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  1. Have it run by an unknown Goblin named Creedy
  2. It has nothing to do with the people in the game... but the game itself. I shall never set foot back into the game of WoW. It's not a hipster/have to hate mentality, its just not appealing to me. The graphics are meh, the content is meh, and the PvP challenge is meh. It's too late for me. I remember fond memories, and prefer to keep them that way. I am looking forward to EQN, and I remain fairly active in SWTOR with my guild, Clan Epsis. Main RP Toon: Creedy Horde Or Alliance? Um... both? Guild: Praetorian Guard, Briefly in Raven Cross What was your favorite RP event or storyline? I think the most memorable was Creedy and Crutch's storyline involving the Guard and The Grim. Fun times! Who is someone that you used to RP with and haven't heard from in a long time, that you miss the most? I pop my head in here and talk to Venedict and Nikaa from time to time, but I miss Periettel. Guy opened my eyes to Rogue PvP. I also see Seth and Breinus in SWTOR. Share a screenshot from an RP you enjoyed: I'm at my work computer and so I have none to share.
  3. Peaking in. 2.1 = Cats, rainbow armor, and plastic surgeons! What could be better?
  4. Rpz to be had Empire side also involve Mandalorians too :-) Clan Epsis has daily PvP WZs runnin' and daily RP. Raz and co. have more PvE to offer, though. I figure that until it's FTP, we'll miss some of yous.
  5. Had to be changed. We have a 25m vent now, but we use SerraTek's so RPers from both sides can integrate.
  6. http://youtu.be/aq1b4S25R2c Clan Epsis (and my) first video. Go easy on me.
  7. Creedy is rockin' 3 characters, 2 Sith, 1 Republic (I've been playing my republic a lot recently) Ava: Republic Varek: Sith Widow: Sith If you play either, add me or hit me up and I'll quest while RPing. (I don't consider the dialouges as IC, but yea).
  8. We're on Jung Ma. Didn't you get the memo? :-P
  9. I watched the clip, and I think some of their points are very narrow minded. For example, the man and the woman complaining about the amount of cutscenes completely chose to ignore the fact that grinding professions in WoW is far more tedious than it is for SW:TOR (since you can send your companions to do your professions). That level of efficency they complained about is something Bioware is aware of (perhaps they even implemented the companion assisted profession grinding to augment the cutscenes). That isn't to say also that with a simple tap of the spacebar, you CAN circumvent the scenes (save for your choices). To me, the two wash out if I was not interested in the Lore (which I am, so its a double benefit for me). Every game is always going to have simple minded demographics, so it is inevitable to get those people that think on terms of "Lol Pandas/KungFuPanda/PokeWoW, I'm quitting." These guys admit they are not the foremost authority on reviewing the game. Few of them got off planet as you did, and so their opinion is even less credible. I am admittedly biased, but at least I do not deny it. I am willing to ignore the character customization (or lack thereof), partly because I am biased, but also because I came from WoW, where I had to simply pick entire heads (which is essentially the same thing with SW:TOR). I hope that in the future (like most MMORPGs), subsequent expanions improve upon the current platform, which I enjoy. While I have no problem with people having an opinion, I think I at least have to agree with the comments below that article stating, "If you can't sell... sell out".
  10. Might PvP a bit now... as doing BGs is more than to grind out my battlemaster achievement.
  11. I'm curious if the beta download will aid the actual download. Doubt it... but it is wishful thinking.
  12. I hope they squish, because if I am reading this correctly (and I might not be,mind you), Individuals won't feel such a boost in stats between the expansion levels (i.e: the HUGE boast in stats one got from cata greens). This discrepancy in stat levels within a single bracket can, for some, destroy the enjoyment of leveling in BGs. If you are 76 or 77 and you enter in a BG with a level 78 rockin full cata greens, you pop instnatly while they laugh. That's fine, because you get your turn eventually (rather similiar to High school before hazing was looked down upon as detrimental), but still... BGs are designed with fairness in mind. Hell, they ruined level 19 twinks. I imagine they wouldn't mind leveling the playing field by not allowing such massive incremental stat increases near expansion content.