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    On a topic-related note, I agree. Jedi/Sith wear light clothing because heavy armor restricts movement which you need to have as much of as possible when using a lightsaber in combat. You need to be able to move quickly/etc, which makes heavy armor unrealistic and stupid to wear. ESPECIALLY with a dual-bladed lightsaber(which is 10x more difficult and dangerous to use than a single-bladed one)

  2. Gilneas,April 3,Year 24

    We're still shut out. All my life, I've been stuck in this damned city. King Greymane is a fool to lock us out of the outside world. The Greymane Wall used to be a glorious monument-now it is the bars of a prison for our people.

    I'm still training. I'm getting better with the blunderbuss, though I honestly prefer my revolver or sniper rifle. I've also been training with blades-I've gotten fairly good with them. I'm turning 14 soon.

    I don't know how many years it's been since the gates were closed. It seems like I've been here for eternity.

  3. *several pages are full of crossed-out lines, scratched lines blurring out what was written*

    Made it out of Silvermoon..barely. Back in Stormwind for right now. Still have a limp from that Blood Knight...the other wounds have mostly healed however. I've been walking around the streets of Old Town lately...I sometimes venture into the Pig for a drink or two. It's starting to warm up again, after the winter. My bones will thank me for that. There was a big commotion a few days ago...guards moving people off from the Old Town district. Word is it had something to do with the Harbor Bomber, Dave something. Joss said he caught a glimpse of her when he was patrolling on his gryphon, but he's known for saying a bunch of crap. I'm going to have to attend some meeting. Apparently a Kaldorei priestess has some kind of contract I signed awhile back.Something about an expedition out into the desert. Don't understand why everyone is suddenly all fired up to be an archaeologist. Never did get most of the fads people get into though, so. Anyway, looks like the Sentinels at Warsong Gulch are making a bit of a push there...Horde is standing strong though.That place has been warring so long...just like all of Azeroth has. A shame, really. Still brilliant fun though.

  4. Day 2, Morning

    The priestess glared at the rogue. "Highborne? Ha!" She chuckled at the woman's idiocy, muttering something about uneducated people."Inform whoever is leading this silly expedition I am not to be bothered until we get around to do something." With that, she turned on her heel and walked back towards the tent.Vaekorsin looked over his shoulder at the Priestess moving back to the tent, and shrugged, turning back towards the rogue. "Her thinking does not reflect mine. My apologies for any injustices you may have suffered." He bowed slightly, and moved back to the tent. He sat down at the crate again, taking an offered piece of meat from the human. The dwarf sat on another nearby crate, sand in his beard and a bruise forming on his cheek from the Priestess' kick.The woman is right...we are not slaves, in the sense most think of the term. We might as well be though, considering the situation..He looked around the camp, observing the people waking up and doing their daily buisness.

  5. ((Want moar RPing with you on TNG.I'd love to use one of my horde guys or Vaekorsin in a Nether Legend with you, if your up to it. Forum RP is basically in-game RP in paragraphs. Pm me or send me a visitor message if your interested/have any ideas for the basis of the nether Legend because I'm a lazy person with a case of writer's block.))

  6. Day 2-Dawn

    Vaekorsin stood up from his position, looking at the rising sun. He smiled a bit, and turned his back to it.He slid down the dune, stopping himself with a hand at the bottom and observing the tents that had been put up. He walked back into the camp, making his way across to the tent where his master slept.The human was already awake,tending a small fire where meat was roasting. He looked over and raised an eyebrow at the death knight. "Where have you been?" "Took a walk out to the dunes near camp." The man held out a small haunch of meat, and Vaekorsin took it, sitting down and chewing in silence. The man tended the fire, spinning the meat slowly.The man sighed, looking at the Kaldorei priestess coming out of her tent and walking to the passed-out dwarf, ignoring the two eating. She spotted the flask in his hand, and delivered a swift kick. The man said under his breath, so only Vaekorsin could hear; "I hate how she treats us like dogs. We aren't dogs..we are men. Slaves, but still men." Vaekorsin looked at the man, and chuckled. "No. A man chooses. A slave obeys. And we obey." The priestess looked over at Vaekorsin,and gestured to him. He stood up, moving to her side and following her as she went over to a small cluster of violet tents. The priestess went over to a rogue standing watch there, and looked her over. "You there, slave. Wake your master and the others around camp." Vaekorsin scowled under his mask/hood combination, watching silently.

  7. *my only addition to the Troll topic*

    Aleria, all the 'tribes' and sub-species of troll are still all of one species: Troll. They split into their respective regions and developed unique characteristics over time. Saying one tribe made them, still says the race itself made them, using the troll to night elf evolution theory.


    Keep it on topic and avoid constantly rehashing a discussion that people can't seem to take as a discussion, and turn it into an argument about who's right and who's wrong.

    Yay, good moderation.And about the troll thing, just saying this because I was thinking about elf lore recently, if Night Elves DID stem from trolls(which is a debatable subject on which we have no confirmation from an official source), that also means High Elves and Blood Elves did, since the elf-race only divided itself after the War of the Ancients. And on that note, if Kaldorei, Queldorei, and Sindorei(three major races) all came from trolls, it just gives more impact to the fact that trolls are awesome. Because Elves are awesome, and if they descended from trolls, which are already awesome, then trolls are double(quadrupal if you count each individual race) awesome. And in regards to the OP,Maurdakar has a point here. Interesting topic.

