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  1. <p>We've never met ICly or OOCly, but do know that your toon is safe and sound, still among the Redblades <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile.png" alt=":)" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /> - Tuuro'</p>

  2. The shop looked nondescript enough. A small sign above the door read, The Surveyor’s Mark. It never seemed to get much business, but enough to never draw suspicion if someone were to wonder how such an establishment stayed around. But, that of course, was the point. While when one were to go inside they would see a single shopkeeper, and tables full of seemingly useless wares… the real business was done in secret in the back. Today, it hosted a poker game among veteran Defias and Neo-Defias alike. Those who survived SI:7’s crackdown on both Vanessa VanCleef’s and Gabriel DeRossi’s Defias Operations. Ever since the charge lead by Horatio Laine in the Deadmines, they remained scattered along the human kingdoms… This particular gang that stuck together had been making futile plans… or seemingly so. In this back room, there was a board with pictures of those that crossed them pinned upon it. Among these there were two noticeable groupings: Some with red Xs over the faces, and those who had eluded them. On the latter would be: Horatio Laine, Venedict Abner, Mack Porter, Adrian Fillington, and then there were those with the X's: Nikaa Davies, Jon Ableham, Mary Renerro, and at long last… a new one added to the list, Micael Goerin: The bastard who blew up their leader. With his sudden disappearance, it seemed someone had finally taken care of another of their enemies. In fact, this poker game was hosted in honor of the damnable agent’s disappearance. And what they assumed was his murder. And to this, they drank, they smoked and they gambled… chuckling in amusement until there was thump at the door that lead to the store proper. With a shift of mood, the guard on their side took his shotgun, pumping it before cracking the door—BOOM! The room filled with gas, causing the Defias to choke on fumes as they scrambled for their weapons. They were under attack!
  3. Still she dragged, the ground full of small needles… pricking her everywhere as she slide down the hall, Venedict cackling at her as it happened. If she looked where she was getting cut and stabbed, she would see her flesh rotting, her skin getting paler. “One… of… Us…” she’d hear his hissing whispers in her ears, echoing as she neared the room further and further. “No… escape… One of us. No escape. One of us.” The shadows shifted, and right there would be Jon, his mouth lining up with the whispers… “One of us…” The ground started to rumble. “No escape.” A jet of flames came from behind Jon, who still whispered just as Daddy did. “One of us…” And the flames devoured him. The flames burning away the flesh to a skeleton and from skeleton to nothing. “No Escape.” And even still the fire rushed towards her with Jon screams of pain echoing sharply through the hall. ** Gabriel had won. He had out smarted Ab—No. He wasn’t really going to carry that threat was he? The toxin should leave him terrified, and if not there was no way Micael would risk his and his mother’s safety…Right? And then the Agent moved for him. “Wait! This is exactly what Vene—Ugh!” Micael sung and stuck a clean blow to the clown’s mask and jaw. The force and surprise of the attack had twisted the man’s body as he fell to the ground… and much to his horror… the switch slipped through his fingers. Checkmate. Without even the chance of the gas aiding in his sheer panic, he realized… he had lost. With just enough time to scream, his vest detonated. “No—BOOOM!” The toxin, at least in this state, was flammable, and there was barely a rumble before the ship was obliterated from the explosion into a massive fireball.
  4. As Nikaa tried to run, she would feel that terrible lurching feeling that Venedict had used upon her a couple of times when they had actually met. “Ah-ah… Where do you think you’re going?” The evil cackle echoed through the stone halls, no wood to be seen anywhere. “Micael is here? No matter… No One Can Save You.” Keraph’s and Ghoubleham’s voice echoing the sentiment, “No One Can Save You…” She would feel herself dragging along the stone, closer and closer to the door… all three voices echoing in unison, “No One Can Save You…” ** “Come one… Come all…” And as Micael kicked down the door, he would find himself in a massive Darkmoon Faire tent. Inside would be two figures, one with a gas-mask, red hair poking through the back, and Micael’s mother on her knees next to the man who giggled before shouting, “…TO THE GREATEST SHOW ON AZEROTH!” “Hello Micael, you’re mother has told me So Much about you!” The masked figure gave another giggle, “And we have a game for you to try again!” The man would lift his left hand to show him that it was very much closed. “I’m sure you’re familiar with what this is by now…”
  5. As the approached, the generation field’s distortion would become more and more apparent… and when they hit the manifest of the bubble they would see how there was no one on deck. Upon landing, they would see how eerily empty the area was. The air seemed… lighter than usual, likely giving them a tickle at the back of their throats. As Micael pressed on to find his prey, he may notice things just on the fringe of his vision beginning to creep after him, but if he should ever turn to see it… they crawled further away, until they vanished behind him. When he turned around to walk again… the hall seemed to curve to the right. The more he walked down the halls, the more they curved, the more the ship felt to sway under his feet, tipping this way and that… He would walk on for what seemed like hours… the room seemingly brighter and brighter… The creatures beginning to at long last relent as he found a single door down what seemed like a circular hall… how did he get here, which way was out? He wouldn’t know anymore… Yet, he felt that tantalizing need to continue through the bright door, from it he could hear a faint echoing taunt, “Come one… come all…” *** Nikaa too would see things crawling around in her peripherals. Once or twice, should she dare look… she might have sworn she had seen a hand… or was it a spider… it was hard to tell as the lights seemed to get dimmer and dimmer. At her pace, the rooms would change slower… more gradual, but becoming more and more prevalent. Wood slowly became stone, all around her the air seemed to chill. As she continued down, the place would seem more and more familiar… as if she had been here before… Finding a door laced with images of skulls, a voice taunted her from behind it, a voice familiar in its owner’s education and condescension of the world was obvious, but… there seemed no sneer this time, instead it seemed almost kind… “Welcome home...”
