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  1. Barke

    Seven Years

    *Seven years ago* The night elf slowly made his way along the rocky ledge. Below his faithful frost saber watched curiously as he made his way to the cave entrance. Retirement wasn't everything he had hoped for but it was better than living in the world he wanted to forget. He stood in front of the cave for a long while staring into the dark entrance, remembering for a moment everyone he had met over his time in Stormwind. He snapped out of his daze as he heard a click echo from the cave. A loud bang sounded and before he could react, green flame erupted from the cave. it engulfed and pushed him back over the edge. He felt himself falling and a moment later he hit the ground knocking the wind out of his lungs. It took a moment for him to catch his breath. He slowly climbed back to his feet. His mind still jumbled from the fall. Something hit the ground behind him. Another loud bang sounded out and a searing pain erupted from his back and suddenly he was back on the ground. He tried to stand but his legs wouldn't hold him. He could feel himself slipping away. The cold nose of his frost saber brought him back to reality. He slowly brought himself to his feet using the large cat for support. His legs were shaking, his whole body hurt. He heard another bang nearby. Then another. He grabbed and pulled the silver turtle that hung around his neck. The strap snapped easily and he quickly tied it to the harness of the large cat. "Run!" The cat took off into the woods. Barke stood there for a moment watching the cat before another explosion took him off his feet again. "We got him." He heard a voice call out just before his consciousness slipped away.
  2. Barke was the name of the very first character I made in WoW on a server called Midevh. Brought on by the random name generator. I'm lazy enough to keep using it for my entire time playing.
  3. Only RP toon: Barke Horde or Alliance: Alliance Guild: Umm...lots. Greyward, Swordwaltzers, Hidden Palm, etc. Favorite RP storyline? Looking back they all make me go "what the %!$#" but all of them were fun for me. As far as people. Lowannis, Brardith, and Fhenrir for sure. I mostly miss the little random stuff with Rhowen, Kuro, and IFR in general. Even though I am fb friends with some of them, we don't really talk often. No screenshots. That computer has been dead for a long time. Edit: Oh yeah and what they heck is with every spot I used to hang out being replaced with actual stuff! Those were the best steps ever.
  4. It has been a while since I have had time to really visit here. Just wondering what the community has been up to in the past year or so.
  5. He talked. FFT is one of the only reasons my PSP gets used anymore.
  6. I think FF5 was released during the PS releases. I think it came out as a package with FF6.
  7. To clarify. I was only talking about the traditional rpg. An action rpg like ME1-2 would not work without the voice acting. And I am actually glad that games like Dragon Age and Fallout have a mute main character only because the games are long enough without that additional speech.
  8. I'm going to defend the silent protagonists. The last Star Ocean game that was released would have been greatly enhanced had every character been silent. Often enough I feel that terrible voice acting has ruined otherwise great games. Which is probably why I haven't -really- enjoyed a good rpg since the PS2 released.
  9. Fist of the North Star was made into a live action movie and I can honestly say it was the biggest waste of 2 hours. No high hopes for any anime getting turn into a "real" movie.
  10. I'm not sure if it was an accident or not. As far as I know it was only supposed to come with the GOTY edition but it seems everyone who bought it from Steam or D2D (dunno if there are others) have been getting it as well.
  11. Didn't see anyone mention this so just thought I'd say something. If you own Borderlands through Steam then check the cd key. Nice little surprise.
  12. Books =/= movies. Anything based on a book is going to be its own universe. I mean as an example, Dexter the show is a lot different then the books but that doesn't negate that the show is good. /end rant Now on topic. 2 and 3 were bad. 2 just bad and 3 seemed to have taken the jokes that the first had out of the movie. It was very much in your face pro-religion.
  13. That was actually one of the things I enjoyed about it. I played CoH for years and never made it to max level but still had a ton of fun without the need for endgame. This was due to the community on my servers though. Fun events and such. I played Champions as well and enjoyed it. My only issue was it seemed to be more "anti-social" than other games I played.
  14. I used to play this and it was probably my favorite mmo to play. Its been a few years so I don't have any shots of my characters but I think they are on one of those V servers since I moved from Liberty. Could be fun to get back into this as an alternative to play WoW again >_> Edit: My main was a shadow/shadow scrapper or whatever that power set was called. The villain I played was a stalker of some sort.
  15. <p>But I like my excuses!!</p>