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  1. Dear Diary, My heart is racing right now! Today seemed like just another normal day, until this evening. Shellene handed me a letter that she said arrived earlier. At first I thought it might be from Dad, but I could see right away from the writing that it wasn't. That's when my stomach started doing flipflops, because I wasn't expecting any other letters from anyone. So it could only be one thing. I took the letter upstairs to my room to open it, and my hands were shaking when I did. I was pretty sure it was going to be a rejection letter, and I was almost hoping it was. The idea of actually going on the show seems terrifying to me! Why did I even apply, what was I thinking! So I unfolded the letter, held my breath and read it. Oh my gosh, Diary. I'm going to be on the show!! What am I going to do?! It's so scary to think of going off on my own for something like this, not knowing anyone else there! I'm so scared, but I am excited, too. Matron Nightingale was not very happy with me! I guess she didn't really take it serious, or didn't know what it was, or both. They are letting me go, though. And now, I have to pack for about a month and a half. That's a really long time! I'm mostly finished packing right now, I'll do the rest of it in the morning. I don't know how I'm going to sleep, tonight. In the morning I'll finish getting the rest of my things together, and then Shellene and Aldren are going to arrange a flight for me down to Booty Bay. I've never even been to Booty Bay alone. I hope the other people on the show are nice, and they like me. I hope I like them. Maybe I'll make some new friends. I wonder if there will be anyone my age there. I wonder what islands we'll be going to? Oh, I'm really nervous! But I think this will be the adventure of a lifetime. And I'm for sure going to bring you to write in. Ok, Diary. Goodnight. Next time I write in you, we'll probably be on a boat!
  2. Dear Diary, I am so nervous right now! I can finally talk about what I wanted to mention last night, but I ran out of time. And it's the reason why I was emptying out my drawer yesterday and found you. Let me explain. There is a game show called The House that has been around for a couple of years. I've heard of it before, but I didn't see anything from the first season. I just heard a little bit about it. They say all kinds of crazy things happened, but it was pretty dangerous. Then the last season was earlier this year, in the winter time. I saw a couple of episodes from that one after I heard people talking about it in town. It didn't seem nearly as bad as the other season I heard about. Mostly it looked fun. They were playing some game where they kept having to taste different potions that would do different things, like turn them invisible, or into a giant, or they'd start bleating like a goat. And in another episode, they were following some clues that would lead them to a secret room in the house. It just looked so interesting. I enjoyed watching the ones I saw, but I didn't think much about it and forgot about it after that. Well, a couple of weeks ago I saw some of these flyers posted up around town. I took this one, because there were more of them around. It's going to be on a boat this time! And go to some islands! At first I got excited because I thought I'd try and watch more of it this time. But then I got to thinking. What if- just what if- I applied, myself? What a crazy idea. I really wasn't sure about trying it. But at the same time, if I didn't at least try, I'd never know. I'm not even sure if I want to do it, it sounds so scary when I think about it! But also, exciting. I went ahead and sent in an application. I'm sure I won't get picked. But at least I tried. I don't even know what I'd do if I did get selected! I did tell the Matrons about it. They aren't too sure what to make of it, but they didn't tell me not to. The deadline for people to send an application is tomorrow and then they'll announce who got picked to be on it, I guess. So at least after tomorrow I'll know one way or another, and I can stop worrying about it!
