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  1. My, it's been a while since I came back to check on this. I'm glad I did. First, I am going to point out one specific thing: I have nothing against Swerto or his work. What I said was not to be implied as a negative criticism of his effort. I'm just saying mine is differently focused and detailed. Read further into things and you'll see what I mean. Anyone can just go and say the basics. XXX is XXX kind of race, they side with xxx faction, their tribes are XXX XXX and XXX. Yes, I have listed those things, but look between the lines as well. A lot of it is telling, not showing. I'm helping show consideration to religious practices, physiology, notes on psychology and personality. I'm giving the depth building things and considering the questions I'd really want to know if I was method acting a member of such a race. The similarities to Swertos work are incidental, and candidly minor. He doesn't have anything about the feel of their skin, the common thoughts you'd expect in their heads given by cultural standpoints. Considerations why xx race might do what it does. That's the kind of hypothetical I delve into like an anthropologist. Perhaps I should've been more clear. I'm not saying it's not racially biased. Of course it is, and that's part of the idea. I'd rather do it from a perspective of the race in question than to do without any emotion from a sterile non-entity like an Ethereal who has to guess at why something emotes as it does (Though I admit, I did have an idea of doing the primer from the perspective of a poindexter Arakkoa who's touring Azeroth since after TBC, but I ultimately decided against it). It'd be too easy to let my base player bias in there, which by putting myself into the position of a member of that primer's race, I can alleviate somewhat. It is from a Goblin, but there are portions that are also presented slightly OOC. In particular, when I give viewpoints on how Goblins are viewed from other races. I present such views as generalizations given of how I've observed them in-game, known lore-canonical history (what there is of it, as far as how Goblins are concerned), as well as extrapolating based on what I've seen in other media such as the books and comics. A lot of this is indeed guess work, but it is educated guess work. Some of my facts are no longer valid given the non-canonization of the WoW Pen and Paper RPG - a future update to this guide (in progress) will take that into consideration. My point in mentioning bias was that Swertos perspectives are -personally- biased from the tone and phrases he uses. As in, what he - the player - considers of these races instead of each race from its own perspective, or each race's perspective on another. Slightly different, and no, not contradictory. I am aware that there are variations between individuals, I'm going for the generalities that consensus, upbringing, and culture shock can generate. That can sometimes manifest as stereotypes on the surface, but digging deeper we can find the planted seeds of those stereotypes in history. However misguided they might be, ultimately. I was very careful to distance my own biases from being manifest here. For starters, Zeeky's own character bias against the Alliance was really tricky to avoid in this guide - particularly his extreme dislike of Humans. I have been cautious in approaching the opinions on Alliance races due to my desire to be thoroughly non-biased despite being (personally as a player, as well as through Zeeky's personality) majorly pro-Horde. That is the reason that section has been the hardest for me to get a final draft going of - but from what I read of Swerto's work, he generalizes a great deal more as a player. Any Race Primer I do I will be addressing it from the perspective of one of that race. I expect when (if ever) I release my Forsaken primer it's going to piss off a great deal of people who don't want to see Forsaken as anything other than monsters (who, I may add, were once as human as any other). But I assure you this, it will be an interesting read for those who're willing to consider other, perhaps unexpected, perspectives. As for the interjection of "silly things like internet slang" - have you played a goblin? That's a great deal of what Goblins are. Lots of puns. Lots of memes. Goblin starting experience, goblin quests... lots of nerdy references. My interjection of those things was in keeping with the spirit of that theme. And yes, some of those silly things are considered canon. Do I really need to cite a few? Finally, "While lengthy, it seems rather pointless unless Blizzard themselves release one." It may be pointless to you, but then, it may not be your cup of tea. That's fine. I would very much like for Blizzard to elaborate more on Goblins. They have a lot to answer in my opinion - Goblins the only race that literally doesn't know what the heck it's own leader is doing (or where he's actually hiding). Or why, for that matter, someone like Thrall - so opposed to slavery - would allow a slaver like him to remain in charge, even if it's just 'for now'. Gobs got a pretty raw deal when it came to being taken into the Horde, as can be evidenced by the Kor'kron and Garrosh's attitude towards them. It would be nice to see more characterization, even some depth, so I dug up as many facts as I could find references to and glued them together with the best theories I could formulate that would connect them cohesively. I simply took what Blizz presented as a two dimensional comic relief race and gave it as much depth as some of the more fleshed out ones. It may be redundant to some, but to people who play Goblins (or other races I will be doing primers for) it's about their internal perspective. It gives something to think about when you play a character. Thinking about how they think, how they feel, or do things. Imagining their opinions free of player bias, and really subsuming the character. Becoming a part of the culture they come from. Pondering the billions of little unanswered questions that come up when I think "Gee, I wonder what my character would really be like if I met the guy.". I find that a hella ton of fun, and the true essence of escapism - of Role Play forgotten by most people playing games like WoW. What is lacking, I can try to make for myself - and for others who may get find it fascinating, or even helpful as well. I love it when Blizzard succeeds in doing that work for me, after all.
