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  1. Varq

    Rated BGs

    I think strand of the ancients is fun. Applying the rules for 5s arena format to a larger scale I'm hoping will do a lot to help balance pvp.
  2. Varq

    Rated BGs

    The rated BG blue post FAQ can be found here: http://blue.mmo-champion.com/topic/133660/rated-battlegrounds-faq As a new player to Twisting Nether (and now knowing that some of my friends will be coming with me) I'm very interested in networking with other like minded individuals to do rated BGs in cataclysm. I think the easiest way of doing this is to make a channel in game in which players who wish to participate in rated BGs together can join, kind of like the LFG channel, but LFBG. Alliance pvp channel: AlliedDefense I'm sure a lot of folks will be trying to run with their guilds as often as possible but the chances of having 15 members online, in the same bracket, etc. every time you want to do BGs is slim. A network of people who are willing to listen and cooperate in BGs is the best way to find a ringer or a 15th or what have you. I did a lot of organized battle grounds during vanilla wow and I'll be editing this post later with a basic primer for how to succeed in battlegrounds.
  3. All right, I'll try and look you up in game and we can chat.
  4. looking cool all the time outweighs the benefits having a greater selection of items for level 85. I really want them to implement a RP clothes type outfitting system like LOTROs.
  5. cause the acronym is the same as The Next Generation. sup :cool:
  6. any updates with the plans for this guild? I'm interested.
  7. Varq


    I am making a worgen mage. I was wondering if someone could hopefully point me towards finding a medium sized or very active guild geared towards either worgens or mages.
  8. I'm rolling here for cataclysm. :cool: