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  1. Hi Mortica! Thanks! Artist is Robekka Art Studio, one of the Chinese groups who've worked on the WoW TGC. I did about 10-15 hours of postwork on the image though, all of the small details on the character like the fur or dirt on the armor (I did a separate layer for every scale in her leggings, slightly overkill), and the atmospheric effects (lightrays/particles/fog) in the background. Here's a link to the original before my postwork if you're interested.
  2. [video=youtube;2tLPe2c6qrA] www.nelatal.com
  3. I totally agree with the OP's message of quality over quantity; I prefer one-on-one interactions the most for roleplay. Up until the last month I played on the server, I really enjoyed my year on TN. As someone who was driven from TN by a select group in early 2011 and went to WRA, I'll give you my impression. You need to be in a guild for good roleplay on WRA. I'm someone who RPs 30-50 hours a week, or did when I had that much free time. It should be noted that I haven't roleplayed since December 22, 2011 and am finally just about to get back into roleplay. Things may have changed, but from my dozens of observations at various times this last month it appears to be the same. At the end of the day, my recommendation is to look for a guild fitting of your playstyle over what realm it's on. Find a good group of people, sense of community and that jazz. I would argue the smaller the better. That's my two cents.
  4. Last Friday I was accepted into Art Center! There'll be five-ish people coming in total for my degree. I start in September. After looking at rent, I'm now investigating buying a house up in Pasadena area next to the school. I have finished everything for Nel'atal and am finalizing the history section's fully orchestrated soundtrack, titled Becoming 'atal Here are the chapter names Ends Rebuilding Jungle's Lesson Abiding Knowledge Mine Prehension Envisage Calling Anew Nightfall Depths Presage Kin Pack Atal Bonds Darkspear Rebellion Siege of Orgrimmar Pride I anticipate being done in the first week of March. I also hired a voice actor for the brief announcement video. Good stuff to come soon! Nel.
  5. Stuff keeps getting crazier and crazier! I applied to Art Center College of Design, and am confident in being accepted despite the insane odds. I'll know next week if I am accepted into it, the best design school where everything from the first computer GUI, the first computer icons, the Warcraft art style, and virtually every car in the last 40 years is worked on or started at, or made by a graduate of the school. My full portfolio is at this link if you are interested in the detailed PDFs for the projects and the websites for each product/service. Here's the overly dramatic announcement/trailer of my application: [video=youtube;Y0cl-crJ-Us] In other news, I almost had both my kidneys fail in December. Things are looking a lot better now with medication, but yeah. Scary. Especially at 18 years old. I'll know what level of permanent damage there is over the next 5-10 years, but it's probably not significant. Now, let's get to news about WoW related stuff. Nel'atal will be done early March. I commissioned Blizzard to illustrate Nel'atal, and am rather pleased with the result. I spent another 10 hours on the piece adding tons of little detail (like dirt, fur, etc) so it really can stand its ground at full-resolution. It's 4K. That will be released with the character.
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    Esoterikos [H]

    I remember it quite well! Good to see you in control of the guild and I wish you best of luck. Getting back from a rather long break this next month, too.
  7. I'm not dead, just never been as busy before in my entire life. I'm in the process of developing my portfolio for college. I'm applying to Art Center College of Design, which by industry connections, average starting salaries, etc. is probably the best around. You don't go there to be come a professional, you go there to become an industry leader. I am applying to a new degree (Bachelors of Science) offered by the school titled Interaction Design, which is part of new 100 million dollar expansion of the school attempting to make it the go-to design school of the century. As you could imagine, it's ultra-competitive. I've got my work cut out for me, and am giving it all I got. The simplest, highest level way of explaining Interaction Design is, designing the human experience of products. Be it a blender, or an operating system. I just finished up my first portfolio piece today, and am presenting it to the school this Friday. I plan on making two more, the next being a hardware product that I can't believe doesn't exist already. Here's a link to the piece, and here's it's announcement video: (you can also see how I look without braces, )[video=youtube;ipUnMtYZrUA] I'm the process of getting a development quote for Mote then I will pitch it to VCs. Other recent news: On September 1st, I released my forth studio album, Affinity. It's at almost 100,000 hits so far, which is a drastically smaller launch than my last two albums, but I expected that as it differs greatly. Here's a link to it, and here's the cover art: I also directed my first internet commercial recently. Here's a link to it. I realized I didn't post about my trip to the Lord of the Rings Hobbiton film set. Here's my favorite photo I took from the trip, and click here for more of them: I've done a bunch of other stuff recently, but I probably should just get to the part that relates to WoW, huh? If you've glanced at my Concept Design section on my site or seen the tile on the main page, you will have noticed that Nel'atal X is slated for a Fall 2013 release date. It's been almost two years in the making now, and I play video games maybe once or twice a month with my schedule at the moment, but once I apply to college, that should clear up. However, I have still managed to find time to work on the character - one thing that I have mentioned in the past is switching servers again, but it is too early to really figure that out. Expect more on that soon. Oh yeah, and I'll be at BlizzCon this year! Nel.
  8. Hi everyone, it's been quite some time again. I actually had to put effort into school for honors in junior year of high school. I've been hard at work on many projects - some personal, but most are client-work. Still using stock market as a reliable revenue stream, riding bounces off of stocks that have crashed. Over the last few months, I've been hard at work on the third-generation of my main portfolio site. [video=youtube;8EN6tCofzSw] Also, my second album, ENCORE, released on June first of last year, passed one million hits last week as well. I'm going to be announcing one of four new albums I'm working on sometime soon. But, let's talk about Nel'atal. Nel'atal X, the 10.0.0 version as well as the 200th release of the character, is quite overdue. Basically 1.6 years late. I have to answer for this - I have been very distracted with other things, everything from business to teenage social BS to relationships. Therefore, development has been rather slow, albeit thorough. As you may notice on the new version of my site, there is a tile for Nel'atal X under the Concept Design category. I have plans of finishing it up soon, and returning to WoW. I've been having flashbacks, chills, and cravings for WoW every once in awhile like the addict I am to the game. I'm getting close to succumbing to that addiction.
  9. I proudly present my 2012 reel! [video=youtube;zVwnOzPfibo] In other news, Clubica has over 100,000 hits in its first 11 days. Nel'atal X is coming in the next couple of weeks! On a completely off-topic note, something that I've gotten really into over the past half-year or so is the stock market. More specifically, micro-cap stocks (aka penny stocks). I rode CHLO last Friday from 0.003 per share all the way to... basically over 2000% profit. Pretty stoked about that. I've had a very decent track record with my picks, and its made me rethink what I want to do with most of my time.
  10. Just released Clubica! Click here! The servers are massively bogged down at the moment, sorry if it doesn't start streaming right away.
  11. <p>Hi! Check your private messages please! <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile.png" alt=":)" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /> I also just updated my Art Thread with some updates over the last few months that I've been away from TNG.</p>