  2. Updated some of our information on here to keep it accurate. Despite the RL difficulties of myself and several key members of KORE's infrastructure, we are starting to renew activity. I'm back - working on KORE's dedicated new Tank, Bazzil Brasspair. His character description, profile, and some backstory should be posted soon, providing insight into this new Goblin and his potential to reinvigorate KORE (with a contrast in philosophy to Zeeky H-Bomb). Bazzil will become an important new fixture in KORE with his tanking, hopefully he will be the catalyst of renewed progress. In the meantime, several of our gobs are working on the new webhosting to get the website back on the air, such as Tekk. As for ventrilo, we are making use of an associate's access until our resource pool recoups. Information will be posted on both as soon as everything is organized. KORE's been around almost five months as of the upcoming 6th of May, and we're going to be around for many, many more. For KORE. For KEZAN. For the better future of our people. - Zeek.
  3. <p>Hi! <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/happy.png" alt="^_^" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/happy@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p>

  4. (Found in a journal, locked in a scorched box...) "When you have risked everything, then you have everything to gain." - Goblin Manifesto of Profit They hadn't thought of everything. Not in a couple thousand years of brilliance fueled by Kaja'mite, an' not in just shy two hundred years of twice-fast ignorance. Yet some cling to the old one's wisdom, like crawlers on the rocks of a squall. It's no suprise then without the wisdom, most're left blowin' in the wind with no rock to cling teh. Our kin, the Goblin people, are dooin' just that. The Shatterin', other races callin' it, changed everything on Azeroth. Great to small. Race to race. Faction to faction. It was the squall we din' see comin', without a rock to cling. Now, we're scattered on the winds - at the mercy of the elements. An' the lack of mercy of men and monsters. An' why? Simplemindedness. Ignorance. Once, we were the brightest, smartest race around. The history is' there, in the artifacts buried on the beaches, lost in the books nobodeh reads, buried under panderan takeout boxes and kaja'cola cans. Now, we tie all our efforts into the consumption that distracts ourselves from our own steady failing, desperate teh buy up all we can before we're too dull to know bettah. Look at the Trade Princes - see, it's already begun. Our kind seems to be tryin' to find some joy despite losin' everything precious. 'specially the precious rock that took us from the caves to the Golden Age, n' without it, to the gutters of our own decaying former glory. An' it doesn't need to be that way. Believe it or not. I've been aroun' more than most gobs of Kezan, even those' sailin' n' sellin'. First han' seen many cultures - even' through the bittah veil a' war. I've seen what the gobs 've been missin', hidin' on our rock in the south seas. What we need to be great again. We need to remembah. We need to reclaim. I look out over 'em. The Gob' people. Steamwheedles dominate the trade as usual, an' the Horde dominates the Cartel that took me in when I needed it most. Gobs have been slaves in ancient times so often, now, we're slaves to ourselves. To jaded Trade Princes, ignorant despite their political cutthroating. To a disappointment of a Warchief, in the Horde. N' we gobs? We take it. Run with it, accept it. Knuckle under, grovel, an' slave away on the war machine or for the Trade Prince's boo-j'waaah bullshit. 'xcept me. Years I've served. I risked mah life n' limb for the Horde. At first for the money, second for the thrill, and eventually, for the friendship forged in the fire. Orcs, even Trolls, as well as the fellow Gobs throwin' down for a chance at a jackpot pay at the end - if they could survive it. I did. The Steamwheedles screwed me, the Horde didn't. Still, I'd had my share of war. Wanted to go home with my take, settle down. Make a new start of it. Study up - make fireworks. That sort of thing. 'was happy. Found a gorgeous gob, had me some issues, an' put the past behind me. The past catches up. Can't escape ourselves, 'seems. Steamwheedles offered me a reprieve for a huge cut of my blood-money, 'else they'd ship me back to the Blues as a war criminal. All part of a plan to get back into the trade good graces n' smooth over the fact we were exclusive with the Horde (an' that they lost). Told them to fuck right off, got chased out of Undermine for it. My family stayed. Ended' up in Bilgewater, with their Cartel. Got to see my family from time to time, carefully - so's not to get them in any trouble. The rest of my time was just me an' my Dog, Doog. What is that rumbling....?