  3. Dear Diary, I can't believe I forgot about you! It's been a really long time since I wrote. I guess I just got so busy with my studies, and then moving back to Stormwind was a big change. I was just cleaning up my room and found you tucked way in the back of my dresser drawer, under some old clothes I haven't worn in a long time. But I'm so glad I found you again! Since it's been over four years since I wrote anything, it's really impossible to talk about all the things that have happened since then. When things got bad with the war, Mom and Dad (Kexti and Juli) decided it would be much safer for me if I came back to Stormwind. It was really hard at first, and I was so sad. I was still able to go visit them in Dalaran sometimes, but then Mom got busy with things that kept her away, so it would mostly just be Dad and I. He used to write to me a lot more, but I think when he's out in the field fighting, it gets too hard to keep up with. I just really hope he's ok right now. I miss him and Mom. I've been keeping myself busy though- I was going to join Twilight Empire, but that got messed up by the War also. At the orphanage, they were telling those of us that were old enough that we should try to find a guild to join. And that's why I was going to join them, but then I ended up doing something even better! At the orphanage, Matron Nightingale said she saw something promising in me, and asked if I'd stay on there and help to mentor some of the older kids that will be leaving soon. Just kind of in various ways, depending on who they are and what they might need. Some of them I help with their studies, or just talking to them about what they might expect when they leave and how to find a guild or a trade skill that they'd enjoy. Some of the girls, I teach self defense and how to use some of the things Dad taught me. And sometimes I'll talk to some of the new orphans that come in that might be scared or confused, because I remember how I felt also, when I lost my real Dad. They just want me to be a positive influence on the kids, and they said it's easier for the other kids to relate to someone closer to their age, and especially someone who has been through it. Anyway, in exchange for that I get room and board at the orphanage. I like it because I feel like I can make a difference to people. I think Mom and Dad would be proud. I try to pass on the values I learned from Sanctuary, also. Also, look at this photograph that my friend Aldren took! A bunch of us were outside because it was snowing, and I was writing a note to my friend Heidi, and he took this picture. I didn't even see him do it! I think it's neat, though. I love the snow falling in it. Ok goodnight Diary, I'll try to remember to write in you more often. Plus, I have something exciting to talk about, but this is getting too long so I'll do it tomorrow. Goodnight!
  4. Nikaa

    The House

    This was an incredible RP experience, and resulted in some pretty big changes and character development for Shaelie. For one, she got the opportunity to apologize to Myaka and Ketani of Twilight Empire for wronging them in the past. It gave her a chance to make amends and form new friendships with people- including members of the Alliance, that she might not have ever gotten to meet before. She also was able to officially reclaim her original name and identity of Nika Davies, which was very important to her.
  5. Proud to have been a member of The Grim for several years, and I look forward to seeing the story continue on WrA. ❤️
  6. Nika sat staring down at the blank piece of paper in front of her, lightly tapping the pen against the edge of the page. Scattered around her feet were the crumpled remnants of many other attempts to put her words to paper. 'You're overthinking it,' she thought. 'Just write what you feel.' And so she did. Dear Branngas, It's hard to know how to find the right words for apologizing to someone who you know you've deeply wronged. You are someone I always considered a great friend, and I know that I let you down when I went to the horde. I betrayed and disappointed you, and that's something I'll always have to live with. But I want you to at least know that I do regret the horrible things I've done, and I'm so sorry. I can't expect you to ever forgive me. But I want you to know that the Nika that once made you proud, that you considered a friend, still does exist. I no longer associate with The Grim. I'm now with another guild that seeks peace between the factions, and my time is focused on trying to help people. I work in a hospital now. I can't take back the things I've done and the people I've hurt. So I'm trying to at least do anything I can to help other people going forward, and make a difference in any way that I can. I'm devastated at what is happening in Ashenvale right now. I know you will be out there fighting to defend the innocent civilians. Please be safe, Captain Branngas. My guild and I do not agree with what is happening, and we are not fighting in this war. We are doing what we can to protect the innocent. Our hospital is open to anyone who needs help, and I will be doing everything in my power to make sure the injured that find their way there will live and be healed so they can return to their families. Once again, I am so sorry for hurting you, the 73rd and Micael. -Nikaa Davies Later, she stood in front of a mailbox, the letter to her old friend gripped in her hand. She stood there for several moments, almost afraid to drop the letter in the slot. She had no idea how Branngas would react. She knew he hated her. At least.. he hated the terrible version of her that had been with The Grim for so many years. And he hadn't had a chance to see how she was attempting to change, or to make amends for the things she had done. Chances were, he'd tear up the letter without fully reading it, once he realized who it was from. But she had to try. She took a breath, opened the mailbox, and dropped the letter inside.
  7. It's been quite awhile since I wrote in this, and I'm happy to say that life is good. Really, really good. I've been with Sanctuary since shortly after my last entry, and I can't remember being this happy in years. I'm finally doing something good with my life. I've been working at the hospital in Ashtotem, mostly helping out with whatever needs to be done. Be it cleaning wounds, bandaging people up, bringing meals to the patients or even just talking to them. Most of the people I've met in Sanctuary have been really nice. It's a big guild, and there are still many I haven't met yet. But I've met some interesting people so far. Mardalius and Cerryan are probably two of the most kind people I've ever met in my life, and I feel lucky to know them. Maralah teaches me a lot in the hospital. She's gruff, and she intimidates me. But I like her. And even a grudging nod of approval from her is something I consider high praise. I really like Baern, although I have not had many encounters with him yet. And of course, there is Einar, who I'm seeing. He's technically a familiar, but I have a lot of trouble wrapping my head around that. He was exceedingly shy at first, but I'm glad that he's starting to loosen up and act more himself around me- like the very first day I met him in the library. I thought he was funny and interesting, and I'm seeing more of that again now that he's less nervous. There might be trouble on the horizon with Infection. They have one of our members, and I might have to go help rescue him. But if I do, Einar is coming with me. And I feel a whole lot less alone since I've joined Sanctuary.
