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  1. I always hated the concept of 'blaster proof armor' that wasn't a suit of like, inch thick metal. Its a personal taste, obviously, but it kinda sucked the fun out of a sci-fi gadget like a blaster.
  2. I think its more that the modeling of the Barrens in game (which admittedly, is out of date both as a design/concept, but most importantly technologically), is why everyone assumes its a desert. Because well... It looks like a desert.
  3. Locking the thread. This is more for politics, and can go alittle bit out of control, which has already started to happen in the blogs.
  4. I'm more of a Classic Star Wars in terms of design, more cloaks, less spikes, imo. But still impressive, more that they worked on their animation rigging alittle.
  5. Thread got hit by the annoying lock bug, nothing bad happened. Aleria, like any group, you can say, generally, that the Darkspear feel the same as Voljin. The only thing going against that, would be players. But ignoring that, yes, they'd follow his example. The Darkspear have a long history of more peaceful coexistence. The difference when you say what Vol'jin does is the 'opposite' of what you should forget about trolls, is that you have to take it what tribe your talking about, not just that they're trolls. Darkspears have always been like this, for a long time. Like how the Amani have been very aggressive to the High/Blood Elves, and the Sandfury reclusive but destructive, and so on. Each just has their own flavor. Darkspears, while still aggressive and strong, are abit more passive and peaceful, something that has been viewed as both a strength, and a weakness. They joined the Horde from assistance to, and from Thrall, who they respected. But now that he's out of the picture, it makes perfect sense they (or specifically Vol'Jin) would question his leadership. They majority if Darkspears though, might not do so as openly.
  6. I undeleted it, don't worry You still brought up good points.
  7. Nope! Not at all! Hence why I used my magical fairy dust and resurrected your post! As you know, Hakkar is a dark loa, and wants to turn trolls into his unwilling slaves, this, is something the Zandalari oppose. They worship the loa, and serve them, but not in dominance, they want a balance, not over tipped scales. I love how they wrote the introduction of the Drakkari, as they were one tribe that got almost no face time since an early mention in WC3, until Wrath. Like you said, they were sacrificing their power, some for personal gains, but also in an 'Oh fuck, oh fuck, god damned zombies everywhere, WHAT THE FUCK DO WE DO?!' What did they do? Oh, used some of the strongest power to their own whims, another way of tipping those scales, and it blew up in their faces. In some cases, LITERALLY.And don't forget, at that point, the Zandalari didn't care about what the Drakkari were doing, but I know you mean from the players perspective. Now, I'm hazy here on the info, myself. I don't know if they're resurrecting Hakkar, or if Hakkar has again done his usual m.o. and used his powerful influence to sway the strongest enemies he had, into his favor. I really need to read up on this if the information is out their. But, I look at it this way:If the Zandalari are openly resurrecting Hakkar, they may be doing it as a 'fuck you' to the loa that caused so much trouble. Attempting to use a power, like the power once used them, but as usual, it will most likely come with severe consequences. They do feel (somewhat rightfully) that Troll Empires should return (and fuck yes they should, just like you think Night Elves should have their old kingdoms back), so they will do what they feel is 'right', to get that goal. This is most likely, fully blinding them. Or, as I said, Hakkar has used is influence to bring this about, making his old enemies do their bidding. Now, in classic, the Zandalari were the go to goes for ZG, but they weren't exactly 'good guys'. I wouldn't even call them 'bad' either, they just didn't give a were-bats droppings about the other races, and looked to their own issues, but when Hakkar came back, through a single tribes misguided ideas, they wanted to make sure something they fought against in the past, wouldn't come back to haunt them. This method, would really be Hakkars greatest revenge. But in the end, its just a way to somewhat justify bring back old instances, though it does sound odd. Trust me, Vol'jin wants the Empires back, just as bad as the other assembled tribes, and, Zandalari aren't 'good' or 'evil' as mentioned. You're also mistaking a cultural resurgence as 'world domination'. They want their mighty cities, Zul'Gurub, Zul'Aman, Zul'Farrak, to return to what they were. Not go about and take down the Horde and the Alliance, they just don't want to be scattered and divided any longer, but united and strong. Hell, if the Troll Empires (Amani, Gurubashi, Sandfury), returned, they might actually work with the other soverign powers, as trolls have shown to adapt to changing political climates. They may favor Horde ideals, but they might also decide to go neutral. Zandalar trolls are the tribe that the other off-shoot tribes came from, so it does make sense that they would lead the call for this resurgence. But again, the methods seem...questionable. I'm sure theres gonna be backstory related quests involved in this that will, hopefully, shed better light.
  8. This has gotten into bickering that isn't anything about writing at this point. Locked.
  9. Aleria, why do you feel Hyjal should just be for the Night Elves? Until the Third War, yes, that area was all Night Elf, all the time (for a mere payment of 9.95 a minute). But when Archimonde made his way there, it was not Night Elves that fought and defeated him. It was not the Horde that fought and defeated him. It was not the Alliance that fought and defeated them. It was ALL of them. Since then, Hyjal started a new history of cooperation (either positive, or negative), and you're neglecting the very important fact of game mechanics. That being a high end area, there is no -fully Alliance/Horde- zone for end level, so yes, there will be shared quests. You sometimes forget that rather important fact when you bring up quests and zone lore and such (when it relates to WoW material, that is). And, while you bring up good points, but so does Necro, your 'three point system', makes no sense. Its impossible to anaylze something like that, because not everything fits into a way of thinking your familiar with in your accounting background. If that were the case, everything would be, split even. And don't count out those Gnomes. Thats the one race I'm REALLY sure, could seriously just destroy the world. Only difference is, they'd do it completely on accident.