  5. Nice! I love the pic - I wish they had jackets like that in the game. lol And tell me you've heard the version of that theme by the band "The Megas"... if you haven't, you're missing out!
  6. "If you see a smile in the dark. Listen. If you see that smile vanish, Run." - Zeek's warning to a friend.
  7. "You talk of a gob with a brass pair, naw' that's not Crushem. Try titanium. An' that's no lie. He's the real deal; the Gob with a grin that's every bit as dangerous as his sword 'n board. Buy 'em a drink if you see him." - Zeek.
  8. "There's a sharp Gob! Hear there's no closer shave one can get. 'e plays razors like birds sing. 's natural. An' just look at the blues who asked for a little off the top. If you can find their heads, that is. Or their wallets. As for being a lunatic - wouldn't you have to be to try settlin' a human-run city?" - Zeek when asked if he's heard of Creedy Grimswitch.
  9. "I know 'em. A survivor. Born and bred as only the slums can make. When you hear of Gurrah the Gambler, he's not just playing with dice or cards. Every day's a gamble, and you'd better ante'up. 's my kindah Gob." - Zeek.
  10. I'm up for helping. I love helping come up with interesting characters, even wrote up a full primer to help Gobs come up with characters. Give me a shout at Zeeky1Piece@gmail.com and let me know a bit about whatcha got in mind.
  11. Art courtesy of Beetrix "Killer Bee" O'Hare Sons and daughters of Kezan, we're standin' on the eve of destruction. We've lost our homes, our businesses, our friends, and our families - most alarmingly of all, our money. Many of you have nothin'... no property, no status, no moolah of any sort - everything you may have built up over the years is gone. But hear me, you are not alone - mah friends! Even those that might've been your rivals in business, or feudin' with your family since Gob knows when... all of us, who've survived these dark days, find ourselves here in the changing times. Time for US to change, too. On the shores of these Lost Isles, we can turn the tides of this misfortune. From the ashes of our lost Homeland, we can turn a new profit, together, and stand taller than ever before. Jus' look at Mida's example. It is for those purposes I'm founding KORE Enterprises. KORE Enterprises can help you; a Union of Goblin refugees FOR Goblin refugees - that together, we can take it all back from the likes of that rat Gallywix, the cold-blooded Alliance, and even that metal-framed monstrosity. We don't care who you 'were', or what Company or Cartel you ran with. We don't care how rich or poor you were before this whole flim-flam. That's all gone, 'folks. It burned with home. What matters now is that you have the desire and strength of will to step up, beside your other lost survivors, to stake claims toward building a better future for the Goblin Race. Do you have it in you? If you do, KORE is ready to give you the connections, tools, and camaraderie to get things gooin'. For KORE. For KEZAN. And the better future of all Goblin-kind! Basic Information: Time: 7th of December, the Day of Cataclysm. Location: Lost Isles area of the Goblin Starting Zone Who Can Go: All Goblin Refugees of Kezan, especially those interested in potentially joining KORE Enterprises. We're also open to having other Goblin Guilds, such as Team Crankshaft, hang out with us. Goblin Roleplayers of all sorts are highly encouraged - to make connections that you may recognize down the line. Overview: We all know the Goblin starting zone is going to be swamped. There will be a veritable rush of Goblins at the time of Cata's launch - so rather than go out there and compete with the masses to do the starting quests of the Lost Isles as fast as possible, we're taking this opportunity to get KORE Enterprises setup, and have a nice RP event as well. This event is also for ALL Goblin players to come together, introduce one another, and make connections they may enjoy later on as time goes on. Especially for Roleplayers - it's a great place to introduce characters to one another. KORE is looking to get invites out for those Gobs looking for a solid Guild, many of which have had their characters already planned out and have just been waiting to get them in the game. We've been taking names down for months, so we'll be getting invites to all of you that've been ready. Also, any Goblin interested will be offered an invite. For the last few months, we've been building up a huge stockpile of items to help lowbie Goblins. Tons of 16 slot bags will be given out, for free, to those who join up - as well as handy lowbie green items, most of which sporting really nice enchants. Some of these items will be shared with every recruit, though we'll also be offering some of these items to our friends in Team Crankshaft if supplies permit. This event is all about Goblin solidarity. Goblins that roleplay (that have UIs such as MyRolePlay that we can see) and join KORE, as well as play