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  1. Cold. That was the first thing he felt. It was not a simple chill. He felt it...Deep in his bones. He looked around, his memory returning to him....A battle? Yes. There had been some sort of battle, he smiled to himself, looking at the half-frozen pools of blood around him. He saw plenty of corpses. Branngas, his close friend. Valkyrion, his coward brother. Asherus, a Shaman that had tried to stop him from this fate...And of course, all of his Family and the other few friends he had. Their kindness was ill placed, after all. Hunger. He suddenly remembered why he was here. He unsheathed his Axe, and held it above the corpses of those he once cared for. It glowed slightly, and hummed, the Souls of the fallen floating into it. He felt a rush of power and smiled. The Blade was so powerful now...None could stop him. Altherion Talil looked around, and remembered where he was. Above him was Icecrown Citadel, the place he had been trained, served, and helped destroy the Scourge under Lord Arthas. Around him, there was a frozen lake, and recalled that name of the place. He spoke aloud, and to himself. "Naz'Anak...The Forgotten Depths. I remember this place..." He saw them. Hundreds upon hundreds of Amber Orbs in the Shadows, far off from him. He was nearly one of the few lit areas of the room. He believed they were called Faceless One's. Minions of the Old God Yogg'Saron. But they would not harm him. They needed him as an Ally. Wanted his power. His Blade. Fury boiled within Altherion as he looked at Branngas and the rest. "You all wanted to stop me! Well here I am! And look at what it has gotten me!" He suddenly threw his Axe, and it hovered above the tranquil waters of the Underground Lake. He pulled out his combat knife and smirked. "King Arthas. You inspired me. Taught me. You aided me. Now, I shall finalize our work. Together, Death shall overcome the world. The powers at play shall make the World-Breaker look like a small Childrens doll. All shall perish, drowning in a Sea of their own blood." "Gah..." He grunted as he plunged the Knife into his Chest. "I do this...F-For you..." He looked to his Axe as he cut deeper, deeper, pain...There was so much pain. But he had to continue. Blood fell to the ground, forming another puddle. He couldn't help but grin to himself. This was it...All his work...It was finally happening! He felt it then, a rip, a tear...He threw the Blade aside, pulling out the one part of him that had held him back. "I...Am no longer Human! I am only Death! Death ETERNAL!" He shouted, collapsing to the ground, the remains of his heart falling into the puddle with him. He saw nothing but darkness...And then a Light. But not the one the Paladin's spoke of. It was blue. Like...Ice. He opened his eyes, and was standing in Naz'Anak. His Axe had found way to his hand, and he smiled. His Soul was in the Blade now, and it was complete. Raising a hand, he brought all of his friends and family into the Bliss of Undeath. Altherion snapped his eyes open and screamed. His Wife, Nalta, hurried to his side. He couldn't tell her what he had seen. It was so vile a dream, he leaned to the side of the bed and retched onto the floor. He shuddered, and was joyful it was not real...But then he saw it. His Axe. It was not as complete or powerful as it was in the dream. But it was there, like it always, in the Sheath, in the corner of the room. He gasped as he heard the voices ag "A Dream...Shall become reality...It will happen...And when it does, you shall be rewarded..." Altherion smiled slightly. Yes. Rewarded. All he had to do was wait... ((I'm still a noob to forum RP, if anyone has constructive criticism, I'd love to hear it. Thank you. ))
  2. The tall Death Knight read over the paper, smiling as he read about Nikaa. He gestured for his Ghoul to come to his side, winking at it. "Look here, my Dumb-Witted Ally! It seems our little Rogue friend's in quite a bit of trouble...Again!" The Ghoul looked about blindly, gurgling to itself like always. It would never reply, unless Altherion loosened his hold on it. "Well then! She shall die, I assume, be executed and what-not. Oh, friends. Don't worry, though, Jitters." He smiled at his Ghoul. "I'll be there, and when she dies, I shall bring her back! Then, she can have her revenge, and another shall fuel my Blade!" He rolled up the Newspaper and handed it to his Ghoul. "Draw!" Altherion shouted, as the Ghoul hurled it into the Air. With one stroke of his Axe, the ruins of the Paper fell, floating softly on the wind into Stormwind Lake.
  3. <p>Nice post. Looking forward to how that will continue on.</p>

  4. The Man kneeled atop the Altar, dark clouds swirling about, some of it smoke, some of it...Something else. He heard the whispers screaming in his head, yelling for him to kill everyone, for him to harm his former friends...And he was happy to oblige. Valkyrion August shouted, at the top of his lungs "I PLEDGE MYSELF TO THE MASTER, LET CHAOS CONSUME!". He discarded his Alliance tabard, he had no use of them anymore. Withdrawing a dagger, he slit his wrist, and let the blood fall, the first tribute to his new God. "I give of myself everything, for you..." the Former Paladin grinned wide. Suddenly, his eyes changed blood red. His glowing, Holy armor warped and changed into Dark, Twisted steel and Robes of Obsidian. His Hammer of the Silver Hand turned into a large, sickening short-sword. His Shield distorted, becoming twisted and evil. He felt power. Power he had never felt before! Not even when the Light had blessed him, this was more powerful than Dalaran, the Alliance, the Horde, even the Titans! And...It was his. The Old God's latest Servant smiled and leapt off the Altar, his mind forever altered...He began the walk back to the Old Town of Stormwind. [The Next Day] Chaos had been established. He recalled the events, marching into the Cathedral dressed as a Paladin, heading for the Orphans. His Armor had changed as it had the previous day, startling the little ones. He smiled wide. One of them gasped and shouted "Mr.Valkyrion! What's...What's wrong!" The Former-Paladin shook his head. "You see, you're all flawed..." The child frowned, struggling to understand, when the Cultist thrust his sword through her stomach, lifting the struggling corpse into the air. "...And I shall aid you, in being fixed." He killed all of the Orphans quickly, fleeing the scene, so that he would not be caught. He then bombed the Dwarven District numerous times, particullarly the Inn where the Alliance was gathered. That was the most fun of all. So many died...It was great. The Master was very pleased. And no one would stop him, with his new Allies. No one, not even the Seventy Third. He had bombed their base aswell. And now, he formed a camp, out behind Stormwind, near the great Altar. Valkyrion sat down by the fireplace, reading over a map of the city, planning his next assault.[/font][/size]