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  1. <p>If you're looking to find more information on the DA:O story, you might want to check out the <a href="http://dragonage.wikia.com/wiki/Dragon_Age_Wiki" rel="external nofollow">Dragon Age Wiki</a>. It has a lot of relevant information regarding the game and you could probably deduce the ending you would've gotten with enough sleuthing.</p>

  2. Do you know what would've become of mine and Zevran's relationship?? Or of my dog??
  3. I would've let Alistair do it... And I played the game as a nice person, always sympathetic, even if someone was mean to me. I did agree to help Jowan and Lily in the beginning(for mages, helping them escape) if that means anything. So what would've happened after Alistair made the sacrifice?? I'M DYING TO KNOWWWWW!!!!! :mad:
  4. I have a question!! Here is my problem, I had rented this game and I didn't defeat the archdemon before we had to take it back. Can anyone tell me what happens in the end?? I was an elf mage, female, with a romance with Zevran. He had massive approval for me, it couldn't go any higher. I didn't take Morrigan's offer to conceive the child with Alistair. She left. One of the Wardens has to die, Riordan said he would do it. I backed Anora for the thrown. Can anyone tell me what happens?? I'm dying to know!!!! :confused: