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  1. <p><lurks on your lurk> Now we can super creep on each other.</p>

  2. <p><3 /lurks from beyond the lurking place</p>

  3. <p>Damn her! *dramatic shaking of fist*</p>

  4. <p>It was Kimmy. She's a blood traitor.</p>

  5. <p>OMG who told you my convict ID number? >_></p>

  6. <p>Convict #728733. Please return to your <a href="http://images.nationmaster.com/images/motw/australia/australia_rel_1999.jpg" rel="external nofollow">cell</a>!</p>

  7. <p>Jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiik! SPLOOT!</p>

  8. The death knight's eyes blaze with pure rage upon recognising the face of the warlock that forced himself upon his sister. "So... -that- is the helling warlock's name?" He snatches the photo from the reporter with a snarl before muttering something and turning on his heel, the photo in his hand.
  9. ((Words are scrawled angrily on the page)) Nobody hurts my sister and gets away with it.
  10. It's been some time since I've written, probably because the world has been turned upside down by the emergence of Deathwing. I heard Stormwind was hit hard by him, hah! I have no pity for the helling Alliance, I wished that dragon had burned the entire city to the ground. Anyway, so much has changed so quickly; and yet in Silvermoon it seems nothing ever happened. We were lucky to not be affected by the Shattering. Things in the city are peaceful and calm, but away from Silvermoon it's a reminder that there's a dangerous Aspect out there; fully intent on Azeroth's destruction. Baduk has lost the sight in one eye, due to an unfortunate accident; and now wears an eyepatch. I don't know how I'd go, only having sight in one eye; but he seems to be handling it alright. I could write a whole lot more on this Deathwing subject, but I'm feeling lazy; so I won't bother writing more and I may go for a ride and explore some more of this new Azeroth.
  11. Yea, you have to refer-a-friend, and they have to sign up for 2 months to get the rocket. At the -end- of the 2 months, you can go into your account and redeem said rocket. I love that they double as a ground mount now!
  12. Hrmm... okay cool. It's something to go on. Maybe I'll harass the GM's on the Blizz forums and see if I can get an answer.
  13. So, I want to know for RP sake... Roughly, how much time has passed since the Sundering? Because sure magic is awesome, but massive changes to cities etc don't happen overnight. Any ideas?
  14. Something is coming, and no one knows what it is. There has been speculation aplenty but no one knows for sure. I was spending some time in Orgrimmar yesterday when out of nowhere, elementals spawned throughout the city! Stone and fire, which started to attack anything in sight, setting fire to buildings. It was a frenzy of panic for the poor citizens of the city, they fled quickly; several falling victim to the out of control elementals. It was not long before adventurers from all over Azeroth were there to help; and together we dispatched them and saved the city. I dread that was not the last of the attacks, and the earthquakes have once again intensified. So far only Orgrimmar and Thunder Bluff have been victim to these attacks and more cultists seem to be walking the streets as the days go by. To even get into Ogrimmar now, one has to be searched; in case any more cultist material makes it into the city. It makes me glad I rarely visit there.