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  1. (Day 2, Dawn) Although awake, Aisra was far from ready to get up. The rising sun had begun to shine through her tenting and onto her face, cutting through her eyelids and rousing her from her much wanted rest. She rolled over and pulled her bedroll over her head to keep the sun off her face. The night before hadn't ended quite when she reached the camp, and she was over tired. She had spoken to a few of the workers and found familiar faces within the camps leadership. She offered her assistance and secured a place for herself in the work ahead, but she hadn't planned on making a temporary home here, and had no tenting. By the time she had borrowed or bartered enough pieces from the hired hands, and had fashioned a makeshift tent, the camp fires had nearly all died out. Just another hour, then I'll be productive. Just then, a mere moment before she had slipped back into blissful rest, a familiar voice, "And just what do you think you are doing?" It was Tangkrast, her voidwalker. He had come inside her tenting and was now standing bent due to the short height of the housing, his head directly over her own. "Sleeping, at the moment." was Aisra's reply. "No. That was not my question and you know it. You promised me that you would be out here for no more than a couple hours and would be back in Stormwind before nightfall, that is the only reason I allowed you out of my sight- that and my distaste for the desert. What are you doing HERE. In a remote area. With STRANGERS." This time he said it more as a statement of fact than as a question, but Aisra could tell he still wanted an answer. "These people are hardly strangers Tang. We're part of a joint operation here, a number of others from the Sanctum were already here when I arrived. There's something under the sand here, and we're simply looking to see what. No big deal." She had been with her Felhunter the day before, her demon of choice these days for two reasons. The first being that he was best suited for digging in the sand but mostly because he was the only one of her demon companions that couldn't speak. "How did you get here anyways?" Tangkrast grabbed the corner of her blanket and whipped it backwards, forcing her to look up at and meet his gaze. "how do I always know where you are, You cannot hide from me, not for as long as we share this bond. I can always find you, and perhaps if you were better at your craft, you would be able to do the same with me. At any rate, I am here and we're going back. Pack up your things." "No we're not. I am staying here and helping my colleagues, you are free to return to...whereever it is that you go or stay here and watch over me. Since you never seem to take my orders I'm giving you a choice." Despite not being ready to wake, she sat upright and began to fumble with her clothing, Making sure not to look towards Tangkrast. "You made a promise to me that you would lie low for the time being, no adventures, no ANSWERS until I said you were ready for them. I was under the impression your word meant something to you." "It does, and perhaps when you stop lying to me I will stop lying to you." At this the demon said nothing, but stared down at her with narrowed eyes for a moment. Aisra did her best not to look back at him, feeling his piercing gaze just as she could feel the sun's rays on her cheek. Tangkrast scoffed loudly and threw back the tent flap, making sure to knock over one of the support beams on his way out. "You can either help me or not Tang! Just remember the easier you make this the faster it will be finished!" She called out to him as she finished dressing. Once she was ready she left her tenting to prop the supports back into place, making sure to ignore the voidwalker standing and staring at her just outside. Then she wandered off to seek out Arthur. She was sure he would have something for her to do out here.
  2. "I've fought beside her a few times now, but we've never really spoken." "I see, on to question 213..." The bearded gnome shifted his pages to reveal yet another sheet of questions, "How long have you been friends?" "Urm...I like her well enough sure, but you couldn't call us that. Colleagues at best. She's the type of person who is always focused on her work, and her kind of work seems to be of the most importance. Besides that, if she were the type to socialize we still probably wouldn't be friends." The gnome pauses...his quill hovering over Question 214, he then scrawled a small '213-b' above it and continued, "Why do you suppose that is?" "Simple. I'm a warlock, and I've yet to meet a single Night elf or Draenei that wasn't at least a little judgemental of that vocation." hastily Aisra added, "Not that they don't have a point about it, I might even be inclined to agree."
