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  1. <p>HEY</p>

    <p>Y U NO KEEP IN TOUCH JOE?!</p>

  2. While not exactly an "undead scourge" the Plague hit Italy in 1348 according to WikiAnswers. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Slagworth REALLY wants the Blood Elves to be Facists.
  3. Common Knowledge for anyone familiar with WoW lore, yes. Common Knowledge for yer average feller walking the streets of Darnassus or Silvermoon? That is what I am unsure of. The elves have only been re-united for ~25 years. The High elves and Night Elves were separated for several thousand years.
  4. Combat Rogue, Enhance/Ele Shaman, Prot/Ret Paladin, SMFury Warrior WHAT IT DO SELASH
  5. Are there any characters within the lore who know of just how the High/Blood Elves and Night Elves are related? If so, could this be common knowledge? Elves tend to be intelligent creatures and I assume that a sit down discussing histories could very well lead to the findings, but I'm not sure if it's ever been stated as IC knowledge. The evolution from trolls however would just be insulting and never accepted by any sophisticated Elf-about-tree.
  6. I was gonna make a witty analogy about Bioware's fans and Bioware, and Geth and the reapers, but then I gave up. Bioware knows how high we hold their regard. If they fail us again, it'll be bad.
  7. Larry Walters [video=youtube;JIXANSU0nuM]
  8. I had fun throughout the whole game. The story at the end just went to shit. Then people were so mad they forgot they played an entire game, and not just a 2 minute conversation.
  9. When I was talking to the kid, I suddenly realized the reason behind the rage. I just wish I could have gotten the "best" ending without needing extra bullshit to get my Readiness Rating up.
  10. So, I'm at the very end. I went to the "Destroy reapers" side. I can only spin. I can't shoot, I can't move forwards, backwards, strafe, or fuck an Asari. What do I do? I had to load the autosave. Shepard's gun was borke.
  11. I'm still playing through for the first time, but I just want to say: Fuck you, Bioware. I don't wanna get up every five minutes to change a goddamn disc. Why the hell would you create the game in this fashion? Is it to ensure I get sufficient exercise? If I wanted to exercise while I played a game, my Wii wouldn't be in it's box. Fuck you, Bioware.
  12. Not only would it require a rebuild of the entire Demonolgy spec, but every single boss encounter would need to be able to be tanked by a caster class. I bet you think Draenei Death Knight is a good idea. I am a "Lore Purist" as you have put it. That aside, do we really need the game to have more tanking options? 11 classes, 5 can tank.
  13. My favorite villain is Calendar Man. He's very organized, and always makes sure to dress to match the theme of the day or season. Costumes are important. He'll also use really obscure ones. Calendar Man, my favorite villain.
  14. With the Beta live, could some of the first wavers within the community post their thoughts on different aspects of the new content? Temp Varian vs Real Varian? Funny/cool screenshots? Favorite things? Disappointing things? Remember, there is no NDA for this beta so feel free to share!