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  1. Interesting. Im kinda excited to try this game. Only one thing stopping me. MAC. I need to get off work and check out the classes a bit more. Very excited. I was watching a few youtube videos and one of the sweet combonations I saw was Beastmaster and what seemed like a Void Knight (I could totally be wrong) The tiger was deep purple. Looks cool. I like the idea of rifts and logging in to something immediately to do. Quick question though. Theres dungeons and raids, right? And than rifts would be the third component?
  2. So quick question. Do you have to spread your points out over three souls or can you focus them on one or two souls? Are there attractive attacks or skills at the end of each tree?
  3. I will have to check that out later. Blocked for me. I havent figured out where the spare points would be best place. I have jumped around from throwing them in Blood for Bladed Armor and the 60 seconds off Strangulate. Very nice when your silencing often. But throwing them in Unholy would be nice for longer diseases and Desecration. Trying to recall if Glyphed Howling Blast applies Chill. If it does (ill check tonight) than there really wouldnt be a need to throw down Desecration. On a side note: When points are applied into extended diseases, its funny to be sitting at a Graveyard and stil
  4. Mmm. Well, I will check it out this weekend. Working up honor now for my PVP Two Hander. Long shot, but does anyone have a talent calculator not blocked by Websense?
  5. Call of Duty: Passive Resistance - HUG HEAD SHOT!
  6. Where do I pre order? Seriously though, what is next for Call of Duty? What war have they not milked a greatest hit out of? Possibilities: - Korean War (Who doesnt want to fight in the now DMZ and get TreyArch's interprutation of how Korea was snapped in half) - World War One (Austria-Hungrary=Leet) - Franco-Prussian War (Bismark? Malta? Uhhh France? Best Seller.) - Future Canadian-American-Mexican War (Why not...) - Catholic vs Protestant Ireland (Boon Dock Saints with more guns and a multiplayer) and finally.... CALL OF DUTY: CIVIL WAR - New Weapons: Cannon, Musket (89% Miss), Ha
  7. I have been looking through websites to determine whether or not a switch to Unholy is needed. I have messed around with it recently, but never got the results that I got from Frost. Ive noticed some Unholy DW happening in PVE, pretty awesome looking. For arena I paired up with a Resto Druid and it has been working out extremely well. The only team that we were dominated by was a Demo Lock and Frost Mage. I have never felt so weak. Rooted, DoT'd and Dead. We didnt even have a chance to muster a defense.
  8. Having a great time running my Frost 2H Deathknight through Battlegrounds and 2v2. Anyone savy on PVP specs? Seen alot of Deathknights running around as Unholy and even a few Blood. Wondering if a single spec has risen to the top for PVP. 2H Frost has been treating me pretty well. Burst damage with rune power to spare. The only real problems im having are with Holy Paladins. Suggestions? Beyond spamming NS?
  9. Black Ops for the Wii? That sounds like torture. Pretty stoked to download the new maps this weekend. I watched the Youtube video and one of the maps is the Berlin Wall. Get to run through both sides and theres a dead zone in the middle with .50 cals blasting you from towers. Woooo! One of the other ones is a Russian Expeditionary Station in a artic region. Two sides connected by a destroyable bridge. Favorite gun anyone? AK-47u with Gernade Launcher and or Commando with Reflex Sight...Yummm.
  10. Has anyone downloaded the new Call of Duty: Black Ops Map Pack? 4 New Maps and a new Zombie Map. Thoughts?
  11. So, has there been any word of changes coming to TB? I know Blizzard publically recgonizes that its broken, but is there a date set or any ideas on what there changing? Also, WG gives the same honor as TB?
  12. Well, I have been spending alot of time farming troll sites. I figure at some point it will pop. Just patience. I dont have the windows of time to raid currently, so I believe this may be my best chance at getting a nice two handed sword. Conquest points arent coming in very quickly. Need to find a arena partner and start grinding them out. Either way, this sword looks BA and so does the Conquest sword. Currently up to 5 Rares with 2 more sitting in que. Most of them are extremely disappointing though. The Night Elf Mirror? Chimes? Even the Innkeeper Daughter. For how much grinding you do to
  13. Just maxed it out this evening. Beginning the big grind on troll artifacts to obtain the amazing two hander. Anyone having success with it thus far? Is the Innkeepers Daughter on the same cooldown as your normal hearthstone?
  14. For thrills and giggles. Whats your rotation for arcane?
  15. From what I have done at 85, which is normal dungeons, my mage seems to do fine as Arcane. I do get a little bit of slack from people who rant that Arcane is the down and out spec right now, but im sure Blizzard will lift it back up soon enough. From what I hear in trade, Fire seems the way to go. Play what you enjoy though.