  6. “Remember: you two. Alone. My guards will be awaiting you. If you try anything, you will suffer the consequences for defying the Light’s will.” Gabriel smirked as he transmitted his coordinates to them electronically before turning off the radio receiver. Do you Really expect them to let you live? Soon, they would come… to kill him, he was sure. The files commented on his erratic behavior recently. The boy had temper problems. “Not really, but as always… I have plans.” As do I. However, You’re running out of moves Gabriel. Standing up, Gabriel took a small box from the cupboards above. Unlocking it and opening the container, DeRossi removed a gas-mask and a small case, “Am I? And you make this sound like some sort of game… I thought better of you.” I can tell you’re lying, Gabriel. I’m inside your head, remember? But… We’ll see. And Gabriel? “Yes?” Check. *** When the coordinates were transferred, Hammer looked at them with a furrowed brow. “Goerin… these are impossible. They’re coming from the water, but… we’ve had no reports of ships in the area…”
  7. Gabriel wanted to sigh in his frustration, but he had to fight back the urges. “Light deliver us”, he murmured to himself as he listened to various reports. He had expected this kind of back handed dealing from the Alliance, but he had also expected the agents to be smart enough to notice the failsafe to add the little insurance to his lead officer who now laid dead…. Who had given his life to save Gabriel and his cause. It’s hopeless you know, they close in upon you like vultures to a carcass. “Shut up,” Gabriel said obviously agitated at… the air? The heat and stress must have been getting to him. By the Light… Jacob died… That idiot Goerin had ordered the shot and lost the bargaining chip. And now he’d have to explain to the familes of Every Man they killed, that it was His Fault. “Target is lost! I repeat, Target is Lost. We have no visual.” Through the chaos… they had seemed to lose Mary Renrro as well. Damn it! Even If you were to escape today… She will come and find you. You have lost, Gabriel. “I SAID SHUT UP!” Gabriel stood up shouting next to him. Taking a deep breath to regain his composure, he tried to think as he gave a silent prayer to the Light to allow them to follow its will. Beep! Someone was entering their communication’s line… And Gabriel was sure he knew Just who it was. His cool demeanor returning, he smirked. It wasn’t over yet… it wasn’t over. “Good afternoon, Micael. Pity about Brakken… I had hoped we could deal fairly, but you left me no choice. Your Greed and Wrath got the better of you. A shame, how many lives has it cost you Today?” As Gabriel spoke calmly, and collected at his command station he smirked, his hands working idly, “I know you are seeking me. I can see your agent trying to pinpoint me… Why must we waste the time? I’m sure your Dear Mother won’t want to be kept waiting, will she? So… I have a proposition for you. You and Nikaa Davies are invited to come alone to my little home. If you deal fairly, I will give you my coordinates, and we may discuss the terms of my surrender. Failure to do so… well, let’s just say the world is a Scary place… and I can make it A Lot Scarier, Brakken was just the beginning.” What are you planning, Gabriel?
  8. Even with the explosion, between the dying Agent River and Adrian Fillington’s shots the rest of the Defias in the Arena would be mowed down. The first tanned one was charred beyond recognition from the blast. Gabriel DeRossi however? He was darkening over time, even though he was far enough away from the blast. Rapidly his skin went from the tan complexion that everyone knew… to black. As Micael moved his head to get his fingers to his neck, he’d notice the hair falling out, and the facial features warping from Gabriel’s to… Jacob Roswin’s. Taking three bullets for his leader, Micael would also find a earpiece that fell out of the man’s ear as his head limped while Micael confirmed the death. Meanwhile, there was screaming and hollering outside the trollish structure. Over Micael’s own earpiece he could hear reports of several tanned, also identical Gabriels around the parameter giving the Agents and SEALs that surrounded the area the fight of their lives… some more literal than others as gunfire echoed through the jungle.
