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  1. Here is the unfortunate thing about this thread: With the guild leveling system that has been established it makes it very difficult for new guilds to grow and prosper succesfully. People don't want to leave their guilds for the perks and it is rather hard to be in a guild that is perkless. The previously mentioned guilds have been active for YEARS thus what is making them successful as well, they have the dedicated members and they have the story lines.
  2. I personally think this thread should be closed now. Enough of this is enough.
  3. "oh oky well i really meant like, keep deedback positive... i didnt give a good example, but i feel the comments are getting aggresive." -This is how the community is taking to the idea. They don't like it and it is continued to be pushed so of course they are going to get aggressive in their opinion toward it. It is something we do not want or need and that does not seem to be getting through. Maybe you should be going back and rereading comments to get the hint. We. Do. NOT. Want. This. "think yes the judiciary thing a tad complicated and can not do with te player attitude but i think the guild attitude is handy, and i was thinking the votes like tht is when needed, like someone is going stupid get kicked out of theie role we need a replacement." - It is no one else's decision on how a guild manages its member. The community can not decide to kick someone from a guild because it is not up to the community it is up to guild lead and management. If this was not the origin of the idea and the meant one was to kick guilds out then that is even more wrong. If there is a group of people giving you a hard time you ignore then. If they bother other peope, they will ignore them too.
  4. Additionally to this and what everyone else seems to be saying: "So I can address them properly" This is a form of metagaming which is rather frowned upon. You character should not know how to address someone due to you knowing how a character's attitude is by reading their TRP2. Metagaming is a good way to kill roleplay very quickly, what makes it fun if you character knows everything already? Magically at that. I am inclined to agree with those who are calling this out as a bad idea. Where you may claim that intentions were "Good" it really seems that you are trying to control the Roleplay around this area just to get your way. You need to stop and maybe work upon getting yourselves properly into the community. Good luck.
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