along with the event, can expect to get really nice twink enchants such as Crusader. +15 Agility, or +22 Intellect on weapons as well as chances to get 20 Slot Frostweave Bags (or even 22 Slot Glacial Bags!). For some ambitious Goblins, we're also going to be offering up some useful Blue Items, even some Purples! Overall, we're wanting to get everyone together - to have fun, get some opening RP stories up (to introduce characters, make connections that you may run into later on), and then we can group up into parties to help get questing done easier, so we don't have to compete so much to finish the Lost Isles quests. Gobs that joined us at the founding of KORE will get special notes on their characters, as well as all sorts of handy swag useful for getting their characters going. For more information on the benefits of joining KORE long term, please visit our listing here at TNG at http://wow-tng.org/showthread.php?t=20385. In-Character Purpose: For many of us Goblins out there, this is one of the worst points of our lives. We've just lost our homeland, barely escaped death ourselves, and are now marooned on another Island - where we're fighting to survive after being betrayed, then viciously attacked in cold blood. Our lives are insecure, and even then, having lost everything, what are we surviving for? It's at this point that the enormity of the situation may finally be setting in on many Goblins out there. Hopelessness and depression will be common, mourning of our losses (both family as well as financial), as well as coming down from the shock. This meetup, we're hoping, will gather together Goblins and inspire them. To remind them that while we've lost so much, we're still alive, and there's still profit to be made. There IS hope, and despite all that we've lost, we can take it all back - and MORE. Out-Of-Character Purpose: 1.) Like I said. Goblin start zone is going to be really really busy. It'll be hard to get the starting quests done when everyone's going to be hitting them at the same time. An event like this will give others the time to finish their start zone stuff and move on, after which, we'll have an easier go of it. 2.) KORE is looking to do the big recruit push here (we'll be recruiting in Orgrimmar later, of course... but that's after some time) as well as taking this opportunity to outfit our new recruits with the built up supplies we've been farming for months. This meetup is perfect for achieving both those goals. 3.) This Event is also useful for getting people together to network. Both in-character and out-of-character, countless guilds will be creating Goblin alts. In a sense, this allows people from vastly different guilds to meet one another and make some new friends or connections. Goblins, as a race in the lore, have a knack for knowing one another. This is the perfect place to get that sort of thing going on. 4.) Also, consider that we can't go back to Lost Isles. This is a fantastic time to have a beach party and enjoy the surroundings while we can. Attending this Event: To attend, simply be a Goblin near the crash site on the Lost Islands on the date of December 7th, 2010. There is no specific meetup time, and it's very informal. We'll be picking a spot nearby not too far away to meet up on the beach. We'll be marking that area by having campfires down. I'll likely be tossing up fireworks as well - Zeeky loves doing pyrotechnic displays. In order to be eligible for some free goodies, you can whisper any member of KORE Enterprises to be offered the invite. In order to be eligible for the finer things, it's best to have the UI MyRoleplay - have it filled out with your name/nickname, etc - and to sign up on KORE's website at http://kore.guildomatic.com/. We won't just be giving out the really expensive items to Goblins who look like they're just going to join us and leave, after all - signing up on the website, as well as having MyRoleplay and all of that are just a few good gestures. Donations (Gold, Items, Mats, Potions, even simple Food) are also highly appreciated - shared with us, as well as amongst your fellow Goblins. Also, if you email me in advance - Zeeky1Piece@gmail.com - we'll add your name to our invite list from the get-go, that way we'll know you planned to join us in advance. Only those who do that in advance, and join KORE, will have a chance at the Blue or Purple items, or the most advanced twink enchants - due to how rare/few we have. We already have many members who've requested this and have nice goodies waiting just for them. Additional Information: Do you have any questions or suggestions for this event? Please email them to Zeeky1Piece@gmail.com or leave a comment here on this posting. Overall, we don't expect this event to be anything formal - remember, we're still Goblins. And this is still a Beach Party. lol
  12. Either way, us Gobs are going to be working together frequently. I know I will be, personally. For Kezan, my friends!