  8. Hearing Lunk's name mentioned caused Lonk to stomp his feet, and gnash his teeth. "Lonk Hate Lunk!" He yelled. "Why Lunk get all nice tings? Floaty sammich chose Lunk, and Lunk get to talk to pretty lady and get gold stars! WHY! It not fair!"
  9. I got a chance to start reading the newspaper tonight. It's going to take me a really long time to get through everything, but I've been clipping out the articles about Jon Ableham as I go. I'm only on the 4th issue (out of 21) and already have 6 articles.. I already have dozens of questions, but this article in particular is huge.. I did NOT remember that Jon.. as in the Jon I considered my brother.. was somehow still present in Jon Ableham. I thought my brother died when I gave him that brain in the jar... I remember Jon Ableham being a general dick and orchestrating the worgen riots (though according to the articles, DeRossi was actually behind that and how the HELL did I let DeRossi slip off my radar during all of that?) Anyway. I remembered them being two complete different 'entities'. I don't remember Jon being present after the brain incident.. This changes some things. Maybe.. I still don't think the Jon Ableham I've been seeing in Orgimmar is the same Jon Ableham as in these articles. But I need to keep reading.
  10. It's been several days since I last wrote, but a lot has happened. I sent a letter to Sanctuary asking to meet with one of them. I was expecting to see Juli or Kexti, but it was actually Cerryan who agreed to meet with me. After thinking about it, I am glad it was him. He's seemed.. friendly, the times I've seen him. Or attempting to be. He was the one that tried to bid some crazy amount of gold on me at that date auction a few years ago. I still don't know why. Maybe I'll ask him someday, if I get the chance. Anyway, I'm afraid if Julilee had been the one to meet with me, she wouldn't believe me. And if it was Kex'ti, he probably wouldn't take me serious. But Cerryan listened, at least. I didn't plan out what I was going to say, because I wanted to speak from the heart in the moment. And that's what I did. I think he believes me.. but agrees that I have a long road ahead when it comes to getting others to ever trust me again. He said he'd speak to them about me, and to be patient. I haven't heard anything in several days. It 's hard to be patient, but I feel like it'll be worth it in the long run. Every day I check my mailbox, hoping to hear word. Someday.. In the meantime, I went ahead and left Borrowed Time. I tried to talk to Cobrak but he was busy, so end the end I just left them a note. I don't think any of them will really care- most of them probably don't even remember me since I was gone for a couple of years. If Sanctuary won't have me, I have no plan B. So this has to work.. I saw Jon Ableham again, only I'm not convinced it's really Jon. Things aren't adding up. I've been trying to remember all of those details, but tonight I had a great idea! I went to Dalaran and found a library to see if they had archives of old newspapers. Particularly, the Violet Eye. Turns out, they did. So I made copies of the whole collection. There were a lot more issues that I remembered. I recall there being a lot of things in there about Jon though, at some point. And a lot about myself. Some true, most false. But reading back over them might help me start putting some things together.
