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  1. Later that night, she was creeping silently across the snow covered hilltops of Dun Morough. Cuergo had been there. She had heard his voice, earlier on. Doubling back, she scanned the snow that blanketed the earth, searching for the tell-tale signs of the footprints that would lead her to the pirate she was hunting. He was the second of her three targets, and she was determined to get him. She paused mid-step, as she spotted what she was looking for. A set of boot prints were embedded in the crusted snow, leading their way into a house she had been visiting, just earlier. This intrusion did not surprise her, in the least. With narrowed eyes, she snuck into the home and paused on the staircase, listening carefully. There. From somewhere downstairs, she heard a snore, and mumbling. Her footsteps were silent, as he made her way down the wooden staircase. And there was Cuergo, sprawled out on a bed that did not belong to him, as if he owned the place. He snored, mumbling in his sleep as he turned over. The shock of the sap connecting with his head brought a shout, and Cuergo sat bolt upright, his eyes wide as he tried to find the source of what was attacking him. The second hit laid him out flat, again. The figure knelt over Cuergo's unconscious body. Pulling out a small vial of liquid, she uncorked the bottle of sleeping toxin, and studied it. Was she supposed to make him drink it, or breathe in its fumes? She had forgottten to ask. With a shrug, she decided to err on the side of caution, and steadily poured the contents down his throat. Cuergo coughed and sputtered, half choking on the liquid. And then his body relaxed, slumping back into the bed with a deep snore. "CUERGO? Where did you go?" She looked up quickly, freezing as she heard the voice of Urich. How many of them were here? Nervously, she glanced down at Cuergo. He appeared to be deep in sleep. She cracked him across the skull once more for good measure, just to be sure. Then she was moving, gathering up her backpack and swiftly climbing the stairs. She found him outside. Urich was standing, with his back to her. Urinating in the snow next to the house. She shook her head, glaring darkly. And waited. Urich was just zipping up, and turning to walk back into the house, when the figure struck. Of all the Corsairs, Urich was probably the one that she considered the biggest threat. She had seen him in his wolf form, and could tell by watching him over the past week or so, that he was a much more capable fighter than she was. Her only saving grace was that she caught him completely by surprise, and when his guard was down. Still, it took a lot more effort on her part, before she was finally able to stun him enough to roll his body over, and force the third and final potion between his lips. It had been a close one. Three targets. Three potions. Three captives, obtained. She dragged Urich's unconscious body down the stairs, and palmed the radio. "Huntress, I have the final two targets. We're in Dun Morough." Turning back to the two unconscious men, she quickly set about removing their weapons. Stripping them of their armor, and emptying their pockets of everything they carried with them. And then, with the rope from her backpack, she bound them both tightly. Gags were placed between their teeth. She settled back, and waited.
  2. The figure watched from the shadows, near the outskirts of Stormwind. The dark material of her clothing shrouded her features, and the hood that was pulled low over her head obscured her face from view. She was crouched among the branches of a tree, one hand braced against the heavy trunk for balance. The leaves offered her plenty of cover. Tucked among the shadows of the thick branches, she was all but invisible. Only her eyes moved, tracking the figure that walked along the road through Elwynn Forest. It was Evellin Raventy, leader of the Redblade Corsairs. One of her primary targets. For weeks, the group of pirates had been creating all kinds of disturbances across Stormwind. Already they had suffered the devastating loss of their ship in the recent bombing, and nearly everything they owned, along with it. And still they persisted in causing trouble. So it was time to up the ante. She had been watching the woman closely, for the past hour or so. Patient, and biding her time as she had tracked her progress through the streets of Stormwind, from the rooftops above. Finally, the Death Knight had ventured out of the city. The figure was quick to intercept her path, hastily finding her current hiding spot where she would lay in wait. The straps of her backpack were looped around a branch slightly higher up, and it hung there an arms reach away from where she was hiding. Her body tensed, as Evellin neared the tree, about to pass beneath the branches. Slowly, steadily, her hand crept towards the sap that was tucked into her belt. Her eyes narrowed, not even risking the moonlight to reflect off of them and give her away. As Evellin moved within range, the figure coiled herself, preparing for the attack. It had been something of a trying day. Eve's minor argument with a certain writer of papers had left her tired and thinking; always thinking, always too much. For so long the Death Knight had been a woman of action, trained in life as a warrior only to follow a similar path in death. These days, though, her actions were also tempered by thought and reason... But she still did stupid and rash things, to be sure. "Like a bloody child..." Captain Raventy heaved a sigh as she continued following