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  1. A young female goblin with a vivid blue mohawk sits on a crate in the backstreets of Orgrimmar, chewing on the end of a cigar and twiddling a stump of charcoal between her fingers. A torn envelope and several sheets of documents, all made of 100% recycled Elekk dung, are strewn on the crate in front of her. The documents comprise DEHTA's annual census, designed to ensure that no bloodthirsty murdering Earth-abusing Nesingwary spies make it into their ranks. The goblin girl assists in doing background checks to ensure that the censuses are conducted honestly. Due to an oversight and some healthy finagling she was put in charge of her own background check, so there is no guarantee as to how much of the information written in the census is actually true. She takes a few hearty puffs of her cigar, throws the smouldering butt over her shoulder, and starts scribbling in her information. Full Name: Hazzill Grimswitch Nicknames: Tofu Sue. Age: 20 Race: Enlightened Goblin Gender: Female Hair: Varies, but only dyed with all-natural plant based hair dyes. Skin: Earth-green Eyes: Earth-brown Height: 2'9" Weight: Undisclosed but healthy. Place of residence: In the wilds, so I can hear the Earth speak. Place of Birth: Kezan, though my heart never belonged there. Known Relatives: Creedy Grimswitch (estranged) Religion/Philosophy: Shamanism, but druids are cool too. Occupation: Earth advocate. Group/Guild affiliation: None yet--investigating groups that are most in need of a member like me who can help spread The Cause. Guild Rank: N/A Enemies: Bloodthirsty murdering Earth-abusing Nesingwary agents. Likes: Baby squirrels, sunsets, clean energy. Favorite Foods: Fried tofu and organic leeks. Favorite Drinks: [The word "Kaji-cola" is messily scrubbed out. Spring water. Favorite Colors: Green. Weapons of Choice: The spirits aid me in their battle against industrial interlopers and dragons. Dislikes: The excesses and irresponsibility of Goblin capitalist industrialism. Hobbies: Playing the panflute. Physical Features: Dainty, green, a fierce and determined spark in my eye. Special Abilities: Green engineering. It is sad that this is so "special." Positive Personality Traits: I'm a determined warrior who fights for the right. Sometimes I talk to birds. Negative Personality Traits: Sometimes I just get too carried away. I've been known to be a little bit cruel to bloodthirsty murdering Earth-abusing Nesingwary agents when I get ahold of them, and even though it's nothing they don't deserve it's noble to be merciful. History: I ran away from home at age 15 when I saw my mom dumping trash into the ocean while my brother drowned cats. I ran until I met some tauren who took me in and recognized me as their true spiritual sister and taught me about the spirits of the earth and respect and stuff like that. Ever since then I've wanted to devote my life to preserving the earth and all its creatures and distancing myself from the excesses and irresponsibility of Goblin capitalist industrialism. Hazzill put down her stick of charcoal and wiped her hands on her faux leather pants (at least they were faux according to the goblin who had sold them to her--and even though he had "Untrustworthy" written all over his gold-toothed face, he sold for a lot cheaper than her DEHTA contacts). She scanned over her census documents and nodded, satisfied that she'd remain the green golden girl until next census came around.