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  1. <p>I haven't had much to do with the Pale Heart as of late to really know what they're doing, sorry.</p>

  2. <p>Hey sorry to bother you but I am an old player come back and saw something that I had to ask you in private to keep drama down if I may please. The Pale Heart are griefers now? Alot of them were from Da Cartel days and such so I am suprised is all.</p>

  3. Hello everyone and all. Heh. Long time wow player but I left like two years as I got bored. Hoping to see what the ole TN is like these days. I remember it being a good place for some RP. Probably inner-guild these days but *shrug*. Hope to run into you all IC and have some fun. Other then that Thanks for having me here and hope to get to know the rest of ya folks.