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  1. The 73rd will be hosting a Soldier Tavern Night, Sunday at 8 PM for all to attend. It will be in the Blue Recluse, in Stormwind City. You can contact me via this thread, through a Private Message on TNG, a mail on WoW, or by whispering me if you have questions! Hope to see you there!
  2. The RP/PVP attack and Patrol event went off very well--it was good to see people from other guilds show up and attend the Public 73rd Event. Thanks for all who show, it was very fun! Screenshots from Demitassie are to follow after this post--and we hope to see others at more 73rd Public Events!
  3. Sunday, April the 22nd, will be a RP/PVP attack & patrol against the Horde. The event will be at 8 PM Server Time! Whisper me, post here, or fire me a mail in game or on TNG if you have any questions! Hope to see y'all there!
  4. Hello all! I am Branngas, Captain and GM of the 73rd on the Alliance Side. If you aren't familiar with the guild, please look at our recruitment post on the recruitment thread. This thread has been created to advertise for 73rd sponsored events that all are welcome to! The events will be posted by either myself, or my awesome 2nd in command, Merriana. The idea behind these events is to bring interaction amongst RPers and to provide public events for people to come out to and have some fun--regardless of guild affiliation. These events could be strictly RP events, PvP, PvE, or a combination of any! As the 73rd is a Heavy RP guild, most of our events will be RP based--but it won't necessarily be entirely RP. As mentioned before, it could be a combination of RP and PvP/PvE; an example is a patrol in contested territory for Horde while in character! One of the big aims is to bring RP interaction to everyone at an event, and to have interaction for ALL RPers to come out to and have a blast! If you are interested in our Public Events, please refer to this thread often. Myself, Merriana, and the 73rd hope to see you at an event soon! --Captain Branngas
  5. I'm down--just notify me when it is!
  6. <p>Hello there,</p>

    <p>How would your guild like to help lead in this upcoming war? Seeig your the military you'd fit the role well.</p>

    <p>Heres the link:</p>

    <p><a href="<___base_url___>/showthread.php?22159-Showing-the-World-that-we-are-a-great-Rp-server&p=396171#post396171" rel="">http://wow-tng.org/showthread.php?22159-Showing-the-World-that-we-are-a-great-Rp-server&p=396171#post396171</a></p>

  7. I can't wait to see, I am sure they are very good! Good job with your art!
  8. It should be noted, I was not griefing, I was standing on a Bridge that one of my guild members uses--that the guild uses--to collectively RP (you were told this on multiple occasions), nor do I accept your notion of griefing, as you yourself have trolled along with your guild members. I kindly said continue to RP, and do not mind me--I was here OOCly. You should avoid selective memory, my friend, it makes you look unintelligent--kind of like how you are talking about something completely unrelated to this post, and bringing it up here. What you are saying has NOTHING to do with what WE are talking about here. Do remember that, chum chum chumedy cherrio.
  9. <p>Yerrrr my favorite deputy.</p>

