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  1. A Foreboding Letter Last night, amidst the the chaos of Hallow's End weekend, a mysterious message found itself bolted to the door of the Dragonhawk Brigade's base. The scroll was recovered by an anonymous agent, who found it in the same condition it is currently in, purple singe marks on the edges and a glowing orange insignia of what looks to be a dragon's claw that radiates on the center of the parchment. When crossed-checked with recent reports, the agent deduced that similar letters have begun sprawling up among almost every Horde and Alliance guild base across Azeroth. In ominous lettering it writes: To the members of the Horde and the Alliance, Before anything, do not attempt to scry or charm this message to find its source; there is no trail to trace as the courier has gladly sacrificed himself so that the world may know fear once more. For over six years, you mortal heroes have gone about your lives, fighting dragons, demons, elements, kings, so that you may secure a lasting future for you and your children. Ironic it is however, that as both the Horde and the Alliance strive to destroy the evil that has riddled this planet since its conception, it has driven you all both closer to annihilation: the only unifying force, was an enemy far greater than either union. Even now, your nations stand on the verge of collapse. As the Wrathgate burned a wide hole through the hearts of both the Horde and the Alliance, so did it burn the banners of diplomacy. The world has seen what the wild dog will do when the Horde lets off its leash, and even so, Sylvanas and her Forsaken are allowed to remain alive, breathing, scheming. While the Horde deals with its political turmoil, the Alliance is tearing itself farther apart, as those who advocate for peace are being stomped out of existence by those who push for war; crying out for retribution for the fallen in the Dragonblight. While all of this is happening, the very world itself is writhing in pain; earthquakes and tempests have begun to appear on a global scale. But this is not coincidental, not in the least bit. Your days of playing hero have caused more trouble than you could ever possibly imagine: the world is literally collapsing, and it's because of you. Titan lore had once stated that the Old Gods, those that predated the Pantheon, were so deeply rooted to Azeroth, that their "removal" would destroy the planet ten times over. So the Pantheon locked them into the deepest recesses of the planet, where our master was charged to monitor their prisons. For eons they watched, slowly spreading their influence outside of their jails, even so much as corrupting the very aspect that acted as their warden; they were patient. Now, within this decade, you heroes have succeeded in not only "killing" one, but two Old Gods. You believe this world was safer? Surely not. The great cataclysm that you see churning before you is due in part to your ignorance; how dare you defy even your very creators, who knew what havoc would be in store for those who tried to uproot our gods. Steel yourselves "heroes," for within the coming months, it will become ever-clearer that your golden age will never come, and that the only thing that stands in your future is the shadow of the twilight as it comes ever closer. So shelter your frail, stock up your reserves, arm your soldiers, but in the end, it will all have been for naught: you're all going to die. -The hour of twilight is upon us, embrace it or be eliminated!