  8. "Incan?" Vaekorsin raised an eyebrow, setting his drink down on the countertop and turning to the goblin."Yes...I know her. Her and Hector were my friends, in the time I knew them." he chuckled, thinking of the past. "She's a good person. Kind..brave. Willing to stand up for what she believes in.Amazing and fun person to be around."

  9. I actually like the addition of the Miraluka, loved them ever since I found out about them from Visas Marr. I do think that being an Ithorian would be awesome(body-shattering roar of JUSTICE), and I think adding some of the more alien,er.., aliens, would be amazing. Here's crossing my fingers for the option to new alien races in an x-pac or sometin.

  10. Glancing at the people there and deeming them boring, she turned away.The priestess went off from the group, moving towards her tent. As she passed, she glanced at two bodies outlined in the dim light.. The dwarf and the human were already fast asleep(or in the dwarf's case, passed out). She muttered something about them only being good for muscle, and stormed into her tent.She sat on her bed, saying a prayer to herself in Darnassian before resting her head on the bedding and falling asleep.

    Vaekorsin sat atop the wagon, and watched quietly as the priest went back into the tent. The sand flowing through the air had died down, the day darkening and a chill creeping through the air. He unwound the scarf from his face, and pulled down the mask, feeling the whisper of wind. He stared out towards the grouping of tents that was beginning to form, then turned his gaze out towards the desert. He watched calmly, then slipped down from the top of the wagon, and made his way away from the tent, stepping over the snoring barrel-chested dwarf, moving out from the campsite and towards the east. He made his way up a nearby sand dune, and looked around, observing the sifting sands. He sat himself down with a sigh, propping his knees on the start of the downward slope, crossing his arms on his knees. He watched the moon, waiting for the time when it would go down and he would return.

    Note:End of First Day, This Character is inactive until tomorrow

  11. A bellow from a dwarf made Vaekorsin turn towards the tent he had put up. "Oy, yer gonna get it now lad!" The dwarf's words were slurred and his gait was stumbling...clearly drunk. He saw the priest come out from the tent, moving over towards Vaekorsin. She gestured towards the tent, a sharp glare making the point obvious. He turned to the group, bowing. "I shall see you all at a later date then." He nodded to them, and moved past the priest towards the tent, making sure every item was in it's place and all the crates unpacked. The priest looked at the draenei, muttering something about Cenarius-wannabes. She looked at the group, noticing the two Kaldorei. She went up towards them, ignoring Kirana. "Greetings."

  12. Vaekorsin looked to the Draenei, nodding. "I have been well Kirana." He turned his head towards the tent, checking to see if the priest had woken up yet. Seeing that all was well, he turned back to the group, observing and making mental notes of each of them.He glanced to the side of him, and saw people arriving making up their tents. He turned to Maurdakar, saying with a shrug "If you need any help setting up camp, I'd be glad to."

  13. Don't know if this was already established or not, took me awhile to look at the thread. It makes sense for Mandalorian-type armor to be worn in the time TOR is set in. I say this because Stormtrooper Armor was based off of Clone Trooper armor which was based on Jango Fett's armor which is pretty much an exact copy in looks to Mandalorian armor, and the Mandos have been around for awhile, and are present in the galaxy when TOR is set. The fact that a group of military soldiers are wearing products made in another culture or at least base their armor off this isn't that surprising. In fact, it goes on all the time in RL history and many other stories, like WoW. (Humans wearing armor made by or based on Dwarvish designs, for example). Just wanted to say that.

  14. Vaekorsin looked over towards the two elves and humans, and sighed. Like she needs bloody protection in the middle of a desert surrounded by others of her kind.. He sighed inwardly, and looked down at the priest, who was sitting down with her legs crossed, and her head leaning down a bit. He raised an eyebrow, kneeling down next to her and noticing she was asleep. He sighed, and muttered under his breath about it being typical of her to fall asleep in daytime while others did work. Glancing to the tent, he wondered if he should just go off...he shook his head, lifting her up with a tiny grunt. He carried her back to the tent, setting her on the bedding inside and walking out. The two others eyed him with some confusion, and the dwarf said in a booming tone "Oy, woy didn' ye just leave th' spiteful bitch?" he chuckled afterwards, taking a flask from his boot and taking a swig of the drink. "Because then she would only make my service worse. And she will do the same to you if she catches you drinking, mate." The dwarf muttered something about Bronzebeard's beard and took another swig. Vaekorsin disregarded the drinking dwarf, moving over to the group already somewhat assembled. He assessed the human with a quick glance, remembering him from his induction, near a month ago. "Hello again, Arthur, wasn't it?" he eyed the other three, trying to remember their names. "Delancey and...Moonjade, wasn't it? Greetings to you both." he looked at the other elf, not sure of her name. "I'm afraid I don't know your name. My apologies, it's been quite a while since my time with the Sanctum. How are you all doing?"