  10. I do not think we need this form of Government integrated to Police members on "what to do" and "what not to do", via the system laid out, and I disagree with this sytem. The organization factor isn't needed in Twisting Nether. If you want to know "who is what", (for instance, who is 'military'), simply interact with them and form your own view on that character (that is part of the fun!). If a Man is in a uniform, has a military rank, and says "I am Part of the Alliance military", it is a high likelihood that individual is PART of the military. But who knows? Maybe the character is just lying about him being in the military. That may be part of his story! Why bind someone to a particular class? It does not need to say (Military- Uncorrupted), or anything. RP evolves. Stories Evolve. It falls upon you--the player--to draw your own conclusion about a different player. That is why people read books or novels, so that they may draw their own conclusions on a particular story, theme, and the characters therein. It isn't necessary to push people into various classes and groups in the name of 'organization', when it isn't needed, at all.
  11. (( Judas was removed for OOC reasons--in RP he was never in the 73rd. ))
  12. (( This Post will be of my alt, Melros Valonforth. )) Melros woke up quite early that morning, as he had to be somewhere early in Horde territory to 'deal' with a Horde officer that has been leading efforts to block the Alliance supply line into the Barrens. After a bit of stretching, putting his gear on (including his signature throwing cards), and some breakfast, he quickly went to the mail room to see what he had before he shipped out to his mission. A gnome behind the counter of the mail room greeted him. "Hullo, Sergeant! Mighty fine morning, innit? Mighty fine!" the postage officer had said to Melros. Melros shrugged. "Same as any other morning, mate. Have any mail for me, then?" Melros asked, as he rapped his fingers on the counter. The postage officer nodded in the affirmative, and quickly walkedto the back, returning with a package. "It's from a Secret Admirer..." the postage officer intoned, almost like what he was holding was sacred and holy. Melros chuckled, "Z'at right? Let's see it, then." Melros said, holding his hand out, silver eyes already looking at the package. The gnome handed the package over, and Melros used a dagger to cut the package open (he would've used a claw, but he was in his human form). When he pushed away all the padding in the box, he saw the sheep. "Oh, this looks trustworth--" and with small "BOOM!" he was sprayed with ink. The postage officer lowered his head behind the counter to avoid the explosion of ink, but for the most part, failed. Melros swore, "What the bloody hell is this?! I'm covered in ink, I am!" Melros yelled, trying to wipe a bit of the ink off, but to no avail. The ink had even gotten into his hair. He grunted as he took note of that--washing ink out of hair probably won't be the easiest of tasks. Military guardsman stared poking their heads in to see what was amiss, only to see Melros storm past them and to an area where he may wash off. "When I find out who did this, they'll wish they chose someone else t' prank!" Melros said, going into the shower area. Meanwhile, the Postage officer finally put his head up. "You know...a Secret admirer who makes loud explosions is rather contradictory! Especially with ink! What is so secret about an explosion? Terribly impractical, I say..." the gnome babbled, before going to go wash his own bald head of the little bit of ink he received.
  13. Captain Branngas overlooked from the ramparts, the flowing flags of the Alliance and the 73rd hanging down from the proud barracks that housed the soldiers. When the city was struck with the illness, he knew immediately who it could've been. The Guard had informed him of the incident earlier, and the poor lad who died. Furthermore, Sergeant Melros had reported he noted her scent in the area. It was his former friend, Nikaa, who attacked the citizens and soldiers of the Alliance posted in Theramore. "Ye were supposed t' be greater than tha', Nikaa...Now ye've forgotten all ye were...all yer friends." The captain sighed, and then gazed down to the tavern, where he saw that it was closed, and two soldiers were posted outside. He had assigned them to stay there while the Theramore Guard and the military investigated it. Looking up at the nightsky, he regarded the stars dotting the pitch-black sky, before turning to a Guard. "Sergeant. Oy need ye tae initiate Lockdown Protocol on th' barracks. No one enters, an' on'y soldiers exit. All doors an' windows are tae be secured immediately. Rouse th' military guard in th' barracks, an' search this compound fer any intruders. Use th' Dogs, sweep this entire barracks, then help th' Theramore Guard sweep th' city of any intruders or poison. Th' food tha' is poisoned is t' be confiscated tae be destroyed. Move, move!" Captain Branngas ordered the Gate Sergeant. While the gate sergeant went about closing the barracks completely, and lowering the gate, Captain Branngas came onto the radio. "To all soldiers; we're initiatin' Emergency Lockdown Protocol. Th' Barracks will be completely closed. Be on th' look oot fer a female forsaken wi' long hair. Be advised tha' th' 73rd K-9 Guard will be in th' street, possibly confiscatin' any food or water tha' is tainted by a poison. If ye spot th' individual, radio immediatly fer backup, an' attempt tae capture her. She is clearly not afraid o' killin' guard or soldiers...th' use of deadly force is authorized." Captain Branngas finished, with the radio transmission. Months ago, he would never possibly conceive giving such an order as the one he issued, particularly with authorizing deadly force against his former friend. "How things change..." he thought to himself, striding back into the barracks. Regardless, Captain Branngas was a soldier. He wouldn't allow her to harm innocent lives, or kill individuals--mostly normal folk--without facing the consequences of her actions. The Alliance depended on the protection from the military and the 73rd Company, and it was his duty to grant the Alliance and her citizens just that. The roof doors all were shut and barred, while the windows were made to be the same way. With a metallic churning and finally a 'THUNK'!, the main Gate was completely shut. Soldiers eyed the main gate, their rifles, swords, or crossbows at the ready for any foreseeable threat. "Be careful, soldiers, she may have allies wi' her." Captain Branngas remarked on the Radio to the military guard and soldiers in the barracks, and throughout the city.
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