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  1. My hair breaks every rule that we have to adhere to on the riverboat. So I use pomade to slick it up and while everybody knows......nobody minds.
  2. He prays to "Jesus fuckshit Christ" everytime his computer lags super hard in dungeons.
  3. <p>Fucking is right.</p>

  4. <p>This is a very fucking interesting post o_O</p>

  5. <p>I have no power.</p>

  6. <p>yeah, but shouldnt you be like superhyperpowered with that love or something? TCH, putting all that energy to waste! Peri I understand, but YOU? YOU HAVE RADIO WAVES...YOU AREN'T USING THEM PROPERLY! D:<</p>

  7. From the east came flying a pale horse, upon which a shadowed troll rode. His destination was clear, though it changed as they moved, but such a large caravan would never be hard to find, especially when his presence was welcome, at least to their leadership. He decided it would be best to wait along the road and greet them as they approached, so that he could help them on their way through those undead whose will belonged to the great traitor king of the north. Time passed quickly before the caravan approached him, and upon his dismount, the deathsteed faded back into shadow. He kneeled and bowed before his lord and employer "Sorry I be late to da party Esteemed Marquess, but here I be, ready to make good on me word to protect ya from da evils o' da land. I certainly hope ya don't mind me travellin' wit' ya, beca' I t'ink it be in all o' our best interests." Without waiting for an answer, he summoned his warhorse back and climbed to its back and took his place at the head of the caravan as they marched further south through the plaguelands.
  8. So right. And I'd totally eat it, maple smoked bacon is an accepted thing, maple syrup and bacon, while dubious, is probably still delicious.