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  1. In the past few weeks, we have made an assault on the lairs of many of Azeroth's enemies, and fought off the Horde in many places. Recently, one of the Officers was kidnapped by an unknown group, who also nearly killed a Sergeant.
  2. Full Name:Unknown, though he identifies himself as Kinton, or many others. Nicknames:He insists on using whatever fake name he says. Date of Birth:12-27, 23 years ago. Age:23 Race:Human Gender:Male Hair:Black Skin:Pale Eyes:A dark grey Height:6'5" Weight:213lbs.(Mostly muscle honed from years of training) Place of residence:The Crimson Vanguard Headquarters Place of Birth:Lordaeron Known Relatives:A sister, living in Theramore currently. Religion/Philosophy:The Light, Protecting those he loves, and fighting with honor. Occupation:Soldier Group/Guild affiliation:The Crimson Vang
  3. The Seventy Third is always recruiting. Also, hai!! Welcome back.
  4. <p>That Character Journal is AWESOME! Is there actually a guild or some such you are creating for this? If so..... >.> My gnome is sick of Big people....</p>

  5. Fiksal stood in the library of Dalaran, walking along it's oak shelves, filled with books from around Azeroth. He moved to the abck of it, where several musty tomes resided. He reached forward, picking one at random and blowing softly, the dust scattering off it. He peered closer, trying to find the title, but finding only writing in an odd language, one he did not understand that criss-crossed over a title in common, blocking it out. He flipped forward a few pages, taking a seat and reading the first chapter, learning quickly it was a collection of stories.He then began reading.... "Vinkono
  6. Fïksal strode through the streets of Stormwind, eyes narrowed against the stream of rain pouring from the dark, cloudy sky. He had received a letter, earlier in the day, of a meeting...What was there was not revealed to him, but his curious nature relentlessly pushed him to the agreed location. His runeblades were sheathed, their icy glow hidden in sheaths of Dwarven make and Elvish elegance. His cloak hung about the back of his armor, blending in with the dark tone. He saw a small tavern, and opened the door slightly. He saw many patrons, some regular workmen and a few well-dressed people, o
  7. Fïksal journeyed through the misty broken remains of the once great wall that secluded Gilneas from the world. The Forsaken had relinquished their endless assault for at least this moment, giving him time to see the shattered remains of the Greymane Wall, and what lied inside. The mist lay heavy here, blocking light and visibility that stretched to any reasonable distance. Fïksal looked up into the mist, where the stars lay twinkling and showing their calm resilience and steadfastness, always there. He looked down from the stars, and caught the faintest hint of a shadow in the distance. It was
  8. 1.Not many hotspots, though there is a daily RP event at the Old Town Pig and Whistle Tavern over in SW. I've seen alot of RPers there 2. The Seventy Third is an RP/Raiding/PvP guild. We're getting alot more active in raiding and RP, but we don't PvP a whole lot. 3.The Horde is about 5 to 1 to Alliance population-wise, but I hear alot of Hordies are going Alliance. The PvP is pretty good, though Warsong Gulch is horrible for Alliance...we don't win often =P
  9. That'd be cool, but I don't know where LC meetings are held >.>
  10. -Tianduin, Wildhammer Shaman -Tydilar(Troll druid on diff. server) -Landoras(Tauren Protadin) -Verelani(Night Elf Hunter)
  11. In this time, Azeroth faces many threats. The Horde and Deathwing ravage our land and people, the military standing up to any threats to the Alliance. We fight for all the citizens of the Alliance, and we will not give up until we know they are safe. We are the Hammer of the Alliance, the Seventy Third. We will stand strong against the Horde as we did before, and stand strong against Deathwing as we stood strong against the Lich King with so many others, and as we stood strong against all the dangers our citizens have faced. Though stationed in Theramore, our forces are deployed around Azeroth
  12. [ATTACH]380[/ATTACH] Azeroth sees many threats in this time. The treaty broken, the Shattering of our world, the onslaught of demons at the Dark Portal. The Seventy Third Company of the Seventh Legion of the Grand Alliance Military stands amidst these threats, and fights for our citizens. Throughout all the attacks against the Alliance, we will be there, fighting to keep our towns and cities safe.We are stationed in Theramore Isle, though our forces are deployed all over Azeroth, and beyond, into the broken remnants of Draenor. Now, more than ever, recruits are needed to help our Worgen allie
  13. Many of you went on this grand tour of what will sadly now be called "old" Azeroth. Me and the Cap took some screencaps, so without further adieu, here's a few of the places we went:
  14. Well, actually, I've been in the RP channel since near it started, when our calendars were chock full of events. I never find any RP in there....all that goes on now is Felol's Old Town at Eight, and I went there a couple of times....incredibly boring, imo >_> But, yeah, SW will probably be full of RPers now that I think about it. Thanks.
  15. Okay this isn't another QQ, World is ending, no RP thread. I know there is RP in here, and that it will be all over the place today, with the Shattering. I'm looking for tips on where to find some RP though, on Alliance side. <3 RP