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  1. <p>I see you're still lurrrrking 'round zhis site... Varm pleasure smiles!!!</p>

  2. <p>I don't know how I got here. I was on the shoutbox page, and I tabbed, tabbed back in, and I was on your visitor page. I just wanted to let you know, I'm on to you and your evil pirate ways.</p>

  3. Chandrath nodded at the Captain and strode over to the nearest cannon. As he began to load the cannon, he thought about who the dragon belonged to. Dragons were not a rare sight anymore, for a good number of people possessed them, but they were still very dangerous. Another thought crossed his mind as he wondered why the dragon was here. Could it be here because of Ranavos? Was someone with a grudge trying to sink their ship? Chandrath shook his head and prepared himself for a fight as the dragon flew closer to the ship, though he hoped that a fight would not occur. He did not feel like fighting a dragon today.
  4. Chandrath moved backwards to allow Ranavos and the Captain to pass through the doorway. Inwardly, he was a little happy that the Captain disliked the lich as much as he did. However, he did not wish to fight the lich just yet. For all of his antics, Ranavos did have some level of power, so Chandrath did not want to antagonize the lich at this point in time. As Ranavos and the Captain made their way onto the deck, Chandrath saw the lich pull out a mana potion and begin to drink it. He was put on edge by this, for he knew that mana was important to the lich, so he decided that he would have to watch Ranavos rather closely during his duration in the ship.
  5. After walking up to the Captain's quarters, he stopped and silently stood, waiting for an order. He did manage to nod at Morbidus, attempting to be polite, though seeing him in person was more discomforting than thinking about him. However, the Captain seemed more obsessed with the voice that came from her room. He moved out of her way as she stormed past her, nodding and saying "Captain" in response to her rather gruff greeting. After she had pushed open her door and yelled at the person inside did he realize what had gotten her so upset. If it was possible for Chandrath's face to look any more angry (or grumpy), it happened when he saw Ranavos sprawled out on the Captain's bed. He had never liked the lich, and after the lich had attacked him several months ago, he had taken to actively avoiding him. Now, here he was; making himself at home while also managing to completely mess up the Captain's room. Then there was that other undead that he had never seen before. He wondered who she could be when a sudden, yet extremely disturbing thought passed through his mind. Did Ranavos manage to find someone that actually liked him? He shuddered at the thought, and tried to get out of his mind while he prepared himself for anything that might, or in this case, would, go wrong.
  6. The sudden rocking of the ship jolted Chandrath from his sleeping position and caused him to hit his head on one of the beams under the ship. He breathed in a sharp intake of breath as he rubbed his head. "This is not the way to start the day" he thought to himself. After a minute, he opened his eyes and listened to the noise of the crew above him. It was the normal bustle of the crew preparing the ship, and he managed to make out the voice of the undead warrior with blades for arms. That somewhat disturbed Chandrath, but he had seen much more disturbing things in his travels. Collecting himself, he made his way to the deck of the ship. After being under the deck for quite some time, Chandrath's eyes stung a little as they adjusted to the light. As he started to make out what was in front of him, he looked up towards the captain's room, and started to walk towards it. "Time to get to work..." he said aloud.
  7. No. They will not understand it. That is what makes it hilarious. Still, how did that mix up happen? I think it would be easy to distinguish a cute widdle grub from a steampunk-ish worm that can easily bite your face off.
  8. <p>Varm pleasure smiles, Miiister Chan! Vemember meeeee? Hope to zee you in Azeroth soon, dah.</p>

  9. <p>Eeeeeve. Ohai. How have you been?</p>

  10. <p>Chaaaaaan. Hai.</p>

  11. <p>Thank you very much! I'll share a slice of the radioactive cake with you. =D</p>

  12. <p>*looks at Nika's post* Oh. I don't have one of those... *feels sad, but gives Masq a cookie* Happy Birthday!</p>

  13. <p>Happy Birthday Eve!</p>