the path through Elwynn. She wasn't entirely sure where she was going, truth be told. Just anywhere but Stormwind. The city was gnawing at her senses; full of so many people, so many accusations, so much treachery. Too many words exchanged with too little said. That was the nature of the city, though; perhaps her brother had a brilliant mind for politics, and in that respect, the two siblings differed greatly. Eve was quite unaware of the figure hiding away. Perhaps in the state that she was in, still suffering from the wounds Urivial dealt her, she should have been more careful. More alert. But she was not, and it would be a hard lesson learned. From the darkness, two eyes watched Evellin as she passed beneath the branch she was hiding on. The attack came as soon as Evellin had her back turned. In one fluid motion, the figure drew the sap from her belt and dropped down from the tree branch. The soft leather boots made contact with the the ground at the precise moment she swung the sap, causing it to crack solidly against the back of Evellin's head. Moving swiftly, the attacker circled to one side of Evellin. Swinging back her arm, she struck the woman with the sap a second time. And a third. The attack was harsh- sudden and brutal. But she did not let up until the woman had slumped to the ground, fully unconscious. She couldn't simply couldn't risk otherwise. Eve fully intended to swear as violently and thoroughly as she could, but all she could do was stagger forward as the first blow connected with her skull, grunting unintelligably. Caught off guard and now dazed, the following attacks made quick work of her and were met with no resistance. Perhaps, at another time, fully healed and on her toes, the Death Knight might have had a chance, however small, of fighting back. Urivial Beckett had made certain that she would not regain full strength for at least another week. As it stood, Eve had run out of luck...not that she'd had much in the first place. Somewhere, in her fading consciousness, only one thought took hold: At least it's just me this time. Just me. The glow of her eyes had dimmed significantly before she hit the ground, and hit the ground she certainly did; hard. Taken out by one person, with not a single blow exchanged in return. ...How embarrassing... Darting a look around, she grabbed Evellin by the shoulders and dragged her off the road, into a cluster of thick bushes. Keeping her eyes locked on the woman, she quickly drew out a gnomish radio device, and murmured quietly into it. "I have Evellin. We're in the bushes near the bend of the road, in Elywnn Forest, near the blue cabin. Please hurry.."
  3. On the fringes of Stormwind, a figure crouched atop a hill. She could see across most of Stormwind, from her vantage point, as well as part of the harbor. She quickly unfolded the paper she had swiped earlier that evening, anxious to finally get a chance to read the column she had been most interested in. Her eyes scanned the paper quickly. And then a frown touched her lips. ...Most of the troops remain in a camp nearby, disgraced at the loss to mere citizens; it seems, however, that there were in fact casualties in the struggle. Three men were found dead with the murlocs. Though recovery has not yet occurred and he have little details to give at the moment until they are returned, we can only wonder if they were citizens struck down in a tyrannical effort to ensure they continue to force their “patriotism” on these men and women who are in for rough times, or if they were soldiers who in fact refused to get the hint and were accidently slain. This was, of course, until we received a note from the events occurring in Stormwind Harbor. Again, this is a lead that until now was not even known to Stormwind Authorities: 'To Varian and his lapdogs: You had best be on guard. The attack on your men in Goldshire the other night was just the beginning. Watch the shadows, and travel in groups. Any of you who are found alone will get more of the same. The attacks will continue. And it will keep happening. This is only the start. Surrender Stormwind, or consider yourself at war.' It seems The Harbor Bomber is involved in the Goldshire rebellion as well. So far this Terrorist is responsible for the destruction of Two merchant ships. Both with precious food supplies on them, mind you… than the murders of three individuals in Goldshire? Whoever this person is, it seems they have an agenda. They are Highly dangerous, and can go unnoticed by authorities. If you have Any information, inform the authorities, or myself at: Jon Ableham P.O. Box 279A Stormwind Harbor, Stormwind In doing so, one can only hope that we find the culprit before it is too late. And that we can do it in such a timely manner that the food supplies required for our way of life can go unhindered before others get the same “bright ideas”. As unfortunate, we are relying on our allies and other colonies to continue our existence. For such, I would like to thank the Dwarven nation of Ironforge for the expansive meats they have given us, the Night Elves for the fruits and vegetables they are able to supply, the Goblins for what they were able to sell us, Valgarde and their other colony cities for what they were able to send to us and anyone else that has seen fit to continue our way of life. The Voice of the Lion, Jon Ableham. She stared down at the article in her hands in disbelief, and read it a second time, more slowly. Several long second passed by, and she crumbled the paper in her hands. Rising swiftly to her feet, she melted back into the shadows.
