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  1. Well, have played for about a day on the server, first impressions are definitely nice, been working a bit toward getting levels/professions up a bit, probably will try to RP a bit today and hunt around, looking at guilds. Hope to see you guys later.
  2. Me and a few friends of mine decided to start alts on this server, and I decided to ask a few questions about the current state of the server, but first a bit about myself. Well, I have been a long time RPer on...several servers, actually played horde side on this server a few years ago. My friend played alliance as well at the same time. Been playing WoW for nearly 5 years, while I tend to be a bit of a recluse from time to time, I at least attempt to bother people and act nice. Anyway, for questions. 1. Generally what are the hot spots for RP alliance side? 2. I am typically an overall p
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    Full Name: Tamasa (Currently Cogspinner) Nicknames:Tam, Tammy Age:46 Race:Gnome Gender:Female Hair:Green Skin:Slightly Pale Eyes:Blue Height:3'6 Weight:48 lbs Place of residence:Ironforge Place of Birth:Gnomeregan Known Relatives:Alexis Cogspinner, Dendren Flameburner Religion/Philosophy:Agnostic Occupation:Tailor, Enchanter Group/Guild affiliation:None Guild Rank:None Enemies:None known Likes:Reading, Magic, Having a pleasant conversation. Favorite Foods:Onion soup Favorite Drinks:Elven Wine (rarely drinks) Favorite Colors:Green Weapons of Choice:Staves, Spells Dislikes