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  1. Wrest stared up at the sky with a sigh, admiring the stars that were beginning to seed the cloudless blue ocean before him. Rising from the trench of snow that the explosion had forced his body to dig after being thrown back, the necromancer stood up to observe the damage caused by Ugraz's bomb before a large piece of wood in his leg forced him to his knee. Flames licked at the remains of his planning tent, shards of oak dug into the frozen ground, and ashes rained down upon the snow staining the white with black remnants of paper. Pieces of abomination and ghoul alike littered the snow as red, green, and orange drained from their bodies into the white canvas below. The Forsaken lifted both of his hands, uttering necromantic spells as purple lightning coursed from his talons to the parts before him. Flesh begins to meld together and from the corpses rises a flesh giant. The creature stood and flexed decaying sinew before bending down to pick up rubble and hurling it at Ugraz's flying machine in retaliation. While his creation tried to destroy Ugraz's, Wrest limped back to his tent, moving rubble out of the way, seeking out detonator, "It must be here, I need to collapse that last tower." The undead searched through fallen weapons, remains of the canvas, larger portions of his furniture, and the sort until finally a rotting talon grasps his detonator and presses the red button, destroying the final orbital defense. With all four towers down, Wrest's army pushed through the metallic ranks of Ulduar and stood facing the massive gate which separated them from the Flame Leviathan. A snap of his fingers drew his skeletal wyrm to his side, the mighty dragon releasing a low rumble as his master awkwardly mounted him. Taking flight, Wrest flew over his army and awaited the arrival of Ulduar's gatekeeper.
  2. Jul! *tackles* Welcome to TNG, formally, have fun~
  3. Wrest trudged through the snow towards his Rear Camp while Daar walked in chains, between two abominations behind him. The necromancer walked around his massive planning table and sat down in a worn oaken chair as he regarded his prisoner. With a sigh, Wrest adjusted his robes and tugged at the bandages about his neck, "I know for a fact that Ugraz couldn't care if you lived or died. The only reason I chose to take you alive was to see what information and use I could squeeze out of you before turning you into one of them." The Forsaken makes an airy gesture towards a ghoul walking by, bearing a tray filled with candy towards his master. "So long as you are of use to me, your heart yet beats. Should your use cease..." He unwraps a ball of sugar from its foil and pops it into his mouth, "So too shall you." Wrest smiles and folds his hands on a map of Ulduar with the sphere of candy toying about his mouth, "I trust you understand me." Wrest turns his head to stare at Jul'kah, causing a darker red stain to spill into the white wrappings about his neck, "Oh that is quite alright, Jul. If the charges are set it is a simple matter of flipping a swit- The fel is that?" A talon of bone and sinew shade the undead's eyes as he peers into the distance. "And the fel is lava doing here?"
  4. Wrest


    Wrest eyes the board with a sigh and rubs his face, "What have you done now you idiot?" The necromancer tears a flier off the board and continues walking towards the sewers, "No Ethos, we won't be helping him until he stops trying to kill me." His ghoul hisses and shakes its head, to which Wrest replies "Of such I am aware, now come, we have a meeting."
  5. Ethos lunged at Daar from his seat on the skeleton's shoulder. The ghoul swung his claws at the face of his opponent, only to have the blow deflected with a quick parry. Elven steel sank into decaying flesh when Daar plunged his spear into the stomach of Ethos. A quick grin crosses the undead's maw when his right hand grips the weapon, holding it in his middle and his left comes swinging down at Daar. Wrest attempted to fly his drake lower into the center of his reserves. While Ethos contended with the elf, Wrest would try to hop off his mount when it landed and order his men to arrest the elf as a hostage.
