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  1. aha good times. I miss that game.
  2. Not very good pic, but only recent one of me I have that doesn't have my ex in it..aha Taken the morning after a party. Edit* Should probably point out that I'm the black kid.
  3. I was just quoting the movie :3
  4. "That's not a knife... That's a knife."
  5. <p>Sent you a reply earlier yesterday but you weren't on for me to tell you in the Shoutbox</p>

  6. Trooper progression video is out. Just got the newsletter with it. Also, there's a image at the bottom of the email, that says "E3 2011, visit SWTOR.com on june 6th" and the image looks like it's from a new CG trailer It's like a close up of a Sith's face, and he's got two red lightsabers, and it's all CG looking. I don't recall seeing the guy in the other trailers, so I am officially stoked.
  7. Well coolbeans, glad I caught ya then.
  8. I enjoy your signature Rikt. Also Swerto man.. yo man... yo. I applied to the Sons of Korriban. Yeah man. Edit* wait. Didn't see the forum application thread, gotta do that too.
  9. Edit* Edited her history a bit to include an older brother, that is with her in Stormwind.
  10. The situation in Old Town was quickly getting worse. Keely hurried through streets rampant with civil unrest. Hundreds of concerned citizens had gathered in the streets of Old Town to marvel at the sight on the Clock Tower with mixed feelings of anger and contempt, and Keely could guess that similar gatherings would be seen in all of Stormwind's districts, and anywhere else the Clock Tower was visible. But in Old Town, where the more sordid and disreputable citizens had a tendency to reside things were beginning to get out of hand. The sudden, and mysterious event had ignited something terrible in the hearts of some of the more aggressive, confused, and simple minded people of the city, and now these individuals were beginning to lash out. They paraded through the streets of Old Town, ducking into alleyways, before returning moments later dragging behind them the defenseless vagabonds of the city. They tossed the homeless men, women, and even some children into the center of the streets, and circled around them like vultures. Keely, well aware that in recent times the homeless had begun to be associated with the Defias Brotherhood, stopped trying to push her way through the crowded streets, and watched in horror. She could guess what was about to happen. With the recent Cataclysm, the Cultist activity, and the horrific terrorist bombings that had plagued the city, the people of Stormwind were in living in a state of perpetual fear. In times of woe, they looked to their King to guide them, and yet their valiant leader had so far been unable to protect them from the terrible events that had transpired in the past weeks. It had been only a matter of time before something set them off and like a gnomish land mine tread upon by an unsuspecting trogg, the citizenry exploded. All they had needed was an available target to unleash their built up anger and fear upon, and now they had it. Though the recent activities of the Defias Brotherhood had begun to paint them as the good guys in the eyes of the people, this Clockwise character had been able to play upon their fears quite well, and provided them with a scapegoat. Now those that had never truly bought into the Defias' recent propoganda were starting what could easily snowball into a full out riot. "My friends! My brothers, and sisters! Let us live in fear no longer! The Defias are not the saviors they make themselves out to be! You can see now the truth of their actions! They seek to weaken us, to destroy us from within, so that our enemies may strike the final blow! We can no longer wait for our King to protect us, we must stand up for ourselves!" The confused speech arose from the throat of a shaggy ruffian that had helped tear the homeless from their alleyways, and holes. Keely stared in revulsion as the man strode into the middle of the circle surrounding a group of vagrants, particularly up to a sickly old man, whom was shakily rising to his feet. "This is the Defias! They are the sick, the deranged! They are what is corrupt! They have come from Westfall seeking to push us from our homes!" He paused, and the crowd watched in a stunned silence as the ruffian turned to the homeless old man and struck him across the face with a clenched fist. Their was a sickening crunch that echoed across the street as the man's jaw dislocated and he tumbled sideways to the cold cobblestone. Blood tricked from his nose, and mouth, and slowly began to pool around his face. He did not get up, he barely moved at all. The first blow had been struck, and it incited the bloodlust in the crowd. Dozens rushed from their place as bystanders, and