  10. I think have found the problem with your stance Aleria with your issues against the Horde, and how you feel the Alliance is given 'less'. Horde = A country/centralized government. Multiple races (and two, maybe one race as a territorial ally. See: Forsaken), under one ruler. Separate cultures and peoples inside it, surely, but still ruled by the 'law of the Warchief'. Alliance = Allied group of separate nations. Each with their own ruler, their own laws defining them. COMPLETELY different. There really is nothing 'completely Alliance', because the Alliance is just the group. If they EVER unify all of the Alliance races into one singular group (like the Horde), THAT would be the nail in the coffin for them, as this structure has been their entire existence since the first inception. And in looking back with actual war from Alliance versus The Horde, The Horde traditionally, have always lead in the beginning parts of the wars. The Burning of Stormwind, the initial occupation of the Wetlands, but then half way through is their usual turning point. Some political action will cause a lull in activity, a singular loss, and then the Alliance, usually with new allies (Worgen, anyone?), will make a push foward. Now I doubt the 'war' (I still don't see this as one, YET), will end in a 'loss' (IE- The Horde surrendering), only as it would make zero sense for game mechanics. A stalemate may happen, and I'd be interested in seeing how they write that.
  11. Its not that WC3 doesn't equal WoW, its that the writing of it is based differently. Every single player campaign will make that singular race, the most powerful. Also that 'armies' and such, don't translate in well in a game that ALL you're doing is building armies, while the other can include most of the rest of the social elements as well. And ya, the Cenarian Circle is a joint group with Night Elves, Tauren, and now Trolls and Worgen. The Night elves may be the older of the druids (I can't recall if Blizzard ever stated WHEN Tauren started being Druids, source anyone?), but it is a coalition, council, not more of one or the other. aaaaaand... I am/did, and I still say, they're both even. They're both being written -differently-, and they will both have their own flavor. And again, expansion ain't over bub. Maybe Wyrnn opens a can of whoopass? Maybe Thrall comes back and ball-punches Garrosh? Maybe they all sit down and smoke a peace pipe, therefore ending the game?
  12. I demand that Blizzard make Trolls the most powerful, because they are the one race that had the largest empires of all of them. But then, theres a difference between game balancing, and lore balancing, which people are forgetting. And WC3 =/= WoW. Every campaign, of every race in WC3 was played to be 'the best'. There are times where the humans will remark about the orcs that they're unstoppable, or that the Forsaken are a serious menace. What you're seeings is a problem with writing one type of game (RTS) to then be included into a MMO. Now, does that mean thats an excuse for some things, no. But its unreasonable to expect them to be incredibly power, as they displayed in WC3. If that were the case, then it would have taken alot more to defeat the Burning Legion in the Burning Crusade content (which really, they weren't the main focus of that expansion anyways, and theres only one major fight with someone from them, in the Sunwell), or we'd have an incredibly hard time with the Lich King in Wrath. The one thing I do wish to see, as Mar mentioned, was those gigantic tree creatures again. I think there is only, 2 or 3 in game total. Oh, and trolls being the best. Get on that please. Then that shows that if they were 'defeated' in WC3, and in WoW, then they must not have been as ultimately powerful as they were written, and people feel they should be. Because territorial expansions are not part of Night Elf nature. They aren't a conquering people, or a forceful one. They're reactive, and positive, one thing I like about them. This is oh, so very much, not true at all. And again, the expansions not even done yet, calm down.
  13. I think...you're kinda being unrealistic with your views of Night Elves... If they were that powerful (and I don't see what Blizzard has said about them being even a hairs breath of what you've said, but that could be your writing), then why the hell would their society be the way it is, and why the hell would anyone want to play them? Don't forget, they were weakened when they lost the world tree (if thats something you're mentioning as well with the Blizzard bits), and no where does it say their weak and pathetic. They're just used to a status quo that was relevant a thousand years ago, not today. Thats an actual disadvantage of being an immortal race, you don't evolve or change with the times and with history.
  14. Night Elves aren't the only one feeling that sort of pinch, trolls (Darkspear specifically, trolls in generally can be over done), and Tauren are still abit absent with leaders, and other things. It sounds more like your concern is story telling in-game, which, can be hard to balance, it's an mmo after all, it actually does take alot of work. And don't forget, like the trolls, Night Elves are no longer the strong power they used to be. They got knocked off their high pedestal ages ago, and either by choice, or neglect, never really went farther along. That seems more of their social background if anything, but not in terms of a weakness. They had their time in the sun, and now they have to contend with newer races as well, and having to take down those judgements they have based on their age and past history. If they were again at the height of their power they'd be well...kinda boring. And on the Orcs? I think you just like to play that card abit too much. No offence, but its getting really stale.