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  1. Don't forget the news about Akinator. Interweb famous, man. :B
  2. The Cult was off doing evil dastardly bastardly things in secret basements, with candles and chickens and things~! Hohoh.
  3. Glad to know the 73rd is missed so much. I missed you guys too.
  4. Get it, HORDE of people? Hoho.
  5. <p>Add me, you fool!</p>

  6. Millie's favorite lich is looking quite lovely. Let me cast some healy spells on you for good luck. :B
  7. Say hi to my big brother for me~
  8. <p>Raaaaaay!!! Cookies?!?!?!?</p>

  9. I dunno, I played too much Left 4 Dead 2 to believe that. Does the mall just so happen to have a car with gas cans scattered around for just such an occasion?
  10. We'll all move to Alaska. My brother's got all the weaponry we need up there.
  11. Especially when it's on a PVP realm. I hate that so much.
  12. Cult stuff was always fun for me.