  9. “Micael… Bomb…” Agent Brakken hoarsely whispered motioning behind him, looking right behind him… then to DeRossi. He tried to explain. He could see that Micael was motioning something, and so he’d try again. “Drilled… me… with…” Bang. One of the tanned men fell down, dead… face first. And DeRossi murmured with a grin, “They took the first shot.” His crossbow pointed square for ‘Anglea’, trying to keep track of her movements, he had a window and his finger pressed slowly upon the-- Bang. Bang. Bang. Blood splattered along the floor, the man looking in shock… His palm opening to reveal a silver object that had gleamed earlier and the trigger on it popped open with a small click. A click that would be the last thing Specail Agent Robert Brakken would ever hear as he screamed in terror, “NOO—” BOOOOM! A large blast of flames and Fel iron shrapnel ripped through Brakken, killing him in a quick agony filling the arena with the final screams of the dead agent and the smell of burnt flesh. Through the blast, Mary had made every effort in her power to ensure she was the furthest away… and in doing so, had managed to vanish in the scene of carnage that hadn’t even fully played out yet. Because… even if the blast didn’t kill Micael and Nikaa, they had four Defias still there… And from the reports over their radios, other ‘Tanned Motherfuckers’ were spilling around the area… warfare breaking out over the area surrounding the Arena.
  10. For a second Gabriel did nothing, said nothing… and then, “Of course.” He nodded to someone behind him, who lifted him up by the arms, before shoving him forward. But the tanned Defias only went half way… his face looking weathered, with grey hair… Brakken fell straight down at Micael’s feet, unable to walk on his own. "I-I can't… wait t-to see my wife and… kids again..." The man barely rasped it. Then, he broke the code, “…Micael…” he pleaded, even as weary and damaged as he was… He tried to speak, as if he had something important to say. During this transaction, one of the other weathered and tanned men murmured something to their leader, who then spoke louder to the group, interrupting Brakken’s attempt to speak. “Was that a flinch I saw Angela?” Gabriel’s left fist rose again as he spoke, “…How old were you when your mother died?” And as if to make his point he shifted his left hand a little, allowing a glimmer to come from it, and pointed his own crossbow at her. Something wasn’t adding up…
  11. Six Defias visible, all of them uniform. Black leather, red bandanna, crossbows… Next to the one in the front was what one could assume Had to be Brakken. Hooded, bound, and dressed in looser rags. “Good morning,” DeRossi’s voice sounded, the leader’s hand curled in a fist, never moving as he spoke. His followers had their weapons pointed and trained on all the agents that entered their arena… who else was out there? Who knew? “First let me tell you that I am pleased that All of you were willing to come out this nice humid morning for our little exchange,” As he spoke, Micael may get the feeling that their locations were already know, his eyes seeming to stop at every positioning of an Agent. “I understand you gentlemen worked hard to ensure I would turn up for honest dealings. Of which, I am not sure if I should be pleased that Mister Porter hasn’t lost his touch… or if I should be offended.” Moving his fist just once as he looked over at Agent Goerin. “No, offended is the wrong word. I know what you think of me and my operations…” Here, Gabriel would not at one of his members, who removed the hood off Brakken’s face; A man who had lost teeth, gotten bruises and cuts all along his face, and of course… the random hints of electrical burns. He was beaten… he was broken. And it was obvious. “…You know, they don’t train you like they used to. All the Propaganda gets in the way, I suppose. All the new toys at your disposal… Tsk. Do you know how much he cried? How much he Begged?” DeRossi would let the image soak into the agents’ heads. “But… I think this is but a fraction of what you put my dear daughter through. You were not trying to make a point, however. The Truth is, though you make think us the Wicked, proof shows otherwise. A shame, really. But enough semantics, we came for an exchange… I just hope Mister Porter decided to play fair, I’d hate to be forced to do So Much worse…”
  12. As screams came from down below, Gabriel DeRossi sighed. “They don’t make them like they used to, Roswin.” Well, if this was any indication how they accepted the weak now… Gabriel’s life would be so much easier. Looking at his dark skinned companion, his second in command, Gabriel allowed a small smirk to touch his lips for a moment before taking out a large metal box. Jacob Roswin didn’t seem to even bat an eye down to the screaming and pleading down below. There was much work to be done. His bald head shone with a sweaty gleam in the light… Damn this Stranglethorn heat. As he worked on bringing more of the containers onto the counters of the room, his voice rumbled as he spoke, “So what’s the plan?” DeRossi unlocked the first of the boxes, “I would hope our dear friends at the Agency would keep their word, but as I have said… I know them. Their Pride makes them believe such silly notions such as their moral superiority. Their Greed will cause them to go for all the cards in both our respective hands… And their Wrath will ensure I end up dead tonight. Luckily… we are The Righteous.” Taking out vials, he smiled. “They will fire the first shot, such are the ways of the wicked, but we will be Prepared. For we are also The Wise.” “Glory be to those who walk the path of the Righteous,” Jacob bowed his head, “Speaking of Greed… About the Worgen…” “We will make the deals with him Tomorrow. Tonight? We worry about brining one of our daughters home, and casting The Light’s Judgement upon the demon who has preyed upon us for far too long.” Pausing, DeRossi held his hand to his earpiece. “Ah… the device is in place. Pray we need not cause bloodshed this day.” “Let us pray,” Jacob smiled, “I’ll prepare the men.”