  11. Shaelie stepped off the gangplank of the ship from Ratchet, and paused on the wooden pier of Booty Bay. it had been a long time since she had traveled here. Tonight, though, she had business. From her pocket, she pulled a folded piece of paper and studied it for a moment, then began walking again. Her eyes searched the buildings she passed, looking for the wooden sign advertising the tattoo parlor.. which should be just to the left of the tavern. Right about.. there! She spotted the weather beaten sign and pushed open the door to step inside. The goblin that greeted her spoke with her for a few minutes, as she showed him the sketch on paper that she had brought. She handed over the fairly large coin purse of gold that had been agreed upon in advance. And she wasn't surprised when he raised the price by another 45%.. the tattoo she wanted was a 'premium' design, as it turned out. And the cost of ink had increased due to shortage of supplies. And of course, overhead fees, and the like. Shaelie paid without protest. It was worth it. She settled in the chair as the goblin prepared the tattoo gun, all the while grumbling to himself that he hadn't gotten at least another 10% out of her. The needle stung, but Shaelie set her jaw and endured without protest. It was worth it. A couple of hours later, she was done. The hour had grown late, but she was ecstatic. The tattoo had come out even better than she had hoped. Turned out, the goblin was quite the artist, and worth every bit of gold, and then some. She left him with a rather generous tip. Stopping beneath a pool of light from one of the hanging lanterns overhead, she admired the piece once more. It now graced the inside of her forearm, spanning an area roughly the size of her hand. The tattoo was of a shield, leaning against a rock. The shield was gold, inlaid with deep blue filigree. The pattern was quite intricate, and if you looked closely enough, you could make out the letters M G set into the design. Propped against the shield was a large hammer that seemed to glow with a faint halo of gold light. Twisted around the handle of the hammer was a silver chain necklace, with a tiny silver hammer dangling from the end.
  12. Updated most sections, biggest change being description.
  13. I'm sitting in the grass right now. Between the ridge of two hills, overlooking a farm. There's a cow in the pasture, chewing some grass. The lights are on in the farmhouse, shining through the windows, and I can smell them cooking dinner. There are crickets chirping, and an owl hooting up in the tree above me, somewhere. I used to live here. Not there, in that particular house. Micael did, though. Nearby. I've been thinking about Micael a lot lately. I'm not sure why.. But I'll be honest when I say I miss him and Mack, a hell of a lot. I think my time away got me thinking about a lot of things. And tonight really magnified that. I stopped in the Wyverns Tail. And Jon Ableham was there. I couldn't believe it. He wasn't the Jon I miss so much, though. Just the bad version of himself. He didn't know it was me, of course.. After I got over my shock of seeing him, I talked to him a bit and he said some things that confused me, and some things that sparked some memories that I couldn't quite dredge up. He mentioned Venedict being his nephew. That blew my mind. Did I know that before? Something about 'nephew' sounded familiar. But if Venedict was his nephew.. how the HELL did he end up being his ghoul? And so I came here, for answers. To Stormwind. Where this whole journey with Venedict, Jon and Micael began. In the graveyard.. I remember something about a tombstone. So I found them tonight. Christine, Venedict, Alex and David Abner.. being here did help me remember some things. But I still couldn't recall the connection between Venedict and Jon. I sort of remember Jon being here, but he was afraid of Venedict. Anyway, my thoughts are all over the place tonight. That's just part of what's on my mind. Being here, just behind the gates of Stormwind. I'm homesick. I miss being me. I miss being Nika. I remember how I used to help people. Not always.. I got into a lot of fights, even before I started doing the really horrible things. But I miss how life used to be. Before The Grim, and before my life changed. And before I ruined other people's lives, and destroyed families. My biggest regret in life is something that will always haunt me. It's what I did in Theramore... when I poisoned all those soldiers. I wish I could rip that day out of my life, and out of my memories. All those families and kids that no longer have fathers because of me. Fathers that didn't even get to die honorably, in battle. They didn't even get a chance to make a difference, or to be heroes. They were meant to die doing courageous things, making a difference in the world. Stories would be written about the battles they fought, and how they sacrificed their lives to make life safer for the people they cared about. But instead, they ate poisoned bread and choked to death. For nothing. That wasn't supposed to be their legacy. Hardly anyone knows about that. It's the thing I'm most ashamed of. I wonder about those families now. Whatever became of them? I feel like that's what I'm supposed to do, now. Help people. Make a difference, somehow. I don't want to fight anymore. I don't want to kill people. I can't change or take back every person that I hurt or killed. But maybe I can change something for other people, going forward. It's funny.. as I was sitting here behind Stormwind, thinking about all of this. At first I was wishing I could go back. But that wouldn't help anything, either. So I was wishing that I could somehow help people on both sides. Not just one or the other. And I was wishing there was some guild that was neutral, and that does help people on both sides. And then I remembered that there is.. Sanctuary. That's hard to wrap my head around, as much as I hated and fought against them in the past.. but that was also when I was consumed by The Grim.. and the most important thing to me was to prove myself to them. But time has passed. And you know what? I already did. And I don't care anymore. I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet. I'm not sure if Borrowed Time and Sanctuary are on good terms, or bad. I'm not sure if I want to stay with Borrowed Time but also help Sanctuary. if they'd even have me. Which is a stretch. A big one.