  6. Wrest scowled as Daar deftly flew between gargoyle and wyrm alike to reach him. His robes fluttered as he rode his frost wyrm lower to bring himself into range of the necromancers below. Bolts of chaos, frost, death, and shadow rained upwards at the Blood Elf from the scores of undead casters, attempting to deter him from the chase. "Shoot him from the sky!" Wrest cried from his mount. The Forsaken was in no way an expert flyer, so the gap between Daar and Wrest would slowly close if he could make his way through the magic being fired. --------- Elsewhere, The Spiderbot-tank had fallen, and Wrest's army now moved to attack the next tower, catapults and siege engines pounding against the structure. Abominations crashed their hulking bodies into the foundations, destabilizing, and destroying the second orbital defense tower. Elsewhere, mechanical gears whirred, and plumes of steam could be seen in the distance. The Flame Leviathan was rousing.
  7. Wrest Optional boss First Phase: Wrest notices the raid and proceeds to run down a long hallway of bones. As he runs, necromantic tendrils rise from him to ressurect the bones and scattered corpses. Adds: 3 abominations, 10 ghouls, and 2 skeletal horrors. Abomination's abilities: -Spew Blight: Deals a frontal cone of nature damage with a 30 second dot applied after. -Blighted: Decreases melee damage recieved by 3%, can stack indefinately, though each stack tics for 1% of the afflicted's hp. Ghoul's abilities: Leap: Jumps around, serves only to irritate melee dps, drops aggro. Attack: Does damage randomly, a weak attack with no set target. Skeletal Horror's abilities: Reflect magic: an anti magic sheild that absorbs any magic damage, but still allows the spells to count towards threat. Cleave: A cleave Effectively, the tanks need to swap the abomination's aggro and the skeleton's aggro throughtout the encounter to keep their stacks from climbing too high, and to keep the skeletons from decimating the tank currently tanking them. (So for the first pull, Skeletons should be tanked/healed with CDs popped until the other tank can get enough stacks to manage the damage) Meanwhile, ranged dps attempt to burn away the ghouls so the healer isn't constantly interrupted by ten leaping undead. Melee dps down the abominations and skeletons based on current stacks or tank specifics. In short, keep in mind the mechanics, and down them as you need. Phase 2: Wrest reaches a dead end, and turns to face the raid. Two Dark Portals open at his flanks as two Death Knights step through to attack. Omazar's abilities: Blood Shield: caster is immune to magic damage Blood Boil: Aoe with a ten second cast time, applies Blood Burnt debuff if caught in it, 7 yard range. Blood Burnt: Debuff that redirects healing received to Omazar, while reducing damage taken and increasing threat generation. Lasts 30 seconds. Blood Strike: Single target attack that hits through Blood Burnt's damage reduce. Kuranei's abilities: Frost Shield: Caster applies a debuff that reduces haste by 90% to anyone in melee range, but is rendered immobile. Icy Touch: ranged frost attack that applies Frost Fever dot. Frost Fever: deals damage over time. Howling Cold: Frontal cone style attack directed at the highest threat. close ranged, will damage target for 60% of their hp. Shared abilities: Unholy Frenzy: When the two Death Knights are within 20 yards of eachother, they enrage dealing 250% more damage. Unholy Bond: Both Death Knights share a health pool. Ranged tanks are key to this fight, Omazar begins the pull by casting Blood Boil, so have the designated ranged tank rush to pick up the Blood Burnt Debuff. Ranged will stack to dps Kuranei while melee dps focus on keeping Omazar down. Relatively simple, don't be stupid, fight. Phase 3: The two Death Knights fall, and Wrest begins to summon undead around him. Wrest's abilities: Summon ghouls: It summons ghouls, cannot be interrupted, fastest cast Summon abominations: It summons abominations, also cannot be interrupted, mid-speed cast. Summon Flesh giant: It summons a flesh giant, can be interrupte- I'm kidding, haha, slowest cast. Necromantic arts: a buff applied to Wrest each minute the fight goes on, increasing the speed of undead which are spawned. Ghoul's abilities: Claw: single target damage. Gnaw: applies a small, stacking dot to the target, dot lasts for 7 seconds. Abomination's abilities: Cleave: A cleave Chain pull: Uses