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  1. [Early Midday, Day 2] The workmen had set to bagging and moving the sand away from the buried entrance, using what they hand packed to set up a makeshift barricade along either side of the tombs entrance. The threshold of the tomb itself had been dug down into the ground, a steep smooth ramp which was inclined downwards and roughly forty feet long (seven ten feet wide) was being excavated. Flanking each side of this ramp were smooth sandstone barriers. The whole structure had been built with large sandstone blocks, but the blocks had been hewn and cut with such mathematic precision, that the walls of the barrier and ramp were perfectly flat. One assistant, a human named Reginald was busying himself at the dig site by helping clear out the sand. As he dug away at the shifting quagmire his boot caught on something hard and sharp. Pulling away his foot Reginald took a few steps back from his position, and stopped working. None of the other workers took notice, and Reginald, being a curious individual quickly dug through the sand with his hands, searching for whatever he had just felt. Finding what he sought Reginald pulled out of the sand a long curved claw, or at least he assumed it had been a claw, detached from whatever had previously owned it. It was hollow, sturdy and pliable to the touch, but looked flimsy. It reminded Reginald of a snake which had shed its skin. The worker decided to bring it too the Archaeologists, and he set off back into the camp, headed for main tent. He passes by a few heroes as he walks.
  2. <p>You may want to edit your last post in The Dig Nether Legend considering walking into the desert(civilization is a week's walks away) would be either death from dehydration, etc.</p>

  3. ((I hate to do this, I really do, but it seems we need a little moderation to keep our RP a tad bit neater. So we will use some common role playing strategies in role plays of this type. Firstly, begin each post with the DAY your character is on (so we can all remain synchronized) as well as the time of day. Secondly, when you are about to sleep to the next day please post so in any fashoin you see fit. Lastly be aware of the layout of the campsite and the setting. We have the digsite in the middle of a vast open desert (no civilization for a weeks walk in any direction). To our north and south and east is desert. A little ways to our west is a towering buff of rocky cliffs which seperate the DIG SITE from Silithus. Just south of the DIG SITE is our camp, its compact and small. We have about ten random NPCs helping us and little else. This is the Moderation account. Its name is The Dig. The password is 12345))