  13. Ah, ok Swerto. That makes some sense. I'll look into the Worgen starting area - that's a big blank spot for me. lol. The majority of my timeline does have a Horde bias. That's what I've been playing through. What I do know about Alliance events comes from the big things going on in The Shattering Novel. The Forsaken Invasion of Gilneas is not something I have precise dates for. It's not in the Book and it's not been a big topic ingame during the Elemental Invasion. Also, haven't played the Worgen Start area like I have the Goblins. From the sound of it, it's not something Sylvannas was big on letting people know anyway (it's not a good tactical plan when you're mounting an Invasion to go gloating around about it in advance.). I'll take that into consideration - but still, what you said easily fits into the timeline I'm solidifying in my head. I'm assuming that sometime around the point where Orgrimmar's Roof was on Fire, Sylvannas and friends decided to play at the beach. (maybe she had more on her Weekend planner than I suspected. lol) That way, by the 'now' time - about a month or two later - Gilneas is the mess it is now; a warzone. The Worgen have had time to filter through the Alliance and get setup thanks to Night Elven support. Makes sense.
  14. Hrmmmm. (regards posts above) Interesting. And this is a mixed bag of nuts. In typical blizzard fashion, nothing conclusive can really be drawn from this. 'Not Quite' is not the same as 'not at all'. It just mean it might not be plural months in the future. Maybe 'a' month, or several weeks. * Blizzard Translator Engaged: (1) - Well, it's not a super long time. But some time. Probably. Maybe. (2) - Things've been moving on many levels during this whole thing. Some things happening at same time. You just don't notice them them all. (3) - The Shattering has a lot of answers in it. So does the website promo. (4) - In fact, Website Promo has something unlockable coming up that bridges the gap. Probably just after The Shattering. * NOTE: Most of that Website's unlockables are just excerpts from The Shattering. Just fyi. (5) - Player's gottah help us bridge story/time gaps too and gloss over things we mess up. (6) - We've working on a ton of stuff. However, Cata's still going to be an instant change that we're pretending happened over time. (7) - We're working on smoothing out stuff like this in the future. For right now, though, it's up to you to work it out. (8) - Courtesy closing. "Have a Nice Day" There. Concise. When dug into. Amounts to 'Well, read The Shattering and the website, and draw your own conclusion'. It's in the Book and the Player's hands, really. Which is hamfisted sometimes in the RP community. Without a cohesive pattern to help us mesh together, anyone can make anything up - one person's perceived time being stretched vastly different from another, killing our sense of connection with that world. Syncing helps in RP quite a bit - if this official post offers nothing really to solidify that sync. This is the 'yeah, whatever. working on it in the future' approach. This is a game designer talking, admitting they couldn't do more with it in the time allotted. They're just throwing up their hands and shrugging - 'read The Shattering and make something up'. Meh. If they have bigger things to do, fine. That's their job and they do it well, so it falls to others to draw their own continuity - as indeed so many do. Therefore, I'm sticking to this logic (and it's not 'but it was MAGIC... maaaa-giiiiic... a lazy construct. lol): () The Orgrimmar Fire happened in the book at a roughly defined time in the progression of world events post slaying of the Lich King (very few events of the book are able to be directly placed in-game, the end of the Northrend Campaign is the defining point of the timeline - says to the reader 'here is what time it is'). Now, 'suspending' book events momentarily... () The fire happened in WoW. That fire happened not long ago real-time and lasted over a period of about a week. That is an event my warlock character involved himself in (he had a rooftop to fiddle on) as he returned from Northrend curious about the Doomsday prophecy (such things attract him like free beer and an unguarded maternity ward). () The rebuilding took place after the fire (logically). And in a period of a day real-time. That, I find, is