RP events to be scheduled in the future.
  2. Both Janaelle and Kaimi nod to Urivial, the former hefting her shield. Wending their way to the bottom of the stairs, the redheaded paladin smiles at Aeiyrn, nodding once, while the brunette warlock takes up a position in the far back. Shutting her eyes, she begins concentrating on her casting, speaking in a low demonic tongue as she rips a portal to the nether and forces a Terroguard through. Ivan Zephyr joins Kaimi in the back, doing the same and the two large demons tower over the two female paladins. "I think we're ready," Janaelle calls up the stairs as she eyes the fel creatures.
  3. "Killing them is not an option," Janaelle snapped as she and Kaimi managed to arrive at roughly the same time. "We're the Dusk Watch, aren't we? Protecting them because the Light damned crown can't?" "So we let guards die, brilliant," the elegantly dressed woman on the green and purple flying carpet said sacrastically. "I also have the ability to summon a Doomguard. The two, under our control, should have the ability to fight off any attacking citizens without harming them." "For the time it takes us to get every guard out of that tower?" Janaelle replied, seeming far more focused than usual. "Not likely, but it's a start. Bucket and I," she glances to Aeiryn, "and her can keep them off for a while longer. We're armored and the Light is with us. Perhaps between the demons and us we can do it while the rest guide them away? What say you Bucket Commander?"
  4. The Dusk Watch and I (mostly I) are hosting a New Years Party on Friday at 7PM. All Alliance are invited to attend the party, bringing your own booze is advised. This Event will take place in Dalaran at the Alliance side Inn. Bring fireworks, though they will be supplied. Celebrate the New Year ICly with friends! Fliers for the Event will be put up all over Stromwind and the Shrine in Pandaria.
  5. "Hey...uh...guys we MAY have a situation at Sentinel Hill..." came the first female voice over the comm. "We may need several people..." Kaimi Gevesha paused, lifting her head from the pale brown book she ahd been writing in. Shaking her head, she looked down again and wrote with the red feathered quill once again. Then came the second voice, "Commander Urivial Beckett here, I am on my way. Any and all Dusk Watch who are free and available, please make your way to Sentinel Hill. Aieryn, give us a more specific report of what's happening please. What sort of situation are we talking about?" "Oh dear," the young woman murmured. "I wonder if that means me too." Realizing she was talking to herself, the brunette quickly shut up and pondered the thought. She hadn't yet been given a recruit's insignia or even met the Commander of the Dusk Watch yet. Showing up might not even be expected of her and she wasn't the best at combat anyways. Still, it might behoove her in the future if she showed up now. Gathering her things up, Kaimi stowed them away and went outside. Tossing down a small piece of fabric, she murmured a single word of power and the cloth ballooned into a large carpet with tassels and pillows, then floated up into the air. Stepping atop, the petite warlock willed it to travel towards Westfall and the cause of all the ruckus over the gnomish device. "Kaimi Gavesha, apprentice to Mr. Zephyr on her way, sir," the young woman said into the device as she sped through the sky towards Sentinel Hill. "His name is Ian," would come over the comm-unit following the warlock's words. Janaelle Angeline was already using the enchantment on her cloak to bring her back to Stromwind. In moments, she would have climbed into her own mechanical chopper and was whirring through the air towards the city under siege. "And I'm on my way ass well, Bucket."
  6. I was digging through my bank things again, cleaning house as it were because Jeeves says it's getting to heavy. That stupid robot. He doesn't have muscle, things can't be "too heavy". Especially not with what I made him out of. He can't break! He FLIES! I knew I should never have turned on his personality chip. But Thing 2's mini robot Al had me intrigued and Thing 2 said they were better with personalities. Light, why do I listen to anyone who's not me? No one listen's to me, so I should at least listen to me. Anyways, I found one of the elixers of camouflage that Trigin gave me after Rylann came back. I don't know what I would have done without these things keeping those stupid dogs from tracking me. Ugh, all the way up into Silverpine and back into Ironforge before we figured out how he was finding us. Damn dogs. Maybe I should dump one of these bottles on a worgen out of spite. They're kind of like dog people, right? Would probably freak them the hell out if they can't smell themselves any more! Yes! I am SO doing that to Thing 2. It will be AWESOME
  7. I got to see Grasshopper again. I'm glad that she's not hurt or dead or other bad things. Apparently it's quite the opposite. She's married, has kids. Two of them. She also still lacks moderation. Maybe she'll learn that or maybe she'll freeze to death. Either way, she has nice tits.