meathook to pull a random target into melee range. (This is announced as a raidwarning will state: XXXX is targeted by an abomination.) Flesh Giant's abilities: Stomp: a small, thunderclap like AOE. Hulking strength: A permanent buff that allows the add to deal massive damage, but decreases the speed of the giant by 30% Wrest's fight is a dps race, from 100-70% all he will summon are ghouls, straightforward enough as long as they are kept down. 70-30%, he begins to simultaniously summon Abominations and ghouls, things look a little bad. 30-10%, Wrest adds Flesh Giants into his channeling, channeling all three bars at once. Tanks and healers should remain aware of where the abominations are facing as well as who is being pulled towards them. It is reccomended to kite the giants along the edge of the raid, with ranged dps standing towards the center, out of range of the Stomp. At 10% Ethos leaps down, stunning the raid. The ghoul tosses a chest to the floor and picks up Wrest instead, carrying his master away to safety. Quotes: Uppon first being discovered: "Oh fel, Ethos! They've found- Pfah, rise, defend me!" At the start of phase 2: "I applaud your talents, truely, but I'm afraid I need you to die now." Omazar gaining aggro: "/e Omazar's gaze rests on -player name-." Omazar casting Blood Boil: "/e Omazar draws uppon unholy power." Omazar killing a player: "..." Omazar upon death: "I have served..." Kuranei gaining aggro: "Come at me Wretches!" Kuranei casting Hungering Cold: "I'll see your blood run cold." Kuranei killing a player: "Done already?" "How boring..." Kuranei upon death: "I can still... fight." At the start of phase 3: "Tsk, it seems you have my attention." At 70% "Fine then! I'll take you seriously as well!" At 40% "No, what?! No!" At 10% "Ethos, save me! Wait, no. Don't leave that, we came all this way for that, let me die instead!" Killing a player: "More parts for me to use..." "Oh that looked like it hurt." "Deary me, are you still alive after that? I hope not."
  8. In the forges of Ulduar, Dark Iron dwarves were produced by the masses when its Titan defences began to activate. Metalic soldiers clashed with the undead as both armies met on the battlefield, shattering the once silent city with sounds of combat ringing out over the prison. Ghouls forced themselves between the legs of the larger machines to set themselves onto the dwarves, mercilessly clawing into soft points in their metalic necks. In the air, frost wyrms launched icy magic into the rear defenses, until they were knocked from the skies by massive titans and forced to crash into defender and attacker alike. Flesh-hooks embedded themselves in Dark iron giants, dragging the massive defenders to the ground where they fell prey to swarms of undead. Scourge and Ripper troops advanced through the defenders until a hulking spiderbot-tank began to decimate the undead forces. "Launch the Blight!" Wrest yelled out orders from his mount at the rear of the assault, before he nervously gnaws on a decaying finger. Cases of Blight are launched from the Forsaken catapults, crashing against the the machine to no real avail. Rust creeps through the body of the tank, slowing the movement of its legs without hindering the lazer that was cutting into the attacking undead. Sighing, Wrest gestured Omazar forward, "Calvary, circumvent the Blighted thing and get to the first tower. Set up the charges and get the orbital defense down!" Flesh titans slowly lumber towards the spiderbot, using sheer size and muscle to bring the tank down after the horses ride towards their goal. Charging through the dark irons, mounted Death Knights arrive at the tower and hastily arrange themselves into a defendable formation. Omazar dismounts and prepares a Blight bomb at the base, while the rest of the knights form an outward facing semicircle to defend their Captain. Nodding to himself Omazar rises and remounts to the sounds on runeblades cutting iron. Raising a gauntlet, the Death Knight issues a silent command to break formation and return to Wrest. Shortly after returning to the reserve camp, an explosion rocks the battlefield when the first tower crumbles. "Jul'kah, can you take this explosive to the next tower while my-" The Forsaken cuts off abruptly as his army is bombarded from above, " Shadow curse them! Gargoyles, wyrms, to battle! Tear those fools from the skies! Omazar, see to it that none live after this transgression."