hard to follow. That's the 'magic' explanation that I think sucks in the creativity department. Still, they're not forcing that idea either. Just the hazy 'well, there's been a lot going on...' which reads to me as 'we're too busy on everything else to think about a small detail as when we blew up the world'. lol. And that's fine too, actually - it leaves RPers with room to come up with what they were doing at the time. RP, like nature, abhors a void. () Still, cause and effect considered, this rebuilding was not 'happening' while we were in Northrend marching against Arthas. That I think is even sillier than the 'magic!' idea. It's not so simple to explain as 'well, you were too busy up north'. A lot of us came back a while before that Fire to deal with the Cult activity. Even Garrosh was there when that started, for Thrall's 'I have to put you in charge' - much to peeps like Voljin' chagrin. That entire repeating event in the Grommash Hold. Not to mention, Cairne was home too. () So if we go back and put the Book timeline back on the table, this was after the last stuff was brought back from Northrend. That syncs up with the 'month or two' concept, but not the 'a couple real crazy days' concept. This rebuilding was triggered by the fire; it was the aftereffect. The fire that happened several days ago. To place it outside of an established continuity is to deny a ton of level 80s showed up to do things in the capital cities during that invasion - which for a lot of RPers out there, would take a fun (perhaps even defining) moment of recent character history out. Instead, Blizzard has provided us with an in of saying 'well, we don't know - go make something up. Suspend disbelief, we're working on other stuff that's going to be interesting later'. I find it a lot easier to accept the notion of a month or two passing between the events - a down time - rather than deny I was ever there in the first place during the Invasion, as indeed so many of us were (judging from the day of many many mammoths in front of Orgrimmar bank. lol). Not to mention, it would make sense that many of us would come back around the same time Garrosh & Cairne came home with the last of the returning Northrend Troops & Supplies. So, this is my sensible timeline: - Lich King dies. [Months ago, Real Time] - Much rejoicing. Yay. [Months still, Real Time] - (Book)Garrosh gets things together to come home. Cairne goes to help.[About October, Real Time] - Twilight Cultists gather in Orgrimmar/Garrosh and Cairne are back at their respective spots. Thrall starts his conversation about the Twilight Cult with the assembly in throneroom.[About October, Real Time] - Many Player Characters return home for whatever reason, or to check out the Cult they'd been hearing about. Or (Book) returned with Garrosh's forces to the hero's welcome in Orgrimmar. Where there was much feasting, and much naysaying of doom.[About October, Real Time] - Orgrimmar starts taking firmer hand against uppity Cultists over time, PCs get involved. Because it took them that long to realize that anybody with the term 'Cultist' wouldn't be utterly harmless (cough... cult of the damned... cough). Suspension of disbelief time.[About early November, Real Time] - First 'small' fires start happening. (Book) Thrall has a fire give him the middle finger. Makes a deal with Gazlowe to secure rebuilding materials for Org, then starts questioning some things about himself, and decides to leave for a bit to get some bearings. Starts telling people he's putting Garrosh in charge. Cairne doesn't like it. Thrall tells him off. (Ingame) Vol'jin shits pants in the Throne Room, but doesn't open his mouth much yet. Sylvannas and Lor'themar roll eyes and change their weekend planner. [About Early November, Real Time] - Thrall is gone. (Ingame) PCs go check on him in Outland. (Book) Thrall knows bad things are happening but not how bad back home. He's too busy and distracted by Mag'har womanhood. (Ingame) Garrosh is on the highchair and doing his 'best'. Cultists getting more uppity, PCs called in to help throw them in the arena for containment until further notice. [About Mid November, Real Time] - (Book) Attempts at diplomacy to open up with the Night Elves don't go so well due to a case of Skinning and Cult sneakiness. Cairne and Garrosh have a hallmark moment in Grommash Hold which