  8. The garden is going well. It helps soothe my mind more than I ever expected. Perhaps, in time, I will be back to how I was. Perhaps. And perhaps it will not matter. The Watch is split. Those "above" us and those of us who are newer members. And why? Because we questioned what a warlock is doing. A warlock who, originally, Bucket thought should not do the research he is doing. We were told we wouldn't be dismissed, but we all know it's not true. I may not hold the same feelings as the others, I don't think Ian should be killed if he fails at controlling his new project and I believe him a good person, but I know they all feel the same about that, at the least. But that is not the least of it. We are told we are not joining the Alliance army because we do not want the "bureaucratic red tape" and yet we are DEMANDED to show respect when no disrespect has been done. Demonsinger is not an insult, if anything it is a compliment to his skill with the evil beings. We lost one member at that, but it only got worse afterward and no respect was shown us. How many times did I hear after the "meeting", "My old commander would not have treated us like that" or "We were dismissed without reason"? They say we threatened Ian, but no one did. We were threatened and disrespected after bringing our concerns to the commander. Apparently, we should have ignored our own feelings and let our "superiors" do with us and our homeland as they will. And I know Bucket will continue to handle this poorly. We will be demanded to toe the line and do as he says, no matter how we feel, how many of us there are, or whether or not our concerns are valid. To him, we're just soldiers who need to follow orders and not think. But we're not an army, we're a militia and I was told it was so for that very reason. I truly wonder how this all will end.
  9. I was sent strange mail again. Don't know who from. Not a skull this time, alcoholic beverage, but the person sending it assumed I wouldn't notice the flavor. The last time I had it, I'll never forget. The crap induces migraines, debilitating, pain rending migraines. At least it wasn't him, he would have sent something creepy. Whatever, I used it as an impromptu Molotov cocktail and launched it at a cow on a kodo as I was passing by over head. That stampeded. It was perfect.
  10. I had a thought while weeding the carrots. This Sha attack on Ian? Could he have done it to himself to cover for his own research getting loose and attacking the elf lady? He knows I'm watching him, that others are and we all know (well the one's who understand how to learn from history) that the Sha will only blow up in Ian's face. It would be a good cover, a good excuse, injuring himself when it was all his fault. Honestly, how many people out there could be so stupid to try this? And they seem so close in their research. The virmin are back.
  11. It's too much, it's all too much. I had clarity when planting the harmony plant, a suggestion by a sweet old Pandarin in the market. It was a moment, but it's enough. I see and we don't stand a chance if something does not change. We won't have time to defeat the Horde if these things kill us first. The Mogu, the dog stone men, they will destroy us if given the chance and then who will stand to defeat the Horde? The Dusk Watch? Ha! They'll be dead. I say that a lot.
  12. The stupid Tillars union won't accept my farm as a member. We're just as good at growing stuff as those ninnys but they don't see it because I'm from outside Pandaria. Well, I'll show them! I'm going to grow the biggest, bestest plants they've ever seen! Then they'll want me as a part of their union. Growing things has been so soothing. It helps me keep my thoughts straight, makes things clear for a little while. Let's me realize things I've missed, like how I have spent hours and hours in sha infested areas without effect. Unless there's a sha of overconfidence, I think something about me let's me ignore their affects. Lucky me.
  13. <p>I heard what happened, love. This is a long time in responding, but I hope all is well over yonder and beyond <3</p>

  14. There hasn't been any more dreams, but still I can't piece myself back together. The Crusade has said they can do no more for me unless it fractures again. I still feel this was worth it, though it's been extremely difficult as no one believes me. Not that it matters. Insanity is even freeing, in a way. Things are simpler. Except names. I've become so bad with names. The dreams will come again, sooner or later, and I'll be able to help. It's not like I've needed my sanity. I've successfully traveled the wilds of Pandaria, helped the farmers, with the war effort, the Klaxxi. Speaking of Klaxxi, some members of the watch, namely the warlock *there's a large blot of ink* Ian? Llander? I know his voice, that's what's important. He and others seem to think it a brilliant idea to contain the Sha and use them as a weapon. And I'm supposed to be the crazy one. I keep telling Ian he's going to get us all killed, but no one listens to me. No one EVER listens to me. That'll probably get them all killed. That or this sha nonsense.
  15. They attacked the gates! Of STORMWIND! The savage bastards, it's the Forsaken influence, I know it is. We drove them back and we'll drive them back again and again and again! They'll have to crawl over the corpses of the dead and still we'll kill more! For Theramore. For the Alliance! Light I wish I knew where Settana was.