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  1. Ok so I have not read through the whole thread but from the few pages that I did read through I noticed no one had Alistair leave the party. As human noble. So here is pretty much what my ending looked like as I choose to be merciful to Tryne Logain (sp) and let him live. Alistair: Leaves the party when I let Tryne live. I was able to convience them to marry before the landsmeet, but after the whole letting the man who killed Duncan and hunted the Gray Wardens down live he is a little pissed and refuses to marry her or stay with the party. Arona tried to execute him to stop him from raising a rebellion. I say she owes me a boon and has to let him live. She lets him live but says that he must denounce all claims to the throne for himself and all children. Then he walks out. End Game: It is said that there was a druken man in some tavern, claiming to be the heir to the throne and saying he was a Grey Warden once, but there are a lot of druken men who say a lot of things. Also tells about a rebellion that was raised in his name but there was no proof he had anything to do with it. What happens to Tryne is you let him become a Grey Warden. He survies the Joining and pretty much becomes your bitch and has to do what you say. At the final battle he tries to get you to let him like the archdemon. It seems if you do this he will become the hero and gets the easy way out of making up for his sins earlier. I told him he was going to have to redeem himself the hard way and kill it myself. End Game: He ends up rebuilding the Grey Wardens and is a great general for a time until the taint becomes to much and he makes his way to the Dark Roads. With Morrigan she tried to sleep with me and get me to make the baby god thing. I refused. She says that she could sleep with Tryne if you would rather her do it that way but would pefer it to be you, says he will do it since he is pretty much my bitch now. I refused this too. She leaves. The Queen performs the funeral for you. A Arl gives up some of his house's land and lets the Grey Wardens have this as a new base. Tryne runs it and recruits new wardens. Queen End Game: She has a lot of offers of marriage but does not accept any. She rules the land very well for several years. The people respect her. I think that is about it. Everything else I saw on here already.