  9. Wrest nodded to himself and summoned Altherion to his table. Pointing to the maps, The necromancer moves small flags marked with Scourge and Ripper banners into Ulduar. The Scourge were placed along the front lines with Wrest's undead in reserve and along the flanks in preparation to breach the Leviathin's defences. "Death Knight, your soldiers will man the front, seeing how eager you are for blood." Moving Ripper baners again, the necromancer continues, "My siege catapults will give some ranged support for your undead- " Wrest cuts off, as the ground under his troops crumbled and the warlock ran to his side. Uttering an oath, Wrest yells out orders, "Into the prison, we march now!" A curt jerk of his head tells Altherion to mobalize his Scourge into the formations set up on the charts. The sea of decaying soldiers surges forward, coating the snow under waves of undead minions. Abominations pull Plague wagons and catapults through the swarming masses as the army entered the prison of Ulduar. Wrest remounts his frost wyrm with Ethos perched on the skeleton's shoulder and flies toward the assault.
  10. Wrest watches Altherion deal with Ugraz as a chuckle escapes his rotting maw, "I am always in a position to make threats, boy." Turning from the battle ahead of him, Wrest addresses Jul'kah, "Wonderful to see you could make it, Jul. Currently I stand about to lay siege to Ulduar and would not mind having an additional hand, seeing as my forces are effectively swimming among Scourge ranks." Wrest rubs the bridge of his nose with a rotting talon as he begins to stride towards the forward camp that was being assembled, "If possible, I would like you to act as a sort of rear-guard for me. Against these numbers Ethos and I will not last long enough to manage an escape." The necromancer blinks and quickly adds, "Not to say we would leave you behind in our escape, I still much value your comradeship." A nod of his head brings over two abominations, decaying muscles straining to cart a large table covered with blueprints of the Titan city. The old, oaken table is set before the necromancer with a heavy 'thud' that forces it inches into the snow. Wrest's Death Knight Cavalryman trot up to the table, peering down at the maps silently from atop their Dreadsteeds. Each horse remains still, with no anxious motion breaking their training, as the Knights dismount and bow before Wrest. "Omazar, glad you survived the explosion." A quick nod of the center Death Knight ends the stillness of the ranks, "I'll need you to organize the armies in such a way that the Scourge forces are ah... 'best utilized'. Also, see to it that the catapults are loaded with my Blight; a precautionary measure, you see." Both undead stare at each other for a moment, until Omazar salutes and brings his calvary to his flank as he remounts his horse to fulfill Wrest's orders. Moving his finger over the diagrams before him, Wrest begins to plot the invasion of Azeroth's mightiest prison.
  11. Wrest eyes the amounts of undead amassing in his ranks with a chuckle, "I don't much care to know who your father wasn't Death Knight, but if you can provide me with cannon fodder, by all means I'll feign interest." The undead tugs at the bandages around his neck, resorting them before continuing, "Fel, I'm no stranger to using your kind to further my goals." Wrest steps further forward as more people file through the portal, "My only question is why fight for the sake of fighting? I'm sure you have ulterior motives if, for no greater reason than you are still Scourge." The necromancer snaps his fingers sharply, and a single ghoul breaks ranks to stand at his side, "Should you antagonize me in this, I assure you, you will die."