  3. <p>Im happy you joined our RP on The Dig! From what you posted I assume Aisra will arrive during the first night. Glad to have you on board <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/biggrin.png" alt=":D" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/biggrin@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p>

  4. Arayna


    Full Name: Aisra (no known surname) Date of Birth: Unknown Age: appears to be approximately 17 or 18 Race:Human Gender: Female Hair:Black Skin: Fair/pale Eyes: greenish yellow Height:5"10 Weight:131 lbs Place of residence: Stormwind Place of Birth:unknown, beleived to be near Stormwind. Raised in the Stormwind orphanage Known Relatives: None Religion/Philosophy: None Occupation: Assistant of Harrison Jones Group/Guild affiliation: Invictus Sanctum Guild Rank: Adept Enemies: Undead Likes: History, alchemy, exploring, reading, sand, sunlight Favorite Foods:Well cooked meat, sagefish, highland guppy Favorite Colors: Green, Yellow Weapons of Choice: Spelldaggers, tomes Dislikes: alcohol Hobbies: alchemy, planting and light garden work, researching history Physical Features: prefers modest clothing, ears pierced in the lobes and the bridge. Her hair is straight but somewhat coarse, shoulder length, and parted in the middle with no bangs. Doesn't wear any makeup. Taller than most women but still slender. Special Abilities:The following states can currently be seen on her character with the totalrp2 addon: Shadow Imprint, Fabricated Reality, Complete Amnesia, Smell of beasts, Happy, Quiet Positive Personality Traits:Kind, friendly, often willing to help Negative Personality Traits: Unsure of herself, Does not want the burden of leadership, often stays quiet even if she wished to speak, Misc. Quirks: Unaffected by the elements, warlock talents are seemingly natural gifts - mastered spells without the full required teachings and testing. Her demons came to her rather than being summoned and enslaved, and often disobey her orders. Played by What Famous Person: Summer Glau Theme Songs: 'Let Go' by Frou Frou History: Left at the Stormwind Orphanage at the approximate age of 2 by a shadowy figure. She was raised normally (as normal as the limited alliance funds could manage for the orphanage) until she showed an aptitude for magic in her early tweens. She started taking lessons at the wizards academy in the mage disctrict, she would often see a lone voidwalker watching her from a distance between classes but on a second glance would no longer be there. Upon casting a shadowbolt during a lesson in frost use, she was barred from the mage district. It was then that the voidwalker finally approached her, calling himself Tangkrast, he said simply that he was there to protect her and she should follow. Led to the slaughtered pig, she was able to interest the teachers of it's basement enough to enroll her as a potential warlock.
  5. (Day 1, Evening) A slow chill spread across the great Uldum desert as the sun slipped ever further under the horizon, the increasing darkness making it harder for Aisra to navigate by way of a self scrawled map. Over the past month, she'd slowly and painstakingly catalogued the area, marking areas of interest and locations where she had previously found relics. Her latest find had seemed unimportant enough, a sketch of a desert palace, yet upon closer inpection she found that the location the palace was set to be built upon was not clearly discernable on her map. Four possible locales had been calculated and all but one had been visited and found empty. Aisra hoped to reach the last marker before the sun completely dissappeared, since it was unlikely she would find anything in the darkness even if something worth finding was there. She had left this area last due to the incredible difficulty in reaching it, a couple miles surrounding the marked area swelled with intense winds and currents which would force anyone in flight to retreat or land, her own griffon had nearly flipped over backwards on her initial approach. Making towards it on foot brought even greater difficulties, she had to loop all the way around and enter the area from a small northern passage due to large rock formations at one end and a large group of sand dunes on the other that seemed to line it's perimeter; several strong sand storms and whipping tornados blasted across the sand, probably accounting for the seemingly random air currents above. Unlike many of her companions, the heat and sand of Uldum was oddly comforting to her. Though she had her face almost completely covered up in defiance of the sand that regularly shot up threatened blindness, her exposed skin never burned. For just a fleeting moment as she rode her horse slowly through the dunes she pondered why she unlike others could stand in snow and sand with very little to protect her, and not really feel any negative effects. She shrugged, assuming that her chosen vocation as Warlock may have effected how she responds to the elements or if her senses were somehow dulled. Forcing her thoughts back to her immediate task she stole a glance back to her map, likely the last time the daylight would allow for, and found herself almost on top of her desired position. At her slow and weary pace she was sure she would reach it within twenty minutes or so, a large rise of sand in the distance blocked her view but if there was anything to be seen, she was positive she could see it from there. As it turned out the top of this sand dune was a perfect vantage spot, but what she saw was not quite what she expected. A small camp had already been made, lamps and a roaring fire in the middle of a small clearing showed half a dozen figures moving from tent to tent, busy finishing up their work before resting for the night. Aisra had thought she had seen all Uldum had to offer, and now others had beaten her to the last bit of formerly untouched sand. A quick brush of her Steeds mane and a small kick set her slowly toward the camp. She hoped those she found there wouldn't be hostile, as she was to weary to defend herself. With luck, she may be able to rest with them for the night.