took to the homeless like rabid trolls. Keely couldn't believe how many rushed to take part in the completely inhumane beatings. It was though they had all lost their sense of mercy, and sympathy in a matter of moments. While most stood idly, unable to react, stunned by what was transpiring behind them, others took to off down the streets in search of more homeless, that they could label as Defias and lash out on. A very small percent of people tried to stop the beatings, only to be tossed aside, or thrashed upon themselves. Members of almost every race took part in the beatings, though the vast majority of participants were human, and it was worth noting that not a single Night Elf were involved. Keely needed to leave. She wanted desperately to do something, to stop the madness, but her own fears were beginning to take hold of her. What if someone noticed the red bandanna tied around her right hand, hiding the cog tattoo that was painted across it. It seemed to burn on her hand, like an embodiment of guilt. She absentmindedly grasped her right hand with her left, all the while peering around her, looking for some route of escape. She started to push her way through the crowd in the opposite direction of the ever growing riot, hoping that by doing so she wasn't drawing to much attention to herself. Finally after what seemed like ages, she broke through the back of the crowd into the open street, and gasped in a lungful of air. She felt as though she had almost suffocated in the mass that of people. Then she immediately began to pace away from the crowd, hoping to find an alleyway to duck into that wasn't being swarmed by a crazed mob. She soon found an entrance to an alley that didn't seem to be occupied by anyone, and quickly dashed in between the two buildings. Once she was wandering about in the shadows, she allowed herself to mull over what had just happened. She was still having trouble believing what she had just witnessed. How could the people be so afraid, so confused that they allowed themselves to unleash their fury upon the weakest, and most defenseless of all of Stormwind's residents. While the man that had incited the beatings did speak some truth in his maddened address, to believe that all of Stormwind's homeless were in cahoots with the Defias was simply ridiculous. Though Keely would be one to talk, as she herself had once been but a transient in Westfall, before following the Defias to Stormwind, and joining the Brotherhood (for the second time...). But for the most part, the majority of homeless that had followed the Brotherhood to Stormwind simply looked up to the Defias as paragons, and protectors of those unable to do so themselves, very little had actually taken up arms alongside the cause, as very little were of able body to do so. A sickening feeling arose in Keely's gut. She couldn't help but feel terribly guilty. It should have been her in that circle, it should have been her taking the life threatening beatings, not the innocent men and women who were simply down on their luck. Tears began to well up in her pain filled, green eyes, and she hurried in the direction of the Dwarven District, hoping to make it to the hideout of her band, to warn them of the what had just transpired in Old Town.
  11. Nikaa, the girl you use for Nika looks a lot like Joanna Newsom a musician that is supremely awesome. Even the style of the photo kinda matches up with some other photo's of her on the internet. Most of my characters are Dwarves, so I can't really picture any of celebrities as them. Save for my very first character ever Nightbeard. I can imagine him looking like Ian McShane who plays Blackbeard in the new PotC movie. Other then that, I kinda imagine Keely looking like Susan Coffey (except homeless :3), a model? [Well she models in tons and tons of photo's on Deviant art and such... she's also painfully, painfully hot. like UNF UUUUUNFFFFFFFF]
  12. Keely - The stoner chick, that deals to tons of kids at school, always skips, and generally doesn't give a flying fuck. Would come from a troubled household, with emotionally distant parents, and thus would probably join a gang if the school sported any. She would generally be friendly with everyone at the school, because she'd be high most of the time, but would constantly be in trouble with teachers, and the principal. Winnie - Would be on the archery team, if it had one, or some random sports team if not, and would have more school spirit then the fucking mascot. She'd be the girl wearing shorts, and a bikini top, and would be painted in the schools colors from head to toe at school sports games. And... my Dwarven characters are difficult to translate into highschool teens. They would all have beards by grade nine, and out drink everyone at parties... 'cept maybe Keely.