  12. Hi guys! Life's getting busier and busier. It's looking like I've decided on a college, Art Center College of Design. After several visits, meetings with alumni, actually working with alumni on client work, looking at commercial effect, business connection, thoughts from clients, and personal experience, I feel as though this the best design school in the US... arguably the world. I'm looking at going into Entertainment Design, which is a Bachelors of Science actually since the industrial design exposure students receive. However, I really have my work cut out for me in this last year I have before applying to college. I need to draw. A lot. It's the step I've skipped in developing my foundation for visual artwork. I'm taking private art lessons right now, and trying to get into the habit of setting aside a few hours a day to drawing. Once I feel proficient enough, you can expect to see some artwork from me. (Especially after I transition to digital) The most exciting part about that is, the director of admissions basically told me that everything I've done for Nel'atal is extremely attractive as part of my portfolio (the attention to detail, etc) and strongly encouraged me to continue. Totally haven't wasted these thousands of hours, not like I viewed them as that anyway though. We're getting really close to the release of Nel'atal X, which has been in development since I stopped roleplaying 1.2-ish years ago. As previously mentioned, I strongly feel that I've never put in so much work into anything in my entire life. I just commissioned the last pic from another artist I will ever do, as I'm starting to draw myself. It's one of the new characters that's being added to the cast! This is Bae (with another previously unannounced pet hatchling Som'ra): This was illustrated by an amazing artist on DA, and I encourage you to look at her gallery! http://lihony.deviantart.com/ January is going to be a big month for releases from me. Stay tuned - I have a lot in the works. Best, Nel.
  13. <p>Nel, Its Sartal, not sure if you remember me or not, but I thought I'd check in with ya. Starting to get back into things on the game and was curious to see how all your plans are fairing</p>

  14. Long time, no see! I've been put through the ringer with work recently, between life, clients, and school. I've left Nel'atal at 9.3.5 since early December of 2011, and been away from WoW since then. Nearly one year later, we're getting close to the release of something completely new - Nel'atal X. (10.0.0) - the ultimate (and final) large-scale release of Nel'atal. It's also the 200th release since Nel'atal 1.0.0 back in 2009. I can easily say that I've never put so much work into anything in my entire life. You've never seen the likes of it before, either. New splash preview is up at www.nelatal.com. Once completed, I'll be forging a new path for the character - which means that it's likely I'll be migrating servers once more. (More to come on this once released.) Professionally, it seems I've accidentally started my career a couple of years earlier than I intended to. (Internships have turned into long-term contracts, etc.) Although most of what I've worked on in the last few months is under NDA, I can assure you that you've seen some of my work in the last week of the tech-world. In the next few weeks some of my environmental design NDA's will expire and I'll be able to update my portfolio with some cool new stuff. Also watch for my 2013 demoreel, which I'm hoping will turn out well. In other words, new motion graphics and such will be posted from me fairly soon. In the music realm, ENCORE will probably reach half a million hits in the next 1-2 months, and I've started working on my next studio-styled album - Clubica. Here's a background of the posterhead (retina display quality): http://evanguzman.com/hosting/portfolio/images/Clubica_wallpaper.png But enough blabbing for now, just know that I haven't forgotten about TNG - just been really, really busy.
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    Perhaps it's differing to particular individuals rather than the subdivision of Horde/Alliance communities? That's just about the only conclusion I can draw. And I can totally relate to you when feeling ridiculed/restricted by your age. It's quite the story of my life, actually.