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  1. Is there a list of peoples characters and where they are playing on classic wow? That would be cool, I would love to meet up with old friends!
  2. Ive seen a few arcane mages use their mastery right. Use mage armor with the glyph instead of molten, and use arcane blast, arcane barrage, and arcane missles every time they are up. So, if arcane barrage and missles is down, you spam arcane blast. Our arcane mage pulls about 14-15k in bastion of twilight. for magmaw and aoe type fights he obviously goes fire, but the'yre both pretty equal right now.
  3. Izeal

    <p>Shh its pym =D</p>

  4. Pym rushes to the compound to respond to the distress call. His paws dripping with the paladins blood as he runs over to his side. He quickly rips down the vandalized tabard and glares at the warlock. "You don't help a fellow watchmen in need?" Pym shouts as he lifts the human over his shoulder to bring to the nearest bed. "I think it is about time we take threats seriously..."
  5. The actual interview is on MMO champion, and if I remember correctly he says there wont be any in game garbage.