ends in a duel declaration. [About Mid November, Real Time] - Fire happens. Fire bad. (Ingame) Garrosh hits it with an axe. Because Fire is weak against Axes, naturally. PC's help drive back emerging huge amounts of really powerful Fire Elementals, then dive with Garrosh into portals to kick the teeth in of several Twilight Cultist Lieutenants from our book of former villains. (Book) Bigger fire happens, but info is vague about it. Which is good, other things happen. [About a week before Monday, Real Time] And Orgrimmar is a mess. ----- (Now, in the time period since the Big Fire) ----- [starting Monday Night] - (Book) Thrall gets his head on strait, and a Mag'har to argue with while everything else is going on. - (Book) Meanwhile, Reconstruction is going in Orgrimmar that Gazlowe and Thrall negotiated. Garrosh does the feng shui with spikes option. Orcs approve. - (Book) Meanwhile, Garrosh and Cairne still have a Duel to do. And Duel they do. Magatha gets her hooves done at the salon, laughing to herself. - (Book) Garrosh gloats around town about his victory. Meanwhile, Grimtotem show up in Thunder Bluff and... well, that you'll have to read for yourself. Suspend your disbelief, thar' be Tauren Ninjas. - (Book) The Running of the Bulls. Baine steps up with an anti-ninja hammer. Magatha gets a letter that makes her poop lightning. There's a big battle in Thunder Bluff. Storms are BAD. - (Book) Meanwhile, Storms are BAD. Theramore is getting flooded, along with tons of other coastal locations like Menethil and Booty Bay. Ironforge also has all manner of interesting things happen. - (Book) Thrall returns to find a box fan with a suspicious smelling brown lump sticking out of it. Cairne has a touching funeral. Thrall still leaves Garrosh in charge. Baine proves he's a bigger guy than Garrosh. Everything looks like it might get better. - (Book) .... Nope. They walk away from the funeral, and that brown lump becomes a fudgey monsoon hitting the world's ceiling fan. Really bad things ensue. - (Ingame) Meanwhile, while all of this has been happening, Kajaro blows its top and Gilneas loses its freshness. - Cataclysm Happens. ----- (And now we get to patch day.)-----[Tuesday Morning] - PCs wake up in graveyards or other places they weren't before. That was one craaazy yom kippur. - World's all blown up. Orgrimmar's nearly all rebuilt. Stormwind is minus one Park District. Somehow a Dragon Aspect of Death and Overkill crashed their evening and then, just as quickly, left? - Goblins are everywhere. An entire harbor city, complete with mako cannon - as well as a golf course, spa, and of course, talking Raptors. Overnight? - Worgen are just all 'sup' everywhere there's Alliance - like they've been here a while and aren't anthropomorphic talking wolves we were shooting for fun in Silverpine and Northrend not so long ago. And all that in One Evening, or while we were in Northrend? Forgetaboutit. Even if it's not a full month or two, it's a lot more plausible that at least a couple weeks have passed rather than that 'one-evening' (realtime) time frame. At least. A shift forward of time isn't too hard to account for. Disguise it as disorientation - maybe hit by falling fecal matter from the collective poop-storm - a short term coma. Maybe you got knocked out by falling debris from the world getting knocked around, and like that one guy in The Holy Grail, you're not quite dead. Waking up in the graveyard to have to pinch yourself that you're not dreaming. Perhaps you landed on Azeroth in a House from Kansas for all we know. Perhaps you got drunk, or simply misplaced the time. Then there's the ever amusing 'portal' theory from Red vs Blue - how long DID it take to get back from killing those Lieutenants of the Twilight Cult? And why is my armor all black? Sure there's the suspension of disbelief. There's plenty of ways to account for the several week/month or two time period in question here in both a practical sense as well as a sarcastic sense. That no time has passed between Big Fire and the Brave New World of Warcraft, however, is stretching that too far for me when there's a huge variety of fun ways to say where you were when the world blew up. That Blizz reply only really seems to leave the gap open to interpretation. lol
  15. With Sapper Charges attached, of course. (flicks ashes off his cigar) Insurance.