  4. It was late evening. Everything seemed relatively calm in Stormwind harbor. Ships sailed in and out of the port, as usual. Dock workers and fishermen went about their normal routine, unloading freight and cargo from the ships that arrived. Jareth, one of the Stormwind Harbor Guards, was posted along the dock where The Stormrunner was anchored. He gazed out over the shipyard, and yawned in boredom as he watched a crew of dockworkers guiding in one of the ships to the dock across the harbor. Suddenly, something heavy and solid connected with the back of his head. The guard slumped to the ground, unconscious. It was uncertain just how much time had passed, since the guard was knocked out. But gradually, the other guards stationed around the harbor noticed a light flickering from the direction of the docks. It was hard to make out, at first. But it quickly grew brighter, spreading. A plume of black smoke began to rise from the direction of The Stormrunner. A couple of guards nudged one another, pointing in that direction. But there was no mistaking it, now. Flames licked and danced along the bottom of the sails of The Stormrunner. The ship was burning. "FIRE!" Bellowed the Captain of the guard. The alarm bell began to ring loudly as help was summoned, and men began rushing in that direction. Buckets and towels were grabbed as the dockworkers nearby prepared to battle the blaze. Suddenly, a BOOM rocked the area, followed in quick succession by several more. A series of loud explosions caused The Stormrunner to lurch to one side, and everyone nearby ducked behind crates or dropped to the ground, taking cover. The explosions were loud enough to be heard as far as the Cathedral district. The Stormrunner slowly began to list to one side as the ship began taking on water, but the explosions seemed to be over. The shipyard became a flurry of activity, as everyone rushed to assist. Fire hoses were dragged along the dock and directed towards the burning sails, while men frantically pumped water from the harbor to extinguish the blaze before it could spread to the rest of the ship. Another group began tossing up heavy ropes and chains to the deck of the ship while others quickly began tying them off, securing The Stormrunner to the dock before it could sink further. By the time Cuergo and the other Redblades arrived on scene, the fire was out and the ship was stable. But the damage was extensive. The fire had been caught before it could spread far, but the sails and rigging were badly burnt, and would have to be repaired or replaced. The lower deck and living quarters were even worse. It was determined that several crudely built but powerful bombs had been strategically placed along the keel. When they exploded, the hull was badly damaged and the structural integrity of the ship was compromised. It would take a lot of time and a kings ransom of gold to rebuild that portion of the ship before it would be fit to sail, again. The explosion had blown out portions of the hull, causing the seawater to rush in and flood the lower level of the ship. The broken holes in the hull had been hastily boarded over by the dockworkers to prevent more water from coming in, but the damage had been done. Much of what the Redblade Corsairs owned was now floating in a half foot of water. Most, but not all. Closer inspection of the wreckage revealed that before the explosions, the ship had been thoroughly searched, and anything of particular value or interest had been stolen. Any money, jewels, weapons, journals and paperwork were gone. And everything that remained had been destroyed, utterly. Furniture was smashed and gouged, leaving deep scratches to mar the polished mahogany wood. Every piece of clothing was shredded. Every curtain, pillow or cushion had been slashed to bits. Every mirror, window or dish was shattered. Whoever had done this had even taken the time to snap all the candlesticks in half. Nothing on board had been left untouched. It was either demolished, or missing completely. And there, pinned to the wall by a dagger that looked very familiar- the same sort of dagger that had been hurled at the group of Redblades during their attempted abduction stunt on a certain rogue the other night, was a note: 'To Cuergo and the rest of the Redblade Corsairs: You had best be on guard. The attack on your dwarf in the alley the other night was just the beginning. Watch the shadows, and travel in groups. Any of you who are found alone will get more of the same. The attacks will continue. And it will keep happening. This is only the start. Get out of Stormwind, or consider yourself at war.'