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  1. <p>Good, good. Keep up the good work!</p>

  2. <p>Oh you know, upholding justice and keeping trade chat swear-free. The usual.</p>

  3. <p>How's it going?</p>

  4. <p>Exactly. It's not like we literally had "anal rapists" in the guild, or condoned those activities. It was all in the name of comedy, albeit immature comedy.</p>

  5. <p>Heyyyyyyyyy</p>

  6. <p>As far as your guild ranks go, I think there's something creative to say about them. On non-RP servers when I would lead guilds, I would, on a monthly basis, retheme the guild ranks. In another game where I followed this trend as well, I had an STD month, with AIDS, herpes, and ghonnorhea as guild ranks.</p>

  7. <p>Hello there.</p>

  8. Colour me interested. Sign me up and hopefully this can get started again.
  9. (( I really enjoyed your description here, very colorful. My biggest criticism though was that you changed from 3rd to 1st person after the prologue. I had to read back a bit to figure out who was now narrating. Keep it up, looking forward to more!))
  10. Some of us may be trolls, but we're hardly "senseless". We always troll for a reason. And when we're not spamming trade we're raiding and pvping, so I wouldn't say we have "nothing better to do". Do you have any complaints other than we're "immature?" If you don't like our antics, ignore us. I'm not trying to force you specifically to RP or group with us.
  11. Yes, there was a time abut a year ago where this was true, but guild ranks have changed many, many times since. Our ranks are usually a joke, and currently they're parodies of Harry Potter characters. I don't see how this means we should be shunned from the server's RP community.
  12. ((Mods: this is not a typical guild thread, and I posted it here because of the controversy. If this is the wrong place for it, sorry! Feel free to relocate it to a better spot.)) Hello, my name is Ottmar and I am the RP Officer of the Alliance guild <Freelance Police>. Yes, that guild, and yes, this is my second account on the TNG. The reason that I was forced to re-register is not to get around some well earned ban, but because my original account is being censored here. No matter what I post or who I message, nobody can see what I type. I suppose this came about last February during my last attempt to establish FP on these forms. It ended badly and apparently me and a few other guild mates accounts were squelched. I suppose I must address the fact that most of you hate my guild. I'm not here to say “we're not trolls” because, quite frankly, some of our members are. <Freelance Police> is, in fact a “RP-lite” guild. Not all of our members are role players and it's not a requirement for membership. That being said, there are many members who do role play and we do enjoy interacting with members of Twisting Nether. Our kind of role play is not, shall we say, typical. We have no official theme, and each guild mate has their own take on the idea of “Freelance Police” On one hand we have members upholding justice in the name of the law and all that is good. On the other, we have crooked cops, bullying local merchants in Trade to pay "protection" fees. Each individual member brings their own ideas and styles to our melting pot of RP hilarity. Because of the variety of role play, sometimes members do things that insult or offend other roll players. I'm not here to apologize for that. I also don't pretend the incidents of FP members crashing RP events didn't happen. But most of those were months, if not years ago. Guild leadership has changed multiple times and most of our guild roster are new members. Still, if you don't appreciate a FP member's role playing style, then /ignore them and you're free from their torment forever. Another point of hostility is the fact that <Freelance Police> originated from the Something Awful forums. Somethingawful.com is a comedy website that specializes on making fun of other internet communities. While this may seem openly hostile to you, please take note that as of this moment there are 143,284 members of the SA forums. Of those numbers, maybe 40 of us come directly from SA, and many others have come from Twisting Nether. Believe it or not, SA is not a hive mind of horrible people (only 60% of the forums are actually horrible). Our guild is not “endorsed” by SA, it was just the common denominator that got the founding members started. I know this one post isn't going to ease years of hatred toward our guild. You're entitled to not like us, and nobody's going to force you to role play with us. I'd like to open the doors of diplomacy with this thread and start a new chapter of <Freelance Police>'s existence on this realm. If you have a grievance against us or even just a question, bring it to light here and we can discuss it like adults. All I ask is you don't outright ban/censor/delete this post and give us a chance to talk. Also, if you are one of the few people that ran into myself or a guild mate role playing and had fun with it, post about your experience.