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  1. Dear Diary, My heart is racing right now! Today seemed like just another normal day, until this evening. Shellene handed me a letter that she said arrived earlier. At first I thought it might be from Dad, but I could see right away from the writing that it wasn't. That's when my stomach started doing flipflops, because I wasn't expecting any other letters from anyone. So it could only be one thing. I took the letter upstairs to my room to open it, and my hands were shaking when I did. I was pretty sure it was going to be a rejection letter, and I was almost hoping it was. The idea of actu
  2. Dear Diary, I am so nervous right now! I can finally talk about what I wanted to mention last night, but I ran out of time. And it's the reason why I was emptying out my drawer yesterday and found you. Let me explain. There is a game show called The House that has been around for a couple of years. I've heard of it before, but I didn't see anything from the first season. I just heard a little bit about it. They say all kinds of crazy things happened, but it was pretty dangerous. Then the last season was earlier this year, in the winter time. I saw a couple of episodes from that one after I
  3. Dear Diary, I can't believe I forgot about you! It's been a really long time since I wrote. I guess I just got so busy with my studies, and then moving back to Stormwind was a big change. I was just cleaning up my room and found you tucked way in the back of my dresser drawer, under some old clothes I haven't worn in a long time. But I'm so glad I found you again! Since it's been over four years since I wrote anything, it's really impossible to talk about all the things that have happened since then. When things got bad with the war, Mom and Dad (Kexti and Juli) decided it would be much
  4. Nikaa

    The House

    This was an incredible RP experience, and resulted in some pretty big changes and character development for Shaelie. For one, she got the opportunity to apologize to Myaka and Ketani of Twilight Empire for wronging them in the past. It gave her a chance to make amends and form new friendships with people- including members of the Alliance, that she might not have ever gotten to meet before. She also was able to officially reclaim her original name and identity of Nika Davies, which was very important to her.
  5. Proud to have been a member of The Grim for several years, and I look forward to seeing the story continue on WrA. ❤️
  6. Nika sat staring down at the blank piece of paper in front of her, lightly tapping the pen against the edge of the page. Scattered around her feet were the crumpled remnants of many other attempts to put her words to paper. 'You're overthinking it,' she thought. 'Just write what you feel.' And so she did. Dear Branngas, It's hard to know how to find the right words for apologizing to someone who you know you've deeply wronged. You are someone I always considered a great friend, and I know that I let you down when I went to the horde. I betrayed and disappointed you, and
  7. It's been quite awhile since I wrote in this, and I'm happy to say that life is good. Really, really good. I've been with Sanctuary since shortly after my last entry, and I can't remember being this happy in years. I'm finally doing something good with my life. I've been working at the hospital in Ashtotem, mostly helping out with whatever needs to be done. Be it cleaning wounds, bandaging people up, bringing meals to the patients or even just talking to them. Most of the people I've met in Sanctuary have been really nice. It's a big guild, and there are still many I haven't met yet. But
  8. Hearing Lunk's name mentioned caused Lonk to stomp his feet, and gnash his teeth. "Lonk Hate Lunk!" He yelled. "Why Lunk get all nice tings? Floaty sammich chose Lunk, and Lunk get to talk to pretty lady and get gold stars! WHY! It not fair!"
  9. I got a chance to start reading the newspaper tonight. It's going to take me a really long time to get through everything, but I've been clipping out the articles about Jon Ableham as I go. I'm only on the 4th issue (out of 21) and already have 6 articles.. I already have dozens of questions, but this article in particular is huge.. I did NOT remember that Jon.. as in the Jon I considered my brother.. was somehow still present in Jon Ableham. I thought my brother died when I gave him that brain in the jar... I remember Jon Ableham being a general dick and orchestrating the worgen ri
  10. It's been several days since I last wrote, but a lot has happened. I sent a letter to Sanctuary asking to meet with one of them. I was expecting to see Juli or Kexti, but it was actually Cerryan who agreed to meet with me. After thinking about it, I am glad it was him. He's seemed.. friendly, the times I've seen him. Or attempting to be. He was the one that tried to bid some crazy amount of gold on me at that date auction a few years ago. I still don't know why. Maybe I'll ask him someday, if I get the chance. Anyway, I'm afraid if Julilee had been the one to meet with me, she wouldn't believe
  11. Shaelie stepped off the gangplank of the ship from Ratchet, and paused on the wooden pier of Booty Bay. it had been a long time since she had traveled here. Tonight, though, she had business. From her pocket, she pulled a folded piece of paper and studied it for a moment, then began walking again. Her eyes searched the buildings she passed, looking for the wooden sign advertising the tattoo parlor.. which should be just to the left of the tavern. Right about.. there! She spotted the weather beaten sign and pushed open the door to step inside. The goblin that greeted her spoke with her fo
  12. Updated most sections, biggest change being description.
  13. I'm sitting in the grass right now. Between the ridge of two hills, overlooking a farm. There's a cow in the pasture, chewing some grass. The lights are on in the farmhouse, shining through the windows, and I can smell them cooking dinner. There are crickets chirping, and an owl hooting up in the tree above me, somewhere. I used to live here. Not there, in that particular house. Micael did, though. Nearby. I've been thinking about Micael a lot lately. I'm not sure why.. But I'll be honest when I say I miss him and Mack, a hell of a lot. I think my time away got me thinking about a lot of