  13. ((For those of you do not know, this storyline has been taking place for quite some time. Following as a sequel to the Voice of the Lion story-arch that took six months to complete, there has still been aftermath. Many lives were ruined, such as Mary Renerro’s. And a certain Terrorist Cell of the Defias lead by Gabriel DeRossi has risen and become even more prevalent since the death of Jon Ableham. Since this, this Mary Renerro has taken the name Bloody Mary to try and avenge her fiancée Jake Hallington. The Defias, in retaliation have bombed an inn as well as captured and tortured an SI:7 Agent by the name of Robert Brakken over a public radio broadcast. Now, met with an ultimatum by DeRossi, give up his daughter and Bloody Mary, they have agreed to in exchange of Brakken’s life. I hope you enjoy this story, and if you would like to contribute by all means, send me a private message!)) How long had it been? Agent Robert Brakken had lost track of time as he sat in total darkness. Hood wrapped around his head and bound to a chair… he didn’t have many options. He couldn’t move; not that he wanted to. Starved, Dehydrated, Beaten and Tortured…. He was sure he was going to die. There was no way SI:7 would bargain for him, was there? …Why did I ever sign up for this? Then the creaking of the door opening… Footsteps. Four of them. As he heard them get closer, Brakken tried to find his bonds weakly… before stopping, the burns from the Goblin Battery session still inflicting grievous amounts of pain. “Well, congratulations Mister Brakken. The terms have been agreed upon. Assuming SI:7 keeps their word, you’ll be home tonight,” Gabriel DeRossi’s distinctive voice came through the hood… Always so cold, yet proper. The charisma of the man almost made Brakken want to like his captor… until he remembered the horrors this former Agent had organized. “Up.” Said a man to his right, still unable to see anyone’s face… he wouldn’t be sure what was going on. And he’d have no choice but obey when the untied him, cuffed him… and lifted him as they took him out of the small room he had been contained in for the last week. “Do you really think they’ll follow through?” The same man asked his boss as Brakken was taken out of earshot, allowing him only the beginning of what DeRossi said: “I was once an SI:7 Agent, we know how they operate…” Lingering on what was said, his hood was taken off… unsure where he was he looked around. Seeing the Gnomish power-tools he tried to back up. Only to hit into one of the other of DeRossi’s thugs. “N-no…” Forced onto the table front first, he tried to struggle, even with the cuffs and the burns. Robert Brakken pleading for his life as he heard the drill… “N-no… Please! No!” Something cold was set to his shoulders. “P-please! I’ll do anything! Don’t!” The tip of the drill stabbed into his flesh… And then the drilling began.
  14. “Hell hath no fury…” Horatio shrugged as Mavis spoke of Mary’s thirst of revenge. “And I don’t think she’s going to stop until she succeeds. Even if we can find her, what will stop her? Us?” Horatio gave a sigh as looked over the papers again… in both his thoughts and Mavis’s questions. “She has been cleared of all charges. What she did or did not do is irrelevant to our team.” This was the best Horatio could say officially, however, he tapped his right hand, giving Mavis a stern look as he did so. “We are unable to continue our investigation on her as it is a closed case, as well as we do not have the resources. Regardless if there were or were not some potentially odd leads in the case that may sway personal opinion.”
  15. Angela prostested as she sluggishly looked at him, “…Wait…” This was all too much for her. Too many questions, things were moving too quickly… it seemed almost impossible that this was the woman behind the bombing of Varian’s Pride… “Things change too fast… I’ve been gone ninety days. I can’t tell you anything you don’t know…” But as he started to fill up the syringe, she started a weak laugh. “We’re not all that different…” Her voice soft, weak… ravaged by the desert and whatever they did to her, “You just have a bigger boss… and bigger toys…”