  12. Wrest stood with a rotting hand holding his side to prevent further loss of bodily fluid. The Death Gate was finished, though only large enough to pass through if stooped over. Channeling necromantic energy into himself for a hasty stitch, he reattaches the skin together and strides through the gate, calling for the everyone to follow through the portal. "To whom it may concern, the only way out of this death trap is open! Move, lest you seek true death!" As he passes through the portal, Wrest's jaw almost falls off when he observes the damage done to his forces. A third of his army had been utterly demolished by Ugraz's explosion, most of the parts rendered useless. A hasty curse was uttered at Ugraz while Wrest began organizing his necromancers to salvage what they could of the corpses scattered about the center of his ranks. "Jul'kah, I'll need your assistance in Northrend. Nothing is going to plan." A snake wraps around Wrest's hand, throughout the coils of the chain at his wrist, and stares at the necromancer, seeming to nod before sliding back into his sleeve. Inhaling deeply and gazing about his army, the Forsaken snapped his fingers to reorganize the scattered troops. "I'll need more than this to take on Ulduar. Blight upon you Ugraz."
  13. "I truly hate that orc sometimes." A rotting talon wipes the gore from his face as Wrest peers down at his robes. "That won't come out... fel." A quick gesture reassembles the shards of the Blood elf's bones into a make-shift shield to protect the Forsaken from the barrage. Sighing as the bones are quickly whittled away, Wrest turns to face Altherion, "Boy, I have no love of Scourge loyalists, but I'll assume you are a Scourge-made Death Knight. In which case, I don't much care what you do if I can point you in a direction and have you swing that thing." An almost bored gesture points to the axe until a bullet tears through the Forsaken's chest, forcing him to the floor. Black, decaying blood runs from his mouth as the necromancer scowls and utters a hasty spell to start knitting his flesh together again, "Blasted Goblins have better aim than before." Wrest's army finishes marching through the portal entirely neglecting their leader's plight. A series of runes are drawn on the ground where the undead lay, slowly forming a Death Gate to escape the barrage of artillery, "Death Knight, buy me some time to get this set up would you? Manage this and you are by all means welcome to come with me to Ulduar." Coughing, Wrest continues sketching the necromantic circle in the ground without paying any heed to the destruction around him.
  14. Wrest raises his brow at Vyndria and gestures the scroll away, "I do not know who sent you, nor why, but Ugraz would never attempt at diplomacy." Rubbing his neck, the Forsaken utters an oath in Gutterspeak, and begins to turn away before remembering Urivial. Moving back around, Wrest again eyes the Paladin and moves a hand along his face. "Ideally you would not hinder them from marching, Paladin. By all means you are welcome- in fact, I invite you to watch." Wrest smiles at the human before him and raps his rotting nose, "Though if you hinder me, I'll see you dead before you hit the ground."
  15. Wrest smiles and takes Urivial's hand, "I am flattered to see my reputation precedes me. Yes, I am Wrest, High Necromancer of the Rippers." Warily the Forsaken eyes Ranavos and Taram, his gaze especially lingering on the Plaguespreader's damaged arm. Releasing Urivial's gauntlet, Wrest raps his cheek with three fingers and regards the figure before him. Ranavos obviously did not care for the paladin, who in Wrest's opinion, was far too informed to be neglected. Rolling his shoulders in a half-shrug, the undead chooses to aid in the ex-lich's lie. Slowly moving his eyes about Urivial, Wrest begins to open his mouth before he is interrupted by a new arrival. "Why hello there...I am Vyndria Sunsong." A Blood Elf girl wanders away from the soldiers behind her towards the small crowd ahead. Wrest sighs and rubs his face, mentally kicking himself for leaving all his troops behind. He turns and offers short bow to Vyndria, which rustles the Forsaken's robes and presses dried blood from the fabric. "Greetings, Elf. Can I currently assist you? I'm afraid I had mistakenly identified one of my creations as an old friend of mine..." He gestures to Ranavos airily, "And seem to have encountered a Paladin with the same error." Issuing a curt nod at Ranavos, he mutters in Gutterspeak, "By all means you may keep watch on the homelands, or you can join the ranks of the invaders if you so desire 'soldier'." Backing away from the crowd with another, lower bow, Wrest smiles and addresses them all, "I would so love to offer to entertain and oblige you whatever I could, but you see I am in